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  1. Pyro_Maniac

    Working Out with nothing to work with

    Cool, Thx! i looked up circuit training and it seems to be exactly what i'm looking for. About BJJ, i'm assuming you're talking about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu...are you referring to sparring practice or some sort of BJJ related exercises?
  2. Pyro_Maniac

    Working Out with nothing to work with

    btw, i know that running, situps and pushups are good workouts, i'm just looking for stuff to add to it.
  3. Hey there, i just got a work out question that i'm trying to find answers for. Yes, i'm googling it out, so don't say "stfu" and google it. When i research something out, i use forums as well because 9 out of 10 times it cuts my "googling" time in half...I ask this question on any other fitness/fighting related forums just in case somebody has some useful information...i say this first because most assume that i don't "google" before posting a question. ...Anyway, what i'm asking about is this: I have a really tight budget but i also want to do a lot of bodybuilding. I can't afford a trainer, can't afford workout equipment, and i can't afford to go to a gym cuz i live way out in the country and i just don't have the gas money for it(i got just enough gas to go to work and back and other trips that i need to take). Because of this all i really do at the moment is run a mile a day and do situps and pushups...Does anybody know of any links, sites or books that can teach me how to workout intensely while at the same time having nothing to work with?...any help would be great...