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  1. PakaL

    how much do you pay for this in the US?

    Mauro Americans will throw walmart pricing left n right. The real is the cost at 7 eleven or circle K eL oh eL.
  2. PakaL

    how much do you pay for this in the US?

    Just so the brainwashed don't get it twisted i must clarify things a little. The colonization of the globe was barbaric and wrong, while the modern reverse colonization is just as perverted. Only thing different is the culture demonized and labeled savages...That should end any further knight in shining sjw armor attacks.
  3. PakaL

    how much do you pay for this in the US?

    Do you even know what a squatter is bro?
  4. PakaL

    Most Liveable Cities In Europe

    Seems to me the 1st world living standard should've been exported... Instead the opposite is true concerning the worlds future.
  5. PakaL

    how much do you pay for this in the US?

    And rape cults
  6. PakaL

    how much do you pay for this in the US?

    25 cents here....
  7. PakaL

    how much do you pay for this in the US?

    It's the cost of having back yard breeding to replace 1 culture... America had a similar inflation problem after the 1965 suicide act that matches the federal reserves founding concerning the enslavement of American citizens... There was a time when 1 man could provide now it takes both parents working two jobs to support affirmative white people replacement action costs.
  8. PakaL

    Can velasquez is overrated

    Cain the goat with like 4 fights under his belt... The mma community is so sjw brainwashed they are affirmative actioning cain into the hall of fame......
  9. PakaL

    Politics thread

    The worlds so F'd up we now debate the well being of rapists who murder people for their cult... To bad we can't just treat them like nazi's in ww2 that had world wide supremacy as a goal. A good Dresden Germany bombing of the middle east would end cultist terrorists.
  10. By busting more canned grapes.... A winning record does any mma fighter some good. When they don't get humbled and continue to act like a 10 plus winning streaker with a loss it's a turn off. Sort of like a gurl who eats booggers or something else nasty.
  11. R . i . P in pieces Knee level Cain
  12. PakaL

    Politics thread

    Trump is a modern Alexander the Gr8... Best thing the WEST has had since George Washington. And i must add JFK was about to pull a MAGA that would've prevented 3rd world America via claim jumping. By war would've been cool but by back yard breeding that's an all time low for humanity and it's future.
  13. PakaL

    Podcast thread

    Joe Rogan is not the way... DMT steroids and brain trauma don't mix. Try the real COACH RED PILL
  14. PakaL

    Politics thread

    Relax cashcow it'z only old school knowledge a pleb like you would never comprehend es normal.
  15. PakaL

    Fighters you feel had the toughest road to a title shot?

    Royce the freaking goat himself Gracie.