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  1. Jeff83

    Tinychat LMAO

    Straight shooter. I can appreciate that.
  2. Jeff83

    Tinychat LMAO

    The OP is banned. LMAO.
  3. Jeff83

    Who has worst MMA knowledge??

    He could lose his next ten fights and still go down as the greatest fighter of all time. He is the Babe Ruth of MMA.
  4. Jeff83

    Who has worst MMA knowledge??

    Fedor is the greatest fighter of all time. I'm not even that big of a fan but whoever disagrees hasn't been paying close attention. You can't ignore the man's prior accomplishments.
  5. Jeff83

    Frank Mir tribute.

    The same guy who lost to Brandon Vera. He came back from a motorcycle injury but insults Lesnar who came back from an even worse setback.... go figure. Lesnar destroyed him... Carwin straight embarrassed him.
  6. Jeff83

    Frank Mir tribute.

    Carwin beating Mir's *** and he said nothing? A former WWE wrestler beating his *** and he makes excuses for his losses? I wonder... LOL
  7. Jeff83

    Average age of forum members.

    Or who has never lost a loved one. I completely agree. My buddy is an MP in the US Marine Corps. They still drink. It's an honor system.
  8. Jeff83

    So who will be Big Nog's opponent (hopefully last)

    Nog vs Mirko They are both at the same aspect of their careers... the end. As a Pride fan... I can respectfully admit that.
  9. Jeff83

    Which is the Best Thread Ever?

    Random Hotties Thus the reason I gripe... did I spell that correctly?
  10. Jeff83

    Tinychat LMAO

    Jack Daniels shots for everyone!
  11. Jeff83

    Help with a good pre-workout diet

    You can't miss the tip... I mean the flash... haha
  12. Jeff83

    Help with a good pre-workout diet

    None of those rifles have the picatinny rail... WTF?