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  1. crangs

    Aged Face Thread **OFFICIAL**

    lol, I had something lined up but that was idyb levels of ban worthy 😂
  2. I have no doubt soup dated her. I just have doubts she knew about it while it was happening
  3. homie spoke to the baby jesus when the first right connected in the ending sequence. Made peace with God by the end of it
  4. crangs

    Game of Thrones

    people acting like she wrote that song yesterday might be the most millenial thing I've seen this week
  5. I dont wanna be on the welchers list even if bubba wouldn't know while he's out doing Bear Grylls chit like drinking his own piss and eating road kill in the murican wilderness
  6. lol, I know many people that are filthy about the result and half of them are English!!! No matter what the argument the trophy has England engraved on it which sucks if you're on my side if the fence. Found out I had many more cricket supporting coworkers this morning compared to when I left on Thursday though 🙄😂
  7. to honour my bet with @Bubba_Sparks I'll wear this av instead of the sig he gave me that was too big. It'll probably hurt more as well, lol
  8. it was the unluckiest loss in all world cup history of any sport. Cant even be mad though. Got there on the back of the rule book and lost on the back of the rule book. Those over throws should've been 5 runs not 6 with Rashid on strike after, the catch that was a 6, losing on boundaries (256-9 looks better than 256-11 but that's just my opinion). Just every 50/50 went England's way. The first ball of Englands innings had me sayng it was gonna be a long day and so it proved. Being an unlucky loser in maybe the best final of all time is gonna be the kick in the nuts that keeps on kicking when the highlights roll around again and again and again...
  9. direct them to Suffolk when they finish there. Those poor folks need new breeding stock
  10. crangs


    Now Kawhi is gone the best team in Canada is gonna be the team that rolls in and cream pies the Raptors every home game. Well every team except the Knicks.
  11. crangs


    Is Klay gonna line up at the start of the season? They could be playing catch up from the start
  12. Still haven't found their way to Hull yet. amirite @NoCakeForYaya?
  13. crangs


    I hope it's the most glorious of dumpster fires
  14. it's over. not a team in the world could falter that badly from here