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  1. pjbear05

    Michael Chiesa still targeting Kevin Lee rematch

    KGB Lee would give Chiesa the hands and....oh, never mind.
  2. BWAHAHA, I'd love to watch Cigano batter Nagnow into a puddle.
  3. De La Rosa needs to put the pipe down, KGB Lee will smash her unconscious.
  4. My mother was a Registered Nurse, had me get all the vaccinations as a kid. I was ok either way until the winter of 1969, when I got hit with the flu, which turned out to be the Hong Kong type A. In bed sick for two weeks, fever, chills, and no appetite. Went from weighing 180 to 165, looked like a stick figure. For a month afterwards I was a weak as a schoolgirl, took months to get my appetite and weight back. Been a flu vax believer ever since. Just MHO, YMMV.
  5. pjbear05

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    I feel for ya, m8, if I heard any chit about Lukaku leaving ManU I'd be depressed too.
  6. pjbear05

    Politics thread

    Nah, she'll be too busy trying to convince the folks in Arkansas to elect her governor. smh.
  7. pjbear05

    Weidman confirms hes going to LHW

    ^^^ These, on both accounts. Get past Rumble without getting your face beat off. And definitely no cake for Weakcan unless he demolishes the **** holder.
  8. pjbear05

    Keeping It Real about Cejudo and Mighty Mouse for a Minute

    Never liked Cejudo, still don't. The judges' robbed MM, but that's on him entirely for putting it in their hands. PJ's MMA Rule #1: Never fight to a decision; finish it in the cage.
  9. pjbear05

    UFC 242 - Khabib/Poirier Team Forum Bet

    What can I say Cash, folks already forgot about UFC 178. Duh, that scrandy who pounded DP whazzat guys name?
  10. pjbear05

    UFC 238: Cejudo vs. Moraes

    Hell yes; if something happens to DP that he can't make the fight, Baldy should tell Kebab fight T Ferg or get stripped of the belt. @MauroPedrosa you think Kebab would duck and dodge if Tony was DP's replacement?
  11. pjbear05

    UFC 238: Cejudo vs. Moraes

    R U serious? I'm not doubting Vert's spelling prowess, but at this years National Spelling Bee the judges got down to 8 contestants and couldn't find words tough enough for them to spell. Round 16 ran for three hours before the judges gave up, had the final 8 kids spell one more word correctly, then declared all 8 of them Co-Champions. Each of these champs is getting the grand prize; $100,000.
  12. pjbear05

    My official car thread

    My God, this is going to be sick! Ken Miles was an absolute bad azz, fearless driver, definitely on the "not to be fooked with" list. He thought driving like a madman on a racetrack was a God given right, and if he died as a result, so be it. "If you're in a boat in the midde of the ocean, which would you rather see, the Queen Mary or the Titanic?" Miles, in Brock Yates' Sunday Driver. To boot, Ford will put their 2019 Le Mans GT's in the same livery as 50 years ago in 1966, when they bishslapped Ferrari, running 1-2-3 at the 24 Hours.
  13. pjbear05

    Politics thread

    The spin cycle has already started on the low cal news re Scott Peterson. I'm with @sobercuban, lock the purrick up.
  14. pjbear05


    You should have traded him for a 3 piece with a biscuit, cole slaw, and a soda. Check with DC.