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  1. Does anyone else agree? we are nearly at the end of 2009 and i have been dissapointed at some of the cards and fights this year, i thought 2008 had much better fights and cards. anyone else agree? UFC seems to be abit stale at the moment, still enjoy it but i don't buy every single UFC PPV like i use to.
  2. Very_Ugly

    Tank Abbott

    tank is the man!! he might not be the best skilled fighter but he is always fun to watch.
  3. Very_Ugly

    Mike Swick is my favorite fighter

    you have good taste. i like Swick's style.. he never has a bad word to say about anyone. Do you think he can be Welterweight champ? i hope he can.. it will be hard though
  4. Very_Ugly

    Mike Swick is my favorite fighter

    Does anyone else like him? i hope he can be welterweight champion some day in the future. he is a really nice guy and very respectful.
  5. Very_Ugly

    UFC 100: Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar (official thread)

    Yes thats right Brock is my new hero... he totally raped Frank Mir!!. Brock is the best fighter in the UFC.. no one can beat him now. I thought his post fight comments were Hiliarious!!! people who found it offensive YOU NEED TO GET A SENSE OF HUMOUR Here;s hopeing Brock will teach GSP how you are suppose to ground and pound properly. War Brock
  6. Very_Ugly

    UFC 100 not in UK

  7. Very_Ugly

    UFC 100 not in UK

  8. Very_Ugly

    UFC 100 will air live on UK TV

    You are a bloke, pretending to be a woman you make it so obvious. sorry but its true.
  9. Very_Ugly

    UFC 100 will air live on UK TV

    I just spoke to Richard Branson and he says its not gonna be on his channel Virgin 1. sorry guys.
  10. Very_Ugly

    Brock Lesnar and Tito Ortiz reportedly get in scuffle

    this is not true! tito himself said its lies on underground forum.
  11. Very_Ugly

    Who thinks Wes Sims will win TUF 10?

    TUF 10 is gonna be the best season ever, can't wait for Wes Sims to been crowned champ
  12. Cause i do. I can't wait to see Sims vs Mir 3 in the future, i want to see Sims stomp on Mir's face one more time.
  13. Very_Ugly

    Brit bird saying Hi!!!

    Hi Dude, welcome to the forum Man
  14. Very_Ugly

    UFC 100 will air live on UK TV

    lol it is man. got plenty of beer and food for you guys
  15. Very_Ugly

    UFC 100 will air live on UK TV

    lol. nice one. i heard english guys like a good cold beer lol nah seriously man i hope you guys get to watch it, i been to england in 1998 and really liked it.