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  1. Evin

    UFC 100 will air live on UK TV

    Which channel do you want the UFC to be on now that setanta has sunk....?
  2. Evin

    Frank Lester released from UFC contract

    its fellas like him that define fightin
  3. there is going 2 be a film based on him, i reckon it will be a classic
  4. Evin

    Well bois im new

    davis also wears a kilt in his enrtance aswell.......is he scottish aswell or something? ive never heard of a an irish lad wearin a kilt
  5. Evin

    Well bois im new

    if u wer from ireland like meself you wud think davis is a fake irishman ,he claims his family is from county waterford and yet in his enterance against hardy he had an irish flag with galway wrote on it, which is an entirely different county in a different province of the country .So this really gives the impression that he is a bit of an idiot
  6. Evin

    Well bois im new

    well how ar ye goin im frm tipp in ireland and i ***** love ufc
  7. Evin

    Setanta is dead

    sky sports,virgin 1 and bravo are probably the best options ,i doubt espn will attract subscribers to see the premierships bottom half of table clashes ,and ppv would kill ufc over here without a doubt,GIVE US FREEVIEW!!!!