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  1. CageFilm will be giving away a free vid featuring Braulio Estima - Winning techniqeus from ADCC 2009. Will be a quick lesson with Braulio on no-gi. If you want a copy, please email me on free@cagefilm.com and make sure you put ADCC in the subject line. Vid is being filmed this week so should be read for dload end of the week for anyone who gets there order in! If you cant wait till then, check out the weekly BJJ instruction series with Braulio - Invisible Jiu Jitsu - at http://www.cagefilm.com/shop weekly ongoing lessons as a part of THE MASTERS SERIES. Tim CageFilm
  2. cagefilm

    FREE Braulio Estima Video.

    Free BJJ instruction vid with BRAULIO ESTIMA!!! This is to celebrate the launch of Braulios new WEEKLY teaching series to download. Just email - free@cagefilm.com and put BRAULIO FREE in the subject line. you will then be emailed the download link! Check out http://www.cagefilm.com for further lessons. Each lesson is 45-60mins long.
  3. Yep, a new lesson released online EVERY WEEK!!! Heres a preview http://www.cagefilm.com/video/1519/Braulio-Estima--BJJ--Invisible-Jiu-Jitsu-Weekly-teaching-series-CageFilmcom You can also get the first lesson in FULL approx 45mins for FREE just email tim.lord@cagefilm.com and make sure you put BRAULIO FREE in the subject line! MASSIVE series...
  4. Hi all, I was at ADCC with Braulio Estima doing some backstage filming so heres the video! Hope you enjoy it! Tim http://www.cagefilm.com/video/1518/ADCC-2009-Braulio-Estima-Absolute-Champion-part-1 http://www.cagefilm.com/video/1517/ADCC-2009-Braulio-Estima-Absolute-Champion-Part-2 Also, here a clip of the new BRAULIO ESTIMA teaching series that is just released, is an awesome series with WEEKLY downloads! Some real indepth teaching from the ADCC 2009 Absolute champion! http://www.cagefilm.com/video/1519/Braulio-Estima--BJJ--Invisible-Jiu-Jitsu-Weekly-teaching-series-CageFilmcom Last thing, you can actualy get the first lesson in full for free just by emailing tim.lord@cagefilm.com make sure to put 'BRAULIO FREE' in the subject line! ENJOY!
  5. cagefilm

    hi from a new girl x

    Hey Octagon Girl! Could certainly introduce you to the UK promoters, thats if you wana be a ring girl for another show before you join the UFC! I work with most of the shows and fighters also. If youre interested, let me know!
  6. cagefilm

    Need 2 good looking girls!

    For work...! My company CageFilm Ltd are looking for a couple of girls for a new MMA project. We produce and distribute DVDs for many top fighters inc BJPenn, Bisping, tournaments such as Abu Dhabi, and many more. We are looking to put a project together and need 2 girls as presenters of sorts. Would need to be based in the UK, pref in the south or London area. If you train, all the better, if not then would need to be willing to take some training for the project as its grappling based. Dont worry , you wont be getting beat up! Its a presenting job...! Also need to have the right look as you will be on camera and hopefully with a worldwide audience! If interested, please pm me for details! Serious post mods, please do not remove! http://www.cagefilm.com
  7. cagefilm


    Hey, you should definately check out BJs new 90days DVD. Realy good behind the scenes and in the mind of.. doc! Well worth watching no matter if youre a BJ fan or not. If you are then even better. CageFilm.com
  8. cagefilm


    Actualy not at all! My mother passed away when I was younger, I dropped outa school, got hooked on drugs from a young age! Had a near death experience 2 weeks before I was 20 and turned things around. I work hard now, everything I do I learnt myself. Lifes what you make it no matter what the situation, some get it easier than others but look how many rich kids screw things up? Workwise, MMA/BJJ/martial arts has given me a focus that I needed. I love training and I love making films. I just work to put both those things together now. And it is hard work! Peace - Tim. cagefilm.com
  9. cagefilm

    BJPenn - 90 day doc.

    Hi all, excellent and very interesting MMA / BJJ doc featuring BJPenn. Lots of backstage stuff, training stuff, interviews with family and trainers, early footage of fights etc and pre fight training for the infamous GSP fight of recent. Realy is a very good film, produced by Kinetic films, theyve done a great job, different to any other MMA doc/film Ive seen so far. Is now available for a limted time at discount price of $20! Only from http://www.cagefilm.com/usashop of - /shop if in UK/EU Check it out, excellent watch.
  10. cagefilm

    Most Cocky Fighter?

    Lesnar. He is arrogant ****y. Dissrespectful as well. Oh, and over-rated. This puts his ****yness through the roof. So he's big and took a lot of steriods before? Most of the other fighters on the lists have proved themselves in the cage, their ****yness is just self belief. They still mostly balance it with a respect for their opponent. Sometimes, its for the cameras as well and in the TUF cases, it in the editing! Brock however, is all mouth. Cant wait for someone to RNC him asleep :-)
  11. cagefilm


    Live in UK on south coast nr Brighton (straight south from london) Work all over the world. Produce MMA and BJJ films, instructionals, tournaments etc. Distribute MMA DVDs for a number of high profile fighters. Run an MMA video site - http://www.cageflm.com Recent productions/distributions Michael Bisping - instructional DVD Ian Freeman - Instructional DVD Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu Jitsu USA trials - BJJ tournament BJPenn - 90 days doc Rough Guide - mad reality road trip to the best MMA gyms in the world! Can catch em on http://www.cagefilm.com either in the free vids, or the shop or forum!
  12. A while ago, I put together an almighty roadtrip, took some pro fighters with me to a load of the top USA MMA gyms and trained with, interviewed, hung out with a load of top fighters. I also caught the whole thing on film! The result - ROUGH GUIDE. USA. Ive finaly got round to finishing the editing and making it available. So, to celebrate, Im giving the first episode away FREE! ROUGH GUIDE - Featuring FRANK SHAMROCK All you gotta do is email free@cagefilm.com with the word SHAMROCK in the subject line to get the download link info. Other episodes feature Kron Gracie, Eddie Bravo, Forrest Griffin, Marc Laimon, John Lewis, Xtreme Couture, TEam Quest and are available on the cagefilm shop http://www.cagefilm.com/usashop or /shop for UK for just $2 each!!! Gotta try to re-coup some money so can film the next series! Hope you enjoy, had a blast filming it. Was great to see the pros as they realy are away from the big film crews and polished editing! Check it out. Tim
  13. cagefilm

    UFC 100: Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping (official thread)

    Gota go with Mike on this one. Hendo is a great fighter but I think with their different skill sets, Mike gets the upper hand. Bisping by TKO. 3rd rnd. Bisping has just released a new DVD on technical Striking for MMA. 2xDVD set, realy good stuff. Heres a preview add on the UFC forum Can buy the DVD at http://www.cagefilm.com http://community.ufc.com/video/all/michael_bisping_dvd_advert
  14. cagefilm

    Michael Bisping Technical Striking

    Forgot to mention, you can order the DVD at http://www.cagefilm.com
  15. cagefilm

    Michael Bisping Technical Striking

    Bisping just released a new double DVD on TEchnical Striking 4 MMA. HEres a preview for it, loads of realy good techiques, combos, drills etc that the Wolfslair use - Bisping - Congo - Rampage... Looking forward to seeing some of this on Sat! http://community.ufc.com/video/all/michael_bisping_dvd_advert