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  1. nvm i just read the thread, i found it. actually even though most of it was complete crap, gsp has been taking people down and pounding them out ever since serra tko'd him, and that is a fact.
  2. mma4431

    best camp in mma

  3. mma4431

    best camp in mma

  4. mma4431

    best camp in mma

    you guys know black house isnt an mma camp its just the name of the facility they train at.
  5. mma4431

    My Pan american grappling match

    nice armbar ive been training bjj for a few months also, i've been doing standup for like 3-4 years i'm just getting into bjj. that looked like a small tourny though.
  6. mma4431

    Fight Night Live thread (Spoilers)

    i heard cb could barely stand what happened?? i know cb won via ud. but was the fight really that greuling???
  7. mma4431

    really good frank mir interview

    i think ive gained some respect for this guy http://www.mmascraps.com/2009/09/frank-mir-bashes-joe-rogan-and-fedor.html
  8. mma4431

    How Old? (Age Poll)

  9. mma4431

    maia getting KO by the mat!

    this, especially the bisping comment! i hope it does teach him a lesson and im glad hendo gave him the extra hit maybe it will change his attitude. and respect guys like hendo who have done more in the sport than bisping will probably ever do