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  1. Ron Artest, that dude is nuts. I'm sure he could be decent with some training
  2. wrestlersownmma

    Stephen Neal - I scout you to beat Lestard

    Stephen Neal is a pro-bowl caliber lineman with the Patriots... he won't be leaving the NFL anytime soon
  3. wrestlersownmma

    Who is your favorite rapper?!?

  4. wrestlersownmma

    Who is your favorite rapper?!?

    your insane
  5. wrestlersownmma

    IF Cro Cop loses...

    Mirko is a very solid HW. He would have a tough time cutting to 205. If he chose to, he would have to lose some strength I would think. Mirko is not the same fighter he used to be though and the HW division has moved on without him. He will have trouble with wrestlers and strong submission guys like Lesnar, Carwin, Velasquez, and Mir. If Kongo and Cro Cop both lose in their next fights I'd like to see those 2 square off.
  6. wrestlersownmma

    Roy Nelson a favorite to win TUF?

    Roy Nelson is one of the most accomplished fighters to enter the TUF house, and he has a big fan following. His ground game is very strong and he has surprisingly good cardio. I favor Big Country to win this season
  7. wrestlersownmma

    Who is your favorite rapper?!?

    Lil Wayne by far! The guy is a lyrical genius The Game... seems to be one of the only rappers anymore who raps about real **** Lil Scrappy has the best music to get pumped up to. I would always listen to his stuff before wrestling matches, **** just wants to make you tear your opponents head off
  8. wrestlersownmma

    Who should Kimbo fight after TUF?

    Hardonk or Barry would be good for him. Both are good standup strikers that would at least give Kimbo a chance to bang. Either way I see him getting knocked out
  9. wrestlersownmma

    Rich Franklin - Champion Again?

    I think Franklin can do very well in the LHW division, however I don't think he'll ever get a championship there as long as Machida and Shogun are at the top of the division seeing as how he has struggled against fighters who are strong in the clinch in the past. If Anderson retires I could very well see Rich becoming champ again at 185. I would absolutely love to see him and Marquardt go at it. To me that is a dream matchup and easily a fight of the year candidate
  10. wrestlersownmma

    Fish n' Chips

    I lived in England for 4 years during highschool. I loved fish and chips. The best was always near the coast. My favorite to go to was always Mary Jane's in Cromer!
  11. wrestlersownmma

    Does anybody on here actually practice MMA

    ArcaneKnight is a joke!
  12. wrestlersownmma

    Tito Ortiz vs. Mark Coleman Confirmed for UFC 106

    This is a very interesting fight to me. Two wrestlers going at each other usually makes for a stand up war. I believe Coleman is the better wrestler but as long as Tito is able to stop his shot, Tito should have the advantage on the feet. I'll wait to make a prediction on this fight depending on how Ortiz looks in a couple months
  13. Matt Brown via TKO round 2
  14. wrestlersownmma

    whose next for the young Matthew Riddle!

    and lose? he is not nearly experienced enough for a fight against either of them
  15. wrestlersownmma

    Clay guida vs kenny florian!

    Kenny would submit Guida... definitely not TKO. Sanchez has much more power and couldn't finish him.