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  1. She looks amazing on the pics. I mean, its playboy so don't expect beyond what they usually do. I really think she looks great.
  2. Arianny Celeste: "I'm usually running around naked" http://www.fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Arianny-looks-celestial-in-new-Playboy-pictorial.html Gotta love that attitude!
  3. Mtx

    What do you think this is a picture of?

    It actually looks like a River with something in it but not sure what....
  4. Mtx

    Ask Kang Questions Thread

    I love how you are now rocking the Ghandi av. I like the new Kang but its still pretty weird not seeing you crush someone with knowledge and I, every once in a while, miss your angry responses. SO the question is, when did you stopped being angry?
  5. Mtx

    Most Horrifying Movie Scenes

    I think the whole last scene in Audition deserves a mention as well. I kept dreaming and hearing Kili Kili Kili....damn...
  6. Mtx

    Most Horrifying Movie Scenes

    Exactly was I was going to post. The whole starting scene in Irreversible is pretty messed up to be honest, with the whole camera movement and gruesome scene. Then comes the fire extinguisher and damn, thats hard. The rape scene is hard as hell to watch as well, done better that any other I have ever seen. Great but distrubing movie.
  7. Mtx

    Best Album you think nobody has heard

    Budgie Diamond Heaf Sigur Ross