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  1. crazybrazilian1

    Who will be Attending UFC 118 in Boston?

    going to the expo but didnt buy tickets for the event on time ;(
  2. ok,machidas style was considered a "puzzle" and shogun knocked him out. bj penn lost his belt to edgar, Brock was tested in his fight with Carwin but pulled out a win, same with anderson in his fight with sonnen... so the question is, u guys think these champions are slowing down, or is everyone just catching up with them?
  3. do you guys think Aleksander Emelianenko would be a good add-on to the heavy weight division??
  4. crazybrazilian1

    If you could change one UFC fighting rule, what would it be?

    allow soccer kicks... its what made pride great
  5. crazybrazilian1

    Official "Whoo should be next for Jon Jonnes?"!!!

  6. crazybrazilian1

    why did dana screw hendo out of title shot?

    because to most fans Silva vs Hendo is not as exciting as Silva vs belfort
  7. crazybrazilian1

    why is everyone all up on cain velasquez?

    because hes the man.. i dont see anyone beating him in the HW division...
  8. awesome event!! all the fights were great, i got nothing to complain. 5/5
  9. crazybrazilian1

    UFC vs. Strikeforce

    they were deff the worst commentator i have ever heard..
  10. crazybrazilian1

    Josh koscheck vs Anthony "rumble" Johnson reported for ufc 106

    sounds like a good fight imo
  11. crazybrazilian1

    Shogun vs machida 2

    i agree.. it would be awesome. but they really do need recovery time, training time... a rematch at 106 is impossible IMO
  12. crazybrazilian1

    Machida Vs. Shogun

    shogun got robbed... he won at least 3 rounds... but its his fault for not finishing the fight... at least now we know that machida is not all god-like as everyone thought he was...
  13. crazybrazilian1

    How Can You Not Like Dana White?

    yea, hes a nice guy