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  1. juice64011

    Cashfl0w's Fighters You Simply Do Not Watch thread

    Nik Lentz
  2. juice64011


    You are judging fights by package size now?
  3. juice64011

    BigDaddyDelta's Official Clash of Clans Thread

    I've been mixing Royal Ghosts and miners with heals. Works pretty good
  4. juice64011

    Politics thread

    I've seen her go against the grain and support Republicans publicly and with her votes. She won't get a chance though because the media pushes the loudest and most divisive candidates. Having calm and cordial candidates is bad for ratings. My vote is meaningless though. With how much oil we have it's dumb for my state to go blue.
  5. juice64011

    Politics thread

    Boris is an AmeriGOAT. He will make the UK great again.
  6. juice64011

    Politics thread

    It's sad that Tulsi isn't getting any air time. She is by far the best Dem candidate.
  7. juice64011

    Attn: Vert

    Mexico is safer than the US -vert
  8. juice64011

    Politics thread

    If we vote in Warren/Bernie I don't want to hear **** about higher taxes or $5 gasoline because that's exactly what we would be getting.
  9. Frankie mixes it up way better and is a way better wrestler than Eddie. I think 38 year old Frankie loses especially at LW, I think he would have dominated Conor 4 years ago when they should have fought. Conor chose the easier fight in Mendes.
  10. “I said it leading into the Mayweather fight, ‘he may never fight again after this fight when you make this kind of money,” White said. “He’s fought once since then. Conor loves to fight and wants to fight again, but the Frankie Edgar fight isn’t going to happen.”-Baldie
  11. juice64011

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Ana de Armas being a ho is about the only redeeming quality.
  12. juice64011

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Small comedic parts by Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds. Idris Elba and Jason Statham which I normally like. Somehow they screwed it up. I don't know if WWE helped make it but there was Roman Reigns and a bunch of Somoans fighting cyborgs hand to hand at the end and winning. 0/8
  13. juice64011

    Politics thread

    If Trump somehow manages to negotiate a favorable trade agreement with China he will win. The tariffs are hurting farmers and the steel industries which negatively effects everyone. The economy is good and could be great with an agreement with China, gas prices are steady, and taxes are lower. That's all that most of the regular voting public cares about. The Dems need to motivate the younger generation to vote in record numbers to win imo.
  14. Yes, Until the contract is signed.
  15. Lol at people thinking that Conor is going to cut to FW.