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  1. Both versions of TUF are on ESPN TUF Carwin vs Nelson - Tuesday 18th 12am, Thursday 20th 4am, Saturday 22nd 12am, Tuesday 25th 12am, Wednesday 26th 3am TUF Australia vs UK - Thursday 20th 12am, Saturday 22nd 2am, Sunday 23rd 12:30am, Monday 24th 3:30am, Thursday 27th 12am
  2. mil1lion

    Rampage vs Tito

    Rampage doesn't want Tito balls in his face.
  3. mil1lion

    The UK

    You can also watch it on ESPN
  4. Maybe Josh Barnett will use his new found powerbomb from Dream new years
  5. mil1lion

    Bisping looked confident! Chael looked nervous

    Bisping was quality on Inside MMA this week.
  6. mil1lion

    Bisping and Sonnen Weigh-in Trash Talk

    I think Silva would beat Sonnen quicker than Bisping. SIlva would destroy Sonnen in round one because he hates Sonnen and has a point to prove. So I see him starting a lot quicker. He has respect for Bisping though and would probably spend the first round just toying with Bisping, then go on to ko him in the 2nd round.
  7. mil1lion

    should Sonnen v Bisping now be the main event?

    No, because it's too short notice. Why change it when Evans and Davis have been training for 5 rounds, and Bisping and Sonnen have trained for 3. It makes no sense to change now.
  8. mil1lion

    Someone check on Sonnen to see if he's okay!!

    Bisping has fought the much tougher opponents. I think Bisping will be under less pressure than Sonnen. Sonnen is a great wrestler but we haven't really seen Bisping dominated on the gound yet. Even though he has fought great wrestlers before in Hendo, Hammel and Evans. Bisping to win by rear naked choke. Then go on to challenge for the title in the UK.
  9. mil1lion

    UFC on fox in the uk

    Premier Sports I think.
  10. mil1lion

    poor terry etim....

  11. mil1lion

    Your Favourite Kick KO in the UFC?

    This one in the UFC for sure but Badr Hari's was the best ever
  12. mil1lion

    Crowd behaviour

    I was surprised by the reaction of the fans. It was Cerrone who flipped the finger at Diaz at the start of the fight, but then got beat up for 3 rounds. Don't dish it out if you can't take it. Diaz was great in this fight. The fans should love watching him fight.
  13. Well it isn't Brock Lesnar, so who is it? I used to think Wanderlei Silva was back in the Pride days. But all the bad guys are going down now. Who's left? Nick or Nate Diaz? Josh Barnett?
  14. mil1lion

    Weigh in on fight day?

    I'm guessing the main reason is because it's too much of a distraction to have fighters do the weight in on the day of a fight. Particularly if a fighter weighs over the limit and has to lose weight, weigh in again and then go off and focus on a fight only a few hours away. Plus it's even more organising for the UFC to do on the one day.