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  1. joedirt332

    Who is the 2nd best WW?

    Fitch. period
  2. joedirt332


    looks fun.... except for the smashing your skull part.
  3. joedirt332

    Favorite athletes (excluding MMA fighters)

    all on this list is from when they played or play college football. mike hart A.J Green Anthony Thomas Sam mcguffie
  4. joedirt332

    UFC needs...

    agree, shields would be a excellent addition to the WW division
  5. too bad cyborg is gonna punch that pretty face, black and blue
  6. joedirt332

    Favorite fighters!!!

    jon bones jones #1 shane carwin GSP of course
  7. joedirt332

    Ryan "Darth" Bader

    BADER = BEAST with the best takedowns in ufc
  8. joedirt332

    Post Your Pic Thread

    anyone else race?
  9. joedirt332

    Steve Cantwell has no class!!!!

    are you really blaming a guy for breaking someones arm. who wouldn't tap?...did you want him to let go and stand back up?
  10. joedirt332

    UFC 102 this is as good as a card as any!!

    ahahahah jardine ...win? he will throw wild punches like always then be put down by a kick!
  11. joedirt332

    UFC 102 this is as good as a card as any!!

    cant wait to see jardine get KO'd
  12. joedirt332

    ATTN Everyone:

    thank you for keeping the forum garbage free!
  13. joedirt332

    Carwin Talks UFC 104 Strategy for Velasquez

    if carwin think he will run over Cain, is when he will get beat. I'm glad to see hes taking this fight most serious then most people think.
  14. joedirt332

    Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal

    lol very true