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    Our Super Mods. . . .

    Are super friggin M.I.A.! G_Row? JJW? WTF? These guys should be tar-n-feathered for having a life!!!
  2. 0311USMC

    Haiku. . .

    Let's see what you got. A Haiku consists of 3 lines containing 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the third. They typically are about the seasons, but the is a forum, so that isn't going to happen. Frank Mir is a doosh Brock Lesnar is his master Frank you really suck
  3. 0311USMC

    Thoughts on Al Turk

    Is he the real deal? Can he compete at this level? Just wondering your thoughts on him.
  4. 0311USMC

    My Fail Thread Game

    Come up with an original picture, you already used that one
  5. 0311USMC

    My Fail Thread Game

    Teblows boyfriend. . .
  6. 0311USMC

    Off topic thread

  7. 0311USMC

    Haiku. . .

    Jade in maid outfit I have the pix you guys dont not really, just wish. . .
  8. 0311USMC

    Funny pics

    I wonder if they smell more fishy because of their diet?
  9. 0311USMC

    Funny pics

    aaahhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha!
  10. 0311USMC

    Bad breaks

    I broke both pinkies at the same time playing football when I was 11. My first diving catch, lol. Broke my neck in 98 the night Tennessee beat FSU for the national championship, all of the tendons that connect my right ankle to my foot, 6 small tendons and the medical miniscus in my left knee and 12 tendons in my left elbow. Took about a 8 months to get my legs back under me after the neck. I lied about all of it to get into the Marine Corps and can still hold my own in a fight. You should be good, most of the time where the break heals is stronger than the rest of the bone.
  11. 0311USMC

    Chuck Norris Joke

    We aren't evil, I made this thread 6 months before that cack was a member. Use the search button. I would verbally rape him but then I would get in trouble b/c I am not a noob and they are the only ones who can get away with murder here.
  12. 0311USMC

    Funny pics

  13. 0311USMC

    Funny pics

    That guy is either A)gay or B)the luckiest teenager around!
  14. 0311USMC

    For the Mods

    Do you feel the main event AKA "Bigest Robbery in 2009" at UFC 104 was scored correctly? Please explain your answers kind sirs.
  15. 0311USMC

    Ufc 107 tickets are a steal

  16. 0311USMC

    For the Mods

  17. 0311USMC

    Favorite candy bar?

    Almond Joy's have nuts Mounds don't.
  18. 0311USMC

    Favorite candy bar?

    OH HELL I forgot Toblerone!!!! And anything made by Lindt
  19. 0311USMC

    For the Mods

    I'm just being honest.
  20. 0311USMC

    Favorite candy bar?

    Reese's Baby Ruth