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  1. ffs @-idyb-. Came in here expecting that they threw hands, lol
  2. crangs

    BigDaddyDelta's Official Clash of Clans Thread

    my coc absence explained in these 2 vids. Trolling people with Mr Mime
  3. crangs

    Corona Virus Thread

    lol, your d!ckhead prime minister is gonna make sure you lot get ALL the covids, m8
  4. crangs

    Corona Virus Thread

    yeah, it makes perfect sense that that would happen
  5. crangs

    Corona Virus Thread

    laughed way too hard at this
  6. crangs

    Jon Jones did things **Official** :(

    juice is my boi but thank you for putting this in the right thread
  7. crangs

    Corona Virus Thread

    tbh, his dad was probably a low rent stubbies and bonds singlet wearer
  8. crangs

    Corona Virus Thread

    Guaranteed his dad is from South Australia. Probably wore RM William's boots, Jean's and a shirt.
  9. crangs

    Corona Virus Thread

    I've been watching your PM give news conferences. Everyone arrives in your country a scholar. Even soup if he ever got a passport from his dad
  10. crangs

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    lol, there's slapping someone and then there is this
  11. crangs

    Corona Virus Thread

    the TP shortage and following panic buying of tissues to compensate mean some socks are gonna get #meetoo'd
  12. crangs

    Corona Virus Thread

    Day 3 of lock down. Already putting a fark you level of cayenne pepper in dinner. Months of this chit you say?
  13. crangs

    BigDaddyDelta's Official Clash of Clans Thread

    those mofos better be able to hadouken that bomb all the way through to the TH or I'm out