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  1. Nevermind, this was shut down pretty quick
  2. juice64011


    I agree that Diego wanted out and it's far from a perfect system but it's tough to tell a guy that was just kneed in the head that he has to continue. A doc can't always tell if they are ok.
  3. Unless there was another knee that wasn't shown, Pereira might have a point.
  4. juice64011

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    It sounds like carpal tunnel which isn't major if you treat it and do the therapy early on. I have it and can't get rid of it but it doesn't effect much besides playing sports. My brother has it and he can't hold a cup of coffee right away in the morning but it gets better through the day. Numb hands is a very common symptom as well. You have "free" health insurance so get it checked out and treat it sooner than later so they can help cure it.
  5. juice64011

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Definitely, we have redboxes too but it's definitely not the same so I stream everything now. Our store had a couple of long term employees that were great at recommending movies and games which is a huge part of the reason that I kept stopping in.
  6. juice64011

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Our local grocery store had a video store inside it. It closed about two years ago. I would stop there all of the time. It was cheap and I was there weekly anyway.
  7. juice64011

    Valiant attempt by Reyes but...

    Reyes' leg is just bruised. The only reason he showed it was to promote a CBD product he was using.
  8. 2-3 pages has been fairly common recently. It just shows a complete lack of interest in these **** cards.
  9. Diego was looking for a way out. Time to retire.