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  1. BodyKore

    shoguns next fight??

    Shogun would be fighting Machida again for the Title...rematch
  2. BodyKore

    Belfort or Silva

    Both are GREAT fighters...Can't wait to see the match up!
  3. BodyKore

    shoguns next fight??

    From what I have been hearing slated for UFC 113 in May at Montreal, Canada, as for Irvin tough to say due to his injured knee.
  4. BodyKore

    Shogun vs Dragon!!!! Ufc 104 Poll!!!!

    Finally a UFC event in Calfornia! We will also be there attending the event...
  5. BodyKore

    A. Silva Interview: "I'll fight anyone"

    Anderson SIlva is one of the top p4p fighters in the world. Nice and funny guy also! He will probably NOT fight Machida as they are really good friends, train together and are both represented by Ed Soares...
  6. BodyKore

    UFC Fight Night September 16th, 2009 - JAY SILVA

    ha ha. Good point. Silva's have been dominating the sport though!
  7. BodyKore

    Junior Dos Santos

    Dos Santos is a very big guy. Definitely going to be exciting to see him fighting soon!
  8. We are proud to announce another explosive fighter to Team BodyKore. UFC New comer JAY SILVA He will be fighting this Wednesday live on SPIKE TV against CB Dollaway. This should be a great fight and both fighters are going head and head and might even be on the main card. More information can be found on Jay on http://www.bodykore.com/blog We will also have some videos on him posted soon. Who else does everyone like on the card?
  9. BodyKore

    Who can beat Sylva?

    Silva looked VERY impressive on saturday and I have to say that fight along with Penn vs Florian was amazing.
  10. BodyKore

    Best Card in UFC History

    UFC 92 is a favorite also! Definitely a great way to end last year.
  11. BodyKore

    Who would you like to see fight in the UFC?

    This might have been brought up already but wasn't going to browse through all 20 pages but Anderson Silva VS Lyoto Machida...might never happen though since they are good friends and have the same manager....but I think that would be an awesome match
  12. BodyKore

    UFC 101 Who's going???

    Have fun PA fans!!!
  13. I like your list of fighters! Looks like mine also.
  14. Is this official confirmed though? I read this also on sherdog. Let us wait until its 100% official? I hope its still Fedor vs Barnett!!!
  15. BodyKore

    Fedor signs on to EA sports MMA, what will dana do?

    A lil off topic but I hear that barnett might not fight fedor in a few weeks?