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  1. crangs

    Where is Greg Jackson

    did Jones snitch on him?
  2. crangs

    BigDaddyDelta's Official Clash of Clans Thread

    we were one war where we were abandoned by our best attacker and another where we just lucked out with multiple 90%+ 2stars from finishing second
  3. crangs

    12 yo black girl KOd

    if he had stood there and let her hit him theres a good chance the other little bastards get bold and join in. He laid her out and defused the situation instantly, lol
  4. crangs


    lel, 30. she might get some icing on her finger in 30 eps
  5. crangs

    12 yo black girl KOd

    you can crawl, you can brawl, lol
  6. crangs


    just when you think it's heading towards a finish these fookers find another level of super sayan and go again, lol. Fat Bish been chasing that cake since way back when
  7. crangs

    12 yo black girl KOd

    the idiots trying to spin that as a hate crime or attempted murder are hilarious.
  8. crangs

    12 yo black girl KOd

    it reminds of wildlife documentaries where hyenas are surrounding a lion and that one hyena that gets too close and gets faaaaaaaarked up
  9. crangs

    12 yo black girl KOd

    I was watching it thinking this is something you'd do 😂
  10. crangs

    12 yo black girl KOd

    lol, looked like she was looking for them hands and found them
  11. lol. this thread is now a bart-free zone.
  12. crangs

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    was this the moment Chiesa learned to flex the neck muscles when getting the life strangled out of you?
  13. crangs

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Just finishing the last series of Luther now. Alice Morgan makes my weenus hard and scared all at the same time, lol