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  1. awajuknod

    Ticket Scalper

    paper cut his eyeball!
  2. awajuknod

    Ticket Scalper

    When they scanned the ticket at the door and the bar code didn't read
  3. awajuknod

    Ticket Scalper

    He was good! Ticket value was 300 and we paid 400. He said his brother and him gambled a little to much and needed the money. He even called his brother to make sure 400 was alright. He looked like a good guy and played the role very good. Never done it before and will never again. He even had a fake recepit printed for the tickets and the tickets were very professional. I held them up to mine and you couldn't see anything different! Trust me, I kicked myself plenty of times already. It just sucks that God wasted skin on people like him.
  4. awajuknod

    Ticket Scalper

    is ure did! I took your mom!
  5. awajuknod

    Ticket Scalper

    Did anyone else get taken by a scalper on Friday night about 6PM by the entrance to the arena? If you know the person or have any information, please let me know so that I can find him and break his legs!!! Perfect looking TicketMaster tickets!!! We had 2 legite tickets already for my wife and I and we felt gulity that our 2 15 year olds were not going so we ignorantly bought 2 from this jerk and they were fake. I allowed my 2 15 year olds to go to the fight and I watched it in a cabana at Mandalay Bay. I would love to enter a fan vs scalper fight to the next card!!! I'm on a mision to find this guy!! I talked to a guy in security and hopefully he has a camera shot of the guy that I can post everywhere!! If you are the guy and you are reading this, I remember your face and I will look for you at the next fight there, and if I find you, RUN!!!!!!!!!