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  1. jojovdub

    Ortiz needs to fight on his feet more

    meh...that kinda left when couture literally spanked him...at least - that was the end for me...still a great fighter but as far as i know...hes the first/last to get "a spanking"...know what i mean...?
  2. jojovdub


    so...im just gonna guess that comcast is one of the companies NOT payin for the prelim cards...?
  3. jojovdub

    Ortiz needs to fight on his feet more

    truth!! and i like tito! hes got talent (somewhere)...he just talks too much to use it properly...if he trained on his standup as much he talked to a camera...he'd be unstoppable(ish)... all in all hes a hell of a fighter but he needs MAJOR work in certain areas...
  4. jojovdub

    fighter paralyzed

    our prayers go to him and his family... and a biig thanks to his family for not blaming the sport...that takes a big person(people)...especially nowadays...
  5. jojovdub

    Why Hate? (Chuck Liddell)

    i agree...but i left boxing when i was 19 because i go Ko'd twice...once you get KO'd its never the same...its hard to explain but you seem a hell of a lot more susceptible (sp?) to gettin knocked-the-fawk-out after your first two or three...chuck kept leavin his ENTIRE HEAD open to all hits becuse he kept tryin to ****-back that right...he hsouldve left his left guard in the middle of his face when he was goin for the big punch...we miss him already, he IS an asset to the sport and he forever will be...i cant wait to see what camp he corners...
  6. jojovdub

    anybody buy the UFC game?

    superman punch is the mix of kick-boxer and _____ (?) i still havent figured it out... and i love the game...except i knew it was BS when my boxer/bjj got knocked out-standing up by tito...all realism left after that lol...but really its worth its weight in gold except that it takes a while to load between fights/options/whatever...
  7. jojovdub

    The Nintendo Wii

    the only thing i dont like about mario kart with the wheel iiiiiiisssss...that i get made fun of by 12 year olds...lol...ive been playin for like a week and i still suck... then again the same thing goes for my ps3 that ive had for like a year... and yea im newish here too...so there ya go...
  8. jojovdub

    Matt Serra Got Robbed!!

  9. jojovdub

    Hi from _________! (where you from thread)

    the number one thing i like about st pierre is the respect he gives his opponents...after that it would have to be - he studies the **** out of his opponents, hes uses t**se weaknesses like no-one else (besides couture) can...and hes a gentleman throug**ut the w**le ordeal...win or lose...
  10. jojovdub

    Hi from _________! (where you from thread)

    hey there, just joined from southern MD, just a spectator...only kewl thing about me is that i get the fights for free-ish...i work for comcast (hey it pays the bills, dont yell at me if you cant pay yours)...so yea there it is...thanks for havin me
  11. jojovdub

    swear filter is messed up

    i just joined and i cant understand half of the posts...is this run by the FCC?