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  1. team_uk

    How about machida vs franklin??

    What do you guys think? Or who would you see these two fight?
  2. team_uk

    If BJ finishes Condit

    I agree with you Plus it would make alot of dollars for the UFC Condit vs gsp will be good But yeh think the winner will prob get the next shot
  3. team_uk

    Why does Rashad get booed?

    He is a good fighter and seems to have a great personality especially when he is on mma live! Has some great knock outs! Great record! Don't understand all the boos????
  4. team_uk

    Can't wait to see Rashad 2.0

    With his new Anderson silva striking
  5. team_uk

    If BJ finishes Condit

    Has he done enough to get a title shot? I think so but would like to see Penn vs Diaz As Penn vs GSP III will be the same as the second fight GSP is just too big
  6. team_uk

    George "Snooze" Saint Pierre

    Surely he needs to change his name from "Rush" and why is it that dana gave Silva a bashing for not finishing Maia N said nothing about GSP's performance??
  7. team_uk

    how about Machida vs Jones

    Morning all!! Stylisticly that would be a great matchup what do you guys think? Machida prob needs to win a couple of wins first but that fight is definately one that I would like to see!
  8. team_uk

    Lay off Bisping!!!

    Rivera and his whole team attacked him from the start! Why??? Just cause Bispings from England! He didnt say anything about Rivera! His boxing coach should have stayed out of it! making fun of the British accent etc! Calling him a d**k etc!! Fine Michael shouldnt have spat towards him! when Brock behaves like a loon in the heat of the moment its ok! Just way to much adrenaline rush!! Rivera got what he deserved! Now he can go make his lame videos with his boxing coach! Rivera talked so much smack so got what he deserved
  9. team_uk

    Jorge Rivera = Mr Personality

    watch the press conference if you haven't seen it?
  10. team_uk

    Bisping's a wanker.

  11. team_uk

    Shogun will derail another hype train!

    U mean shogun leg kicks! Chop chop
  12. team_uk

    Shogun will derail another hype train!

    I like jones he is a great fighter! but to take another fight in 1 month??? i guess he wont be broke like Rashad lol Hey but no1 gave Shogun a chance against machida! he de-railed that hype train and now he will do the same with Jones what do u guys think?? how will it go down in march??
  13. the guy's commentary is just awesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Iz-3-raigA
  14. team_uk

    Who will Bisping & Hardy get next??

    did u even see the fight with silva! it was a close fight! i cant say the same about the hendo fight lol! but the silva 1 was close