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  1. Fadadio

    what really grinds your gears thread

    When a girl you like stops talking to you and lies over and over again then invites you to a dance only to dance with EVERYONE but you.
  2. Ron paul won that hands down, hes the only honest person on that stage, and he won in a huge landslide despite the mainstream medias attempt to pretend he does not exist.
  3. Fadadio

    Why BJ Penn will beat Nick Diaz

    I got BJ penn on this one, his BJJ is equal if not better and his striking is on another level. that and BJ has a granite chin. BJ penn all the way
  4. Fadadio

    No doubt anymore

    I am a big GSP fan but there is NO more denying it anymore...Anderson silva is the pound for pound best fighter on the planet. not only does he destroy his opponents but he pulls of **** you would expect to see in some over the top kung fu movies.Yeah no more denial its over and done GG NO RE
  5. Fadadio

    Mayhem Getting Under Bisping's Skin Already...

    miller has this TKO or SUB, you heard it here first
  6. Fadadio

    The way Struve went down

    ah a movie back when men could be men and not get **** from PETA for kicking a animals ***
  7. Rampage needs to fight Shogun again. Alves needs to fight someone whos not a wall and staller so he can actually score a KO
  8. Fadadio

    PROOF That Jones Is A Fake *** Punk

    nevermind its a fake
  9. Fadadio

    Donald Trump as president

    Nope would rather have Ron paul.
  10. Fadadio

    GSP in the middleweight division

    your source for him saying he will move up assuming he fights Diaz?
  11. nope prepare for more TSA patdowns, more fear mongering. and perhaps a new boogieman
  12. Fadadio

    Barack Obama or Donald Trump

    Ron Paul hands down.I just hope the media treats him more fairly this time around
  13. Fadadio

    Obama statement - Bin Laden DEAD

    Hell it's about time
  14. Fadadio

    Jose Aldo Could Defeat Georges St-Pierre

    you honestly believe that GSP would not take him down for a 5 round snorfest?
  15. Fadadio

    Dana: "gsp vs anderson is not happening !!"

    he said he dident talk with them about it, that means its up in the air and up to GSP if he wants to fight him or not