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    Hey guys, Just a quick thread to make the day at work go in a bit faster haha Was wondering about the amount of different people on this forum and what they did etc So . . . where are you guys from and what do you do?? I'll start, im from Scotland and i work as a Surveyor for a Construction Company.
  2. JamieMMA23

    Jon Jones at MW

    I read before his fight with Matyushenko that Jones walks around at 230lbs or there or thereabouts! He even hinted about goin up a weightclass to fight James Toney, There is no way he will go down to 185.
  3. JamieMMA23

    Michael Bisping Satements

    How can people say Bisping didnt deserve to be the Coach on tuf 9, he had a solid record and won season 3. And who the fcuk would you guys have put in to coach the British team? He was an obv choice!!! I guarentee Bisping will beat akiyama!
  4. JamieMMA23

    Guess who is coming to MMA

    As far as I know Dave Batista has never had any Wrestling experience in college or anything! Looking for a pay day and Strikeforce will be stupid enough to ride the wave for publicity. Smashed in his 1st fight, end of story
  5. JamieMMA23

    Season 7

    Recently just finished watching Season 7 ( which was the only 1 i havnt seen ) and was blown away by Amir Sadollah, i dont think in all of the seasons so far anyone was more deserving of winning it that Amir!!! Beating and finishing Gerald Harris , Matt Brown CB Dolloway twice. Or can you guys think of any1 else?
  6. JamieMMA23

    Frank Mir at Lightheavyweight?

    Just wondering what you guys think of Frank Mir's possible drop to 205 pounds? I think it would be a great move for him and surely he would make a good run at the title, however after putting on so much weight/muscle in the last year or so the drop in weight may prove difficult. http://www.fightline.com/fl/news/2010/0607/528924/frank-mir/index.shtml
  7. JamieMMA23

    Frank Mir at Lightheavyweight?

    Tried to search for it bro and couldnt get the search thing to work properly in my work for some reason.
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    Wowww! This thread has grown legs since the last time I looked at it haha Thanks guys for the input. All the best
  9. JamieMMA23

    Funniest Ultimate Fighter season ever?

    Season 4 had some classic bits aswell. Shonie Carter was histerical. Trying to make a raft out of plastic water bottles
  10. JamieMMA23

    Craziest conspiracies

    Been reading this thread for last few days, its a great read have to thank every1 for their input. Anyway, another conspiracy theory which you might not know a lot about in the US(maybe you do im not sure) is the death of Princess Diana. Conspiracy Theories Famous people meeting tragic ends are a phenomenon that seems to bring out conspiracy theories. The death of Diana is no exception. Discussions on how Princess Diana died haven't wained since her death. The incredible scale of speculation is in evidence on the internet, where there are an estimated 36,000 Diana conspiracy theories. Here are the most popular theories so far: Faked Death One theory says the deaths were staged to enable Diana and Dodi to start a new life, away from the prying eyes of the media. Security forces apparently colluded to ensure that the press did not find out and a staged video of the crash was filmed. Reports that Diana could still be alive are fuelled by the fact that she had no post mortem prior to burial at Althorp. Victims of sudden death require a post mortem by law in the UK. Some even suggest that, with plastic surgery, the princess could return unnoticed to look after her sons. Who was Henri Paul? Mystery surrounds Henri Paul, the security officer who stepped in at the last minute to drive the Mercedes. Co-workers at the Ritz Hotel say he kept himself to himself and never socialised with them. Was he really drunk? It's said that he had two drinks at the Ritz. The medical results from his blood test showed a very high level of carbon monoxide in his blood. Experts say this would have incapacitated him before his set off on his fatal journey - and yet the video evidence shows him walking around normally. Paul has also been accused of being an alcoholic, but he passed a health check just two days before the accident. His liver showed no signs of abuse on post mortem. There is also the question of the multiple bank accounts Paul held, with balances far exceeding his salary as acting head of security at the Ritz. One possible explanation for this is that he was an agent for the French secret service agency. MI6 Killed Diana Rogue elements in the British secret service decided that Diana was a threat to the throne and the stability of the state. Therefore she needed to be eliminated. It's not inconceivable, as it's been revealed that agents had files on Jack Straw, peace campaigners and union officials and once tried to destabilise the Labour government in the 1970s. MI6 is suspected of bugging Diana throughout her years in the Royal Family. Many believe they were behind the leaking of the 'Squidgygate' phone-tapping tapes, which damaged her image. Other establishment figures have also been accused. An Egyptian lawyer attempted to sue the Queen and Prime Minister Tony Blair for damages, of $170,000 alleging they conspired to kill Diana because she was in love with Dodi, a Muslim. Nabih Alwahsi says the British establishment was determined to prevent a Muslim from becoming stepfather to the future King of England. Target Dodi Business enemies of Dodi, and his father Mohammed Al Fayed, allegedly assassinated Dodi, with the death of Diana a magnificent cover for their operation. Al Fayed has not got to the top without making some serious enemies along the way. The owner of Harrods fought a bitter battle for the top London store some years ago and has also been denied British nationality, after question marks were raised about his business practice. As his oldest son and heir, Dodi would be an obvious target for anyone wanting to settle a score with Al Fayed.
  11. JamieMMA23

    Tito ortiz should play Eminem's "Im Back" for intro music

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight :confused::eek:
  12. JamieMMA23

    Ufc 105

    Can any1 tell me when and where ill be able to get tickets for 105??? Thanks in advance
  13. JamieMMA23

    Thickest beard? (not Kimbo, I mean best chin)

    I'd have to go for Guida aswell, that kick he took from Sanchez was a cracker! He bounced straight back up aswell.
  14. JamieMMA23

    Funny GIF

    That is brilliant!!! :D:D Who made this?
  15. JamieMMA23

    Shane Carwin

  16. JamieMMA23

    Shane Carwin

    SPOT ON :mad:
  17. JamieMMA23

    Shane Carwin

    F*ck sake!!! The guy is obviously new to the site / forum, he was asking a simple question. If your have nothing productive to say other than crap like that dont say anything at all. Just ignore it, im sick of seeing senior members treat new members like silly school kids. Just because you spend most of your lifes on here and manage to get senior beside your name doesnt necessarily mean you know more than anyone else. :mad:
  18. JamieMMA23

    Flying Visit to NYC

    Hey folks Looking for some advice lol im from Scotland but going to New York for a week or so in October. Would be grateful if any1 could recommend any places to visit and things i should do kinda thing? Thanks in advance
  19. JamieMMA23

    Flying Visit to NYC

    Thanks guys! New York sounds amazing, really looking forward to it. Yeah we will visit all of the obvious ones like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park etc . . looking to pack as much into the week as possible. I'd like to visit a few sporting venues/events if possible. Whats the Tavern on the Green in Central Park like? Are the broadway shows expensive? Finally, what is Tiffany's?? Sorry for all the q's just want to get a heads-up and plan ahead lol Thanks
  20. JamieMMA23

    Which Fighter Has The Best Body?

    Tank Abbot :eek:
  21. JamieMMA23

    What the hell is going

    No worries JujitsWho, i just read in another post that it was all taken care of, ill repeat myself your doing a good job mate thanks. Hope those wee (Mod Edit) dont come back on!
  22. JamieMMA23

    Apology to all Forum Members

    Good stuff JujitsWho, You should be commended for what you have done. Your doing well mate, you seem to be the only one doing something though!!! I hope those wee J A C K A S S E S wont be back,