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    What is your #1 favorite fight of all time?

    Rodrigo Nogueira v Mirko Filipović.
  2. Mauricio has been the best 205er in the world since 2004. Wrestlers have not troubled him before. He's well-rounded and still in his prime. He dominated Jackson before. Evans would probably not be able to handle Rua's striking or clinch either.
  3. rqbo

    go watch boxing you "lay and pray haters"

    I generally agree with meltrobe. I think it will be good to see what happens when british fighters like Daley and Hardy can't be held down...
  4. A few mates of mine got KTFO by dirty absinthe last nite.
  5. rqbo

    aoki v bj, who will win?

    dont be stupid, aoki is better on the ground, bj is better standing up. therefore, aoki
  6. Apologies to those who've seen this thread before if its been done. After all the lesnar vs fedor threads... discuss this fight and the outcome. Personally, i beleive Aoki has the 2nd best ground game in MMA to emelianenko. therefore, still respecting BJ's jiu jitsu, i pick shinya via 1st/2nd round sub.
  7. altho this guy would man-handle any one in the cage. his training for the past like 20 years has been geared to strength alone (im guessin on that). MMA mostly* requires highly skilled, multi-talented althetes. *Its just up until now the heavyweight's have been rarely over 240lbs. (Eg. former champion Arlovski) The division is going to be over ran with 280lbs monsters who cut to 265. In this sport, like many, size will always play a factor.
  8. rqbo

    submission of the year

    Outside the UFC, Melvin Manhoef vs. Paulo Filho was immense.
  9. rqbo

    best camp in mma

  10. you'd think from the amount of stick he gets he'd stop being stupid? having said that, some things he posts r good. just consider phrasing AK.
  11. rqbo

    Hendo Vs Wanderlei 3?

    both wud put on a good fight, but hendos movin up and wanderleis movin down(?) unless they keep doing fights at 195.
  12. rqbo

    Dos Santos puts CroCop in his place, discuss.

    i really really want cro cop to win, and contend for the title. but im not too hopeful. J. dos santos has looked awesum and cro cop wud need to be back at his best, in the autumn of his career...
  13. rqbo

    Who is the greatest mma fighter ever?

    fedor is the greatest. ive seen all his fights. basically* destroyed them all- strikers, grapplers, massive dudes. sometimes he does look like hes loosing a fight... but he always pulls out the win, in awesum style**. as for the UFC, it manipulates its dumb fans into thinking anyone outside the UFC is ameteur. :mad: * he wuda lost to ricardo arona back in 2000 but got a UD win. ** randleman, fujita, arlovski, hunt, choi.
  14. rqbo

    Fedor v bret rogers. U y pick

    Cant wait for this fight. Fedor doesn't lose. probly guna be a short fight.
  15. rqbo

    Brock Lesnar's Nickname?

  16. i hope carwin knocks lesnar out
  17. rqbo

    Im just going to say it

  18. Mauro Ranallo is the best.
  19. love the idea, loads would watch... from the UFC perspective tho, doin this wud need to be more economic then TV contracts. if every1 can watch it for less online then on ESPN or wherever for 10quid a month, ESPN wont pay them half as much for it. im sure theyve already looked into it. the problem is with yahoo isnt it?
  20. rqbo

    Best striker in the UFC

    obviously, anderson silva, Machida and Alves have shown theyre awesum strikers. Hopefully Shogun and Crocop will show theyre stil elite strikers.