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  1. _AA_

    Frank Mir glass jaw? Not quite

    I'm sorry, but did you see how many thunderous other-worldly blows Shane Carwin threw before Frank went down? Seriously, I would choose to get hit by a car before taking one of his punches. Mir took like, 4 uppercuts from hell that only buckled his legs, and he was rocked like none other for sure but he wasn't unconcious. He kept scrambling until probably 10 HUGE punches later. Everyone else who has faced Carwin went down after just one punch basically. Yeah, Shane Carwin owned Mr. Mir completely, but I'm trying to come up with a defense for my boy, Frank.
  2. _AA_

    Who's sick of all the God talk at the end of fights?

    I disagree with your thought process. I'LL start by saying that I AM religious. That being said, just because someone says something doesn't mean they're "pushing their beliefs" on you. If I told you I like Pepsi, would you get deeply offended because you're a fan of Coke? I don't think so. As far as the whole God being involved in "beating the crap out of each other" that's bull too. If you believe this sport is just "beating the crap out of someone" you're just like all of the people who are trying to ban this sport because of its "barbarism". This sport is a legitimate test of the human capacity and as a religious person I can say that in the hardest of times God can help push you through. So yeah, I believe God IS with you wherever you are, even/especially when you are testing yourself and your skills against another skilled opponent. /End rant
  3. _AA_

    MMA Trivia

    Hmmm...the only one I know of was Genki Sudo. Half credit?
  4. _AA_

    MMA Trivia

    Hence the good question Haha, bigger hint: It was a very Natural flowing sentence.
  5. _AA_

    MMA Trivia

    Sweet. Sorry if this question was already asked I only got through the first like 20 pages. If it has, it should be an easy one Which fighter quoted Phillipians 4:13 after he won a UFC tournament?
  6. _AA_

    (Video) Forrest Griffin post UFC 101

    Forrest really looks like a **** in that interview. It wasn't even his self deprecating humor. He was just kind of annoyed at everything and didn't seem himself. I don't wanna say I lost respect for him after one interview, but if that's gonna be his mindset from now on.....
  7. _AA_

    Most underrated facet of MMA?

    What do you guys think the most underrated/under-utilized part of MMA is? An obvious one is the leg kick. Not only does it hurt, it takes away a lot of the takedown defense/offense your opponent has, and keeps them on mental edge, setting up for a high kick. Also, I know this is a stretch, but I'd like to see more people fake a takedown shot to set up a strike. I saw it once from Tyson Griffin and it seemed to work surprisingly well.
  8. _AA_

    Coture's record

    I agree that the UFC shouldn't give away HOF inductions without serious consideration but disagree about what a lot of people think warrants a HOF induction. A fighter should NOT get inducted just because of their record. Randy Couture brought a LOT of people to this sport. He always put on exciting fights, and was known to win when on paper everything was against him. He made fans care about his fights, and his induction, IMO, was an easy call. People should be inducted not only because of how good they are, but because of the impact they've had on this sport.
  9. _AA_

    Best Stradegic Fighter

    I would have to say the person who comes up with a great gameplan for their skill set is Rich Franklin. I actually believe he is not that naturally skilled in striking wrestling or BJJ. He's very good at coming up with a gameplan and executing though, which has brought him a lot of success in the Octagon. Don't get me wrong, he's still VERY good at the game of MMA, but I think his strong suit is still with his playbook.
  10. _AA_

    Am I The Only One Not Bothered By This?

    The only problem I have with Rampage backing out is that the fight was already set and he backed out. It's not like Rampage was deciding between the fight or the movie and chose the movie. He had already chosen to fight Rashad and then backed out of it and went against his word to do something else. That's the only part that bugs me. And btw, it's not higher paying at all. Rampage is literally losing millions by taking the movie deal.
  11. _AA_

    Thoughts on Got Fight by Forrest Griffin

    I thought the book was funny as hell. I was laughing out loud every time I picked the book up. No it's not the best book for fighting techniques but it's hilarious.
  12. Sean Sherk is boring. However, he is a known dude with a decent fanbase and some draw value. I'm not sure if his opponent's have just been good or if he's getting crapier, either way I know he's been fighting stupid. Hopefully he'll realize he needs to go for the takedown. If he can't get it, he's probably screwed.