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  1. pjbear05

    ESPN UFC Fight Night: Ngannou vs. Velasquez

    Bwahaha! Can Velasquez needs to be retired.
  2. pjbear05

    ESPN UFC Fight Night: Ngannou vs. Velasquez

    Evans-Smith needs to stop this takedown chit.
  3. pjbear05

    ESPN UFC Fight Night: Ngannou vs. Velasquez

    Has the UFC ever have 3 fatazzez, er, fighters miss weight on a card before, or have they fared worse?
  4. pjbear05

    Politics thread

    As the member of an elite group of combat pilots, or as the member of an alleged religious cult?
  5. pjbear05

    Politics thread

    Back in Detroit when I was a kid we used to apply burnt cork to our face as an imitation beard before going out trick or treating for Halloween as a bum.
  6. pjbear05

    UFC 234 Not Available on DirecTV

    Doh, I should have noticed the lack of ads, they lay them on pretty thick the week of the fight. Most of the bars here that show the ppv do so via Direct, I guess their Saturday night biz is fooked.
  7. pjbear05

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 8

    Just curious, has any season gone as long as #8?
  8. Saints woulda rolled those bishes.
  9. pjbear05

    Most overrated hyped up fighter in the ufc

    I'm reminded of the SNL piece on The All Drug Olympics.
  10. pjbear05

    Politics thread

    Trump wants to put Herman Cain on the Federal Reserve board. Lmfao & smh.
  11. pjbear05

    Holly Holm vs Aspen Ladd added to UFC 235

    Boxer's chance just like TBB? Bwahaha!
  12. pjbear05

    Fast Food Chains To Try In NYC?

    Fook, I now have an overwhelming urge to hit Toojay's (local yokel deli chain) for a Rachel.
  13. pjbear05

    No longer annoyed by ESPN's handling of UFC already.

    Late night showings, worthless repeats, and anything decent is on Espn Pizz. Fook that.
  14. Ask the folks in Cleveland about Art Modell bolting with the Browns to Baltimore.