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  1. fighterangel92

    Attention MODS please read!!

  2. fighterangel92

    Attention MODS please read!!

    Just want to get rid of this site basically. I'm tired of it, and it has lost it's "flare". Oh, and can you please delete my picture off of my profile, it won't let me delete it for some reason..
  3. fighterangel92

    Attention MODS please read!!

    I want my account deleted off of this site and all of my cookies cleared as soon as possible, so please do it!!!!! Thanks ALSO DELETE THAT PICTURE ON MY PRO... THIS DUMB SITE WON'T LET ME DELETE IT!!!!!!! ASAP PLEASE!!
  4. fighterangel92

    Who is your favorite rock band?

  5. fighterangel92

    What's next for Forrest?

    Jon Jones after he beats Shogun......
  6. fighterangel92

    Happy New Year from Shady_Champ

    THANKS!!! about 2 months late on reply...
  7. fighterangel92

    What MMA category you belong?

    I like alot of fighters............. but I prefer DAN HARDY!
  8. fighterangel92

    Favourite Fruit?

    Grapes are yummy !!
  9. Of course he can... all he has to do is knock the crap outta him one time................. he'll be out cold....
  10. FYI... I was talking to the dude who posted the pic of Hardy and Condit....... so, you should feel pretty dumb right now...... :confused:
  11. fighterangel92

    How would this guy do in the UFC?

    That was Rashad Evans 10 years ago....