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  1. juice64011

    BJ Penn out here being BJ Penn

    BJ should hire @Eclipse76 to fight for him. That way we avoid these embarrassing headlines that crush poor Eclipse's heart.
  2. Unlike you I know how to judge an MMA fight. He won 29-28 by landing more strikes.
  3. Herzog is usually a decent ref but he should have broke these 2 up multiple times in the first round. Cunningham was just leaning on him on the cage without throwing for 30 seconds+ at a time.
  4. juice64011

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    Ledet was pulled from the card, they are looking for a replacement.
  5. juice64011


    I will keep these even if they get a new opponent. Ngannou Benavidez Martin Pichel Dober Menifield Ramos Anders Griffen Gordon Lungiambula Ribas Greene
  6. juice64011


    Harden was MVP last year, Giannis is a good story and a new guy to give a trophy too. Seems like they were pushing international players this year.
  7. It just seems like one of those risks that backfire. Its a high risk fight for a #1 contender.
  8. This, Robbie stops takedowns 69% of the time which is really good considering almost everyone tries to take him down.
  9. juice64011

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    It definitely wasn't as prominent in the show but it was still part of it. I agree that other people just saying ok let's follow Bran while his own sister says no was dumb. I think the creators got into too big of a hurry to end the show with a reasonably good ending for the characters and made mistakes.
  10. juice64011

    Jung vs Stephens anyone?

    I think if Edgar loses he will retire. Max vs KZ would be fun. Winner of Ortega vs Zabit would be ok if Volk is getting the next shot. Aldo said he wants his last fight in Brazil so I don't think that will work out since both want to fight at home.
  11. juice64011

    Jung vs Stephens anyone?

    KZ doesn't have any other top guys to fight unless he wants to wait. Frankie is fighting Max Volk is sidelined. Aldo already beat him. Zabit is maybe fighting Ortega.
  12. juice64011

    Jung vs Stephens anyone?

    KZ is probably on the downside too, he's 32. Stephens is only 1 year older than him. He's just way more active.
  13. juice64011

    Jung vs Stephens anyone?

    Over the last 6 years he's 2-2. It's not like he's on an incredible run.
  14. juice64011

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    The Seven Five on Netflix Documentary about Police Precinct 75 in New York in the 80s. It's known as one of the most corrupt police precincts ever. The whole documentary is told by two of the main corrupt cops and the drug dealer that was paying them.