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  1. Lol, I live on Fargo, ND which is a little over 3 hours from Sioux Falls which I believe you stayed at the one night because I was going to tell you to opt Jbird into war while you were there.
  2. Pretty much this, if you talk a little **** but realize it's just a forum and have fun then you will enjoy it here. If you are sensitive, over share, and get rustled when people make negative comments then you won't. I talk **** to vert and he talks **** back basically every week but he laughs it off keeps posting without ****ing about it which I like and which is also partially why I keep doing it. If the opportunity presents itself to meet up and have a beer or talk then I would do it with pretty much every member of the forum... besides Bubba. That ****er flew like 4500 miles and stayed overnight within a couple of hours of me and never even mentioned meeting up.😉
  3. juice64011

    UFC 241: The Card Of WCC

    It would have to be. I could see weighing in right away in the morning before you eat and the the fight day weigh in being later so there is a couple of pound difference. 10 doesn't make sense.
  4. juice64011

    UFC 241: The Card Of WCC

    Why is cormier cutting weight when he's under the HW limit?
  5. juice64011

    Conor catches another L.

    The reports say that the guy just turned down the drink by saying, "I don't want that ****." I agree that if you are talking you can get hit but it doesn't sound like that was the case.
  6. juice64011


    I'm going to the lake for 5 days so I checked earlier because I assumed there would be a card this weekend as well.
  7. juice64011


    The next event is the end of the month, correct?
  8. juice64011

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    California releases fight day weights. Yoel weighed in at 207.
  9. juice64011

    No one can take away our memory.....

    37 and hasn't fought in 7 years. Give the lord of violence another easy win to get him back on track.
  10. juice64011

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    Do you think we could trade Wickles and Vert for MrLach?
  11. juice64011

    No one can take away our memory.....

    Terrible idea
  12. juice64011

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    I think Costa controlled the beginning but if I remember right Romero landed that uppercut and took control the last 1-1.5 minutes. I gave it to Costa but a close fight either way. Costa still needs to work on his cardio.
  13. juice64011

    Stipe vs Jones

    I thought DC won the first 2 rounds. I think the judges had it 1-1. DC does well for how short he is and both Jones and Stipe are hittable but Stipe has more power which is why I think he would win.
  14. juice64011

    Stipe vs Jones

    DC 13-8 head strikes in the first round and 14-7 in the second round.
  15. juice64011

    Stipe vs Jones

    Lol. He started to find his range the first minute of the fight. DC landed double the head strikes through the first two rounds.