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  1. TKDTKD1406050937

    Worst decision robberies in UFC history.

  2. TKDTKD1406050937

    Worst decision robberies in UFC history.

  3. TKDTKD1406050937

    Car Pooling To Next UFC Event!!!

    Anyone want to car pool with me? I dont have a car. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.
  4. TKDTKD1406050937

    Which Fighter?

    Randy Couture or Tito Ortiz
  5. TKDTKD1406050937

    Who is the most overrated fighter of all time?

    Roger Huerta. He never did anything in the sport, other than his miracle win against Guida. Other than that, he hasnt beaten 1 guy in the top 25, yet people were throwing his name around as a title contender.
  6. TKDTKD1406050937

    Worst decision robberies in UFC history.

  7. TKDTKD1406050937

    What is the 1st UFC match u seen, or can remember watching live or taped?

    I remember my dad ordered ufc 1 on pay per view. My brother and I couldnt believe how Gracie was schooling all these huge guys. Ordered every ppv through ufc 5. I remember my dad said he wouldnt order them anymore after the Gracie v. Shamrock debacle. I think I started watching again at ufc 10, but cant remember.
  8. TKDTKD1406050937

    Worst decision robberies in UFC history.

    Please explain
  9. TKDTKD1406050937

    Worst decision robberies in UFC history.

    All of the noobs will say Shogun v. Machida, but Rutten v. Randleman = worst decision ever Other notables: Hamill v. Bisping Penn v Uno Jardine v. Bonner Rampage v. Ninja
  10. TKDTKD1406050937

    The Sickest 'Anderson Silva' Highlight Video Ever!!!

    Nice work. You've got a talent for this.
  11. TKDTKD1406050937

    Someone must challenge Fast for the 'King Of Threads' title

    I cant think of a more pathetic way to waste time.
  12. TKDTKD1406050937

    Ask Kang Questions Thread

    What do you think is the best way for a local promoter to build a series of quality shows that progressively get better and attract more ticket sales each event? I've seen so many local promoters put on two or three shows and then hang it up. Also, what do you think about an internet program modeled after The Utlimate Fighter? I think that would be a great and cheap way to generate interest in fighters, which would ultimate translate into more ticket sales at the gate? Thoughts?
  13. who would it be and why? Seriously guys. The threads in this forum blow hard.
  14. TKDTKD1406050937

    The Forum Smells Like Butt

    Seriously. This place is a turd. Way too many brock goons and TUF bandits.
  15. TKDTKD1406050937

    What's peoples problem with the swear filter.

    LMAO at you. Look at that post count. That's all that you and some people on here care about. Now you look like a noob.