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  1. Calabretta_GSP

    If Randy Couture Loses to Brandon Vera.. Do You Think He'll Retire?

    randy couture has had an amazing career i heard he still has like 5 more fights but i think it is time for him to retire but he will be remembered forever
  2. Silva has also fought hendo, franklin marquardt and forrest and has destroyed them all and ya ur right he has faced nobody's but i would love to see this match!! Silva has the best hands in mma but we can say that fedor does not have a glass jaw so my prediction in this match is fedor by submission
  3. Calabretta_GSP

    Machida Vs. Shogun

    machida had a broken rib and he couldn't even walk after this fight shogun won this fight !
  4. Calabretta_GSP

    Best Fighter to never win a UFC belt

    shogun !
  5. Calabretta_GSP

    Over Hyped.

    i agree with in some ways like for lyoto machida and randy couture but liddell is one of the best of all time lesnar is not over hyped he just uses his wrestling background a lot
  6. Calabretta_GSP

    when will gsp fight again?who's next?

    i would like to see swick vs. gsp at about ufc 109 or 110
  7. Calabretta_GSP

    You win by Grappling,Striking,Octagon Control Remember?

    From wat i saw last night i thought shogun would definitely won the decision. When they said machida's name me and everybody who was watching it with me was like WHAT?! I still don't undertsand how machida won i will watch the fight again and see if the judges made a good decision but now i know that machida is not undestructible i would love to see a rematch SHOGUN VS. MACHIDA II
  8. i would order both but if i cud only order one i would oder fedor vs. brock i have been wanting to see this match since ufc 100
  9. Calabretta_GSP

    (Video) Lyoto Machida talks about a possible superfight with Lesnar

    if machida beats shogun then i think he can beat lesnar
  10. Calabretta_GSP

    Junior Dos Santos Vs Gabriel Gonzaga @ UFC 107 or 108?

    i think dos santos will win
  11. Calabretta_GSP

    What Style could Beat Lyoto Machida?

    i think a guy like anderson silva
  12. Calabretta_GSP

    Lyoto Machida Single Handedly Changing the Game..

    i love the size of the octagon and machida is a master at it !
  13. Calabretta_GSP

    Ortiz vs. Griffin II

    Who will win i am predicting ortiz
  14. who is ortiz facing now ? and wow that hilarious what his manager said lol
  15. Calabretta_GSP

    Please Tell Me Who's Next For GSP???

    i wana see daley or swick fight gsp