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  1. pjbear05

    Cans of UFC 241

    So do I. @sobercuban's can artwork is the GOAT thread of the forum.
  2. pjbear05

    Stipe vs Jones

    As a few of you m8's along with me have already figured out, Twig Legs Jones isn't fighting anybody at HW. NGFH.
  3. pjbear05

    UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2

    Si, that 3 piece pollo con arroz, frijoles negros y plantains was SWEET!
  4. pjbear05

    Conor catches another L.

    Ah, Conor lad, ya know ya should never fook with an Irishman while he's drinking a Guinness. Be lucky he didn't lather yer bones with his shillelagh.
  5. pjbear05

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 10

    Nah. He wants to keep Killary from spilling the beans. I say she buys it. Hilary Clinton.
  6. pjbear05

    Politics thread

    ^This. AG Billy Barr may be "appalled", but most of the DOJ are laughing up their sleeves, saying, "fook that short-eyed perv Epstein, now let the civil lawyers have at it with his estate."
  7. pjbear05

    The Gun thread

    The local gun show promotion, whose contract was not renewed for, of all places, Ft. Lauderdale's War Memorial Auditorium, got a contract for Pembroke Pines City Center, which is closer to my house. Well, after the shootings in El Paso and Dayton the local anti-gun crowd got their jimmies rustled and told the City to cancel. City said "sorry, no can do, we have a binding contract." First show opened yesterday to "3 dozen protesters" and " thousands" of participants. I've seen this promotions shows at War Memorial, and they were well done. The next show is mid-late September, I may go just for fun.
  8. Memo to Not the Answer: Siddown, ya old fart!
  9. @sobercuban, get your artist's palette ready, it's can makin' time!
  10. No, you're right m8, the Fox/FS1 cards were better. My .02, but maybe New FC is finding out nobody is buying into the great fakeazzery that is ESPN+. They should never have got in with that hoax in the first place.
  11. Amanda may be the wmma GOAT, but Shields would starch her nearly as quick as Masvidal floored Asscrack. Now repeat like James Brown: "Please, please, please, please, Baldy make it happen".
  12. pjbear05

    Is UFC 240 The Worst PPV Of The Year So Far?

    @Jolldan is right. Worst PPV so far this year. Not. Even. Close. However do not think Baldy and New FC can't do worse. They can, and they will can. @sobercuban, get ready, we may need your artistic skills before a card instead of after.
  13. Kind of reminds you of the never-ending saga of "T Ferg and the Dagescrandy" doesn't it?