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  1. kjonesUSAF

    MMA in the Olympics??

    well they would have to try and change the olympic rules and stuff i guess. didnt think about that. good point.
  2. kjonesUSAF

    MMA in the Olympics??

    I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on this. I think MMA just like boxing, taekwondo, judo and every other fighting sport that is legitimized enough to be in the olympics is a vital asset to the olympics. Why not MMA? Think about the olympic teams we would have. The Brazilians, Japan, UK, US, Mexico, Russia, Poland, thats just to name a few. I personally think it would be awesome. The only conflict I see is that most MMA fighters have contracts and such so it would be a scheduling conflict. It would have to be a tournament sort of deal so would the fighters be able to handle a beating after beating kind of deal. I mean Boxing does it I dont see why not? What yall think??
  3. kjonesUSAF

    UFC 107 - Mir vs Kongo

    I think somone is smoking a little bit too much of daweedy. sorry bro your wrong.
  4. kjonesUSAF

    who is your least favorite fighter and why??

    I am going with Rashad on this one. I can't stand that pretty boy ****. Next I would have to say BJ Penn. IDK why....Just dont like him much. Thiago Alves... um...Tito.....Anderson Silva til he beat griffin just cuz he impressed me no other reason. Michael Bisping.......Brock ghey Lesnar.... Not a fighter but i hate Joe Rogan.
  5. kjonesUSAF

    UFC 107 - Mir vs Kongo

    True true. Totally spaced that. But i could definitely see one of these two getting a shot. It is a given. Why not you know? I know for a fact Dana mentioned it in the telephone interview he did last week. We will see though. I think Dana is just trying to keep us on our heels like always.
  6. kjonesUSAF

    Forrest-Knockout: How? No whining, real discussion plz

    I am not going to lie. I was so freaking dissappointed in forrest after this fight. However being the die hard fan that i still like the guy and i hope he comes back bigger and better than ever. One thing this fight did do was make me an anderson silva fan. What a humble guy silva is. Not only that...what a beast he is. I think forrest was mentally beaten the first time silva screwed with his head by taunting him. Forrest will come back and do better. He is not out of his prime and he will be better. I think Anderson is going to be a beast for a while though. Can't wait to see his next fight. However I hope Hendo snatches that belt from around his waist.
  7. kjonesUSAF

    UFC 107 - Mir vs Kongo

    I do not think Cro Cop and Mir are going to go at it anytime soon. However I see maybe a Lesnar vs Cro Cop or a Couture or Minotauro vs Lesnar. What yall think?? Cuz it is pretty much set in stone that whoever wins out of Minotauro and The Natural is getting a title shot.
  8. kjonesUSAF

    UFC 105 What Fights Do You Want ?

    Definitely looking forward to seeing Tito fight again. He says he is 100 percent so... we will see i guess. Hey how about a Chuck and Tito rematch? Could be interesting seeing two vets go at it. Were about to see it on the 29th when Minotauro and The Natural swing later this month. A forrest comback is in order too....I am thinking a Forrest-Jardine match up so forrest can not only redeem his loss to The Spider but to Jardine too.
  9. kjonesUSAF

    Who Could Really Beat Anderson Silva?

    I have seen shogun, chuck, jeremy horn??, tito, fedor, and all sorts of different fighters in this forum. This is an extremely good forum and I just can't wait to read more opinions. Please keep it up.
  10. kjonesUSAF

    Dana Ripping Fedor !! GO DANA!! Fedor is not p4p king!

    well... I just got done watching the interview. Dana said nothing of a 3 fight contract with M-1. I do not blame Dana for not wanting to co-promote with these jokers. UFC is the best and will be the best for a long time to come. The only option for Dana was to either co-promote or buy out Fedor's contract. That isn't worth it really. I love Fedor and would be totally excited if he came to the UFC. I just don't think it is in the near future. Dana is doing everything he can trying to get this deal to happen. I am not a Fedor hater by any means I just think for him to be called P4P best he needs to come to the UFC where the real competition is. Personally I hope this deal goes through while Brock still has the belt so we can see Fedor take it from him via KO! We will see tho. I got mad respect for Dana in doing what he is trying to do to make this happen for us. The Fans!
  11. casp.. that would be interesting considering most light heavies walk around at about 230. tito would have to put on so mass i think to see whats up tho. maybe to about 240. as we have seen as of late a 230 guy has a tough time hanging with 260's and such. at least 240 i think.
  12. kjonesUSAF

    If Affliction is gone..

    thank you casper.
  13. kjonesUSAF

    Brock vs Kimbo

    that is a true statement casper. i could see that happening. hey man do me a favor and check out the IF AFFLICTION IS GONE THREAD.... i just want to see whatcha think about it.
  14. kjonesUSAF

    Worst Fighter In The HW Division?

    blahblahblahblahblahblah.... i bow to the great casper........... i dont think you know what your talkin about and you dont think i do. so i guess out of mutual respect i agree we both have different opinions and i love a good debate. so be that as it may.... i wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors and hope that you are watchin the next lesnar fight. that way you will see what i mean. Let me predict the future for a moment..... Brock Lesnar 4-2 retires from the UFC after a brutal knockout via knee to the face while attempting a takedown. WWE weekly reads..... The Next Big Ghey Thing is back!!
  15. kjonesUSAF

    If Affliction is gone..

    I would say Belfort could make a comeback in the UFC. As far as i know there are talks of Barnett possibly coming back to UFC again as well. He just has to keep the roids out of his system. I wouldnt mind seeing Barnett and Belfort come back. Ooohh.... Barnett vs Lesnar? Could be a good fight. Belfort has been tearing up some guys as of late and hes not that old either. Bring back and give him a shot. IMO he could be a contender again. You see what he did to Linland? God that was a scary knockout. dink.. right on the button.