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  1. crangs

    2019 NFL season 🏈🏈🏈

    2-0 in Superbowls against Brady? I'd say he sonned him, lol
  2. midgets, no titles and a super fight??? L O L
  3. You ain't doing parenting right if you ain't embarrassing your kids every now and then
  4. crangs

    Whittaker Out of Fight With Cannonier

    this thread has aged well...
  5. crangs

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    the replies to this are hilarious. Well done Twitter world, you done good today 😂
  6. crangs

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    bruh, your lot had a war of independence over that chit 😂
  7. If all Liverpool fans could be like @Bubba_Sparks that would be great. Humble, sure. A bit unbiased, that would be awesome. But mainly I'm thinking not in the uk and in Sweden instead would be ideal 😂
  8. crangs

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    we're over here paying for the rest of them. take one for the team, Canada 😂
  9. I'd laugh if the lawyer pieced him up and then tea bagged him for good measure
  10. crangs

    Official NBA 19/20 Thread

    lol, tbf, he was in a chit team for most of those
  11. crangs

    Official NBA 19/20 Thread

    Looks like he's just out there enjoying himself now with no expectations.
  12. crangs

    Official NBA 19/20 Thread

    this thread needs a @MauroPedrosa mid-season breakdown.