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  1. openeye

    Rashad Evans speaks out.

    Mir only won against Kongo, and got the shot for the interim belt immediately. Why is everyone freaking about Machida?
  2. openeye

    Is it just me or....

  3. openeye

    Is it just me or....

    Let's make a quick analisys of what you are, based on your posts. No more than 16, still a virgin, and probably socially inadequate. Too bad man, getting laid is awesome.
  4. openeye

    Is it just me or....

  5. openeye

    Lol. Still think Fedor can beat Brock?

    No man, the question here is if you even know what you're defending. The only Jiu Jitsu ace Lesnar has ever faced was Mir, ad he got subbed in a completely ridiculous way in the 1st fight. He admitted it himself. He is by no means ready to face the scary man that is Fedor on the ground.
  6. openeye

    Lol. Still think Fedor can beat Brock?

    UFC 81 is that far back? Dude, when did you start watching MMA, like 3 months ago?
  7. openeye

    big and lil nog

    Yeah, nevermind he was coming off a 6 win streak, beating guys like Matyushenko and Cane in the process, because, you know, to a logical MMA fan it's only the last fight that matters.
  8. openeye

    This picture reminds me of Fast

    Yeah, it seems so. A lot of noobies posting dumb stuff in the UFC section still, it seems.
  9. openeye

    Anderson Silva should be cut

    Oh. My. God. Anderson Silva is still the no 1 P4P fighter in the world right now (No intention of starting a GSP vs Silva here) and hasn't lost since 2006. So yeah, please stop posting.
  10. openeye

    big and lil nog

    That's kinda funny, in a very dumb way. So congrats, I guess.
  11. openeye

    The Greatest Fighter to EVER live

    A three way tie between Fedor, Wanderlei and Hendo.