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  1. See ya in Bellator, Cantinum.
  2. Good riddance. Don't let the door hit ya...
  3. Zzzzz, I'm bored af already. Cue the start of the interim HW belt elimination tournament.
  4. pjbear05

    UFC 245: Usman vs. Covington

    ^^^This. Love Gamebred 'cause he's another South Floridian, but he needs to beat Woodley and/or the Colby/Marty loser.
  5. ^^^This would be wicked good! Make it happen, Baldy.
  6. pjbear05

    2019 NFL season 🏈🏈🏈

    I was switching back and forth between Niners/Saints and my local yokel game, Fins/Jets, both of which got jacked by late penalties. The laugher was a video replay that caught Miami for pass interference, which led to the Jets kicking the GW field goal. Fins coach Brian Flores was screaming bloody murder at the call, but the replay did show it was legit.
  7. pjbear05

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    ...and the 2019-2020 Captain in the Tank Tidy Bowl Award goes to... ...the Citrus Bowl. Not sure what's going to be more entertaining to watch, the game itself or those two sorry bishes Satan and HoBawl pitching fits on the sidelines! BWAHAHA, early line favors Wisconsin over Oregon in the Rose Bowl? Bet the upset!
  8. pjbear05

    2019 NFL season 🏈🏈🏈

    Shawn Payton should revive Bountygate against that moron for that last face mask pen. Smh!
  9. Yeah, smh. I was switching between the fight and OSU v WI, so didn't catch Bruce's announcement pre main event. Who da fook is the judging authority in DC, cause scoring was whack all evening.
  10. Fo sho m8, don't know what was up with that Mark Hunt style turn away. I was screaming at my tv screen thinking Overoid was going to blast Bigi senseless. And thank God Anik or any of the other mouthpieces didn't try to reprise "Down goes Da Reem."
  11. pjbear05

    2019 NFL season 🏈🏈🏈

    Jerruh might need to rethink that statement about retaining Jason Garrett.
  12. pjbear05

    Politics thread

    Hung? Chit, they would also have been drawn and quartered!
  13. pjbear05

    Whittaker vs. Cannonier Or Till

    Knuckles would destroy Till. Jared I'm not so sure. +1 @berzerker101, tough choice, would watch both.
  14. That's why they call them CONtracts! Otoh finna enjoy Big Ben toppling the Skyscraper, timber!
  15. What moron claps for anybody 4+ pounds over? Smh.