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  1. crangs

    BigDaddyDelta's Official Clash of Clans Thread

    Tuf's jew ways are rubbing off on the clan. A few requests are only getting part filled. Strangely just enough to complete the daily challenge as well, lol
  2. crangs


    didn't watch it but with so many players in double figures I'd say Toronto played well as a team instead of letting Kawhi carry them?
  3. crangs

    Game of Thrones

    I rate that 8/8. The last couple minutes about what GOT meant to him/people was a thing of beauty
  4. crangs

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    it's warmer there than here
  5. crangs

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    it's definitely sweaty ballsack season here now
  6. crangs

    Game of Thrones

    Definitely that guy that says he's not gay but still sucks penis on the weekends
  7. crangs

    Game of Thrones

    watching again with the Mrs. That bit when Tyrian stood up to her was 👌
  8. crangs

    Game of Thrones

    yeah, that was cool as well
  9. crangs

    Game of Thrones

    drogon emerging from the snow on the other hand was fookin awesome
  10. crangs

    Game of Thrones

    lol, I got it but I just thought it was unnecessary
  11. crangs

    Game of Thrones

    I bet you purse your lips when watching BJ prons
  12. crangs

    Game of Thrones

    I actually cringed, lol
  13. crangs

    Game of Thrones

    lol, and this classic