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  1. Ares9139

    Which is worse to die from?

    Not in such a fashion that appears trivial, no. Some sensitivity around phrasing perhaps. Anyway, let's draw a conclusion to this debate because we're not really getting anywhere. Apologies if the thread was made with genuine motives, but as I say, perhaps if it is made in a fashion where it is more apparent that you want to have a genuine discussion about life issues as opposed to a trivial chat, there'd be less room for conflict.
  2. Ares9139

    Worst UFC Call Ever

    Seems to have been an oversight. Aaron Riley vs Shane Nelson I was an awful stoppage.
  3. Ares9139

    And the World Cup begins....

  4. Ares9139

    Which is worse to die from?

    Excuse me? No, I'm a well respected poster round here and it's offensive, fatuous threads like this that has driven so many of the best posters away from these forums. I mean really, what a ****ing absurd thing to start a thread about, what is to be gained from it except potential offense to people who have relatives (or have themselves) suffered from these diseases. No-one has any frame of comparison here so all it is is ridiculous speculation leading to no conclusion whatsoever.
  5. Ares9139

    Which is worse to die from?

    What a ****ing absurd thread.
  6. Ares9139

    And the World Cup begins....

    Definitely need to come back to this forum for World Cup discussion. The other forum has a very apparent lack of interest in football. Upsetting.
  7. Really sorry to hear about this bro, my thoughts are with you.
  8. Ares9139

    Are you a member of any other online forums?

    HackBennys wins this thread. End of.
  9. Ares9139

    Breaking Down Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery

    I've got The Reem, Arlovski, Gracie, Jacare and Britt for the main card.
  10. Ares9139

    Mariusz Pudzianowski fights again tonight?

    We've been promoted. Thank ****.