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  1. alyosha24

    Awesome Video and song by godsmack. Has UFC fighters in it

    who is crying, where is my angry post. im sorry i offended your musical interests. re read my initial post and you will see that i said they sound the same in every song. and your opinion means about as much as mine. you probably dont know any better though, so its not your fault you love godsmack.
  2. duh, i knew that. he had a crappy voice and was more of a punk rocker. we care a lot about the garbage pail kids they never lie, we care a lot about transformers cause theres more than meets the eye. good song.
  3. alyosha24

    The Bad Movie Thread

    i must have repressed the memory of seeing this movie, how did anyone think that it was scary. another movie that i wish i hadnt seen is open water.
  4. alyosha24

    Awesome Video and song by godsmack. Has UFC fighters in it

    f*** godsmack. i love bands that sound the same in every f ing song. they are a joke, listen to real music. jk, i dont care what you like, but to me godsmack is everything that is wrong with the music.
  5. alyosha24

    I hope I am wrong

    they only showed about 30 seconds of carwin and evans grappling so i wouldnt jump the gun and assume from that short amount of video that carwin was having trouble with evans. they were training and im sure carwin was taking it easy on him. how any of this translates to the lesnar/carwin fight i dont know, have to wait and see.
  6. alyosha24

    GSP defeats hockey player George Laraque

    laraque was one of the baddest enforcers ever on the ice, but he was given a new appreciation for what someone with real technique can do to you.
  7. alyosha24

    GSP better come with a whole can of vaseline to beat Kos

    wow, kos has beaten trigg, rumble and daley since he lost to gsp. two guys with crap wrestling and zero ground game and one old guy. there is no way kos has progressed enough since their last fight to match up against gsp. no doubt he has gotten better but so has gsp. st pierre has morphed into some untouchable wrestling god in the last few years and is far superior in all aspects of mma compared to koscheck. you dont have to take my word for it though, just wait about a year and gsp will show kos again who is the better fighter.
  8. alyosha24

    The Bad Movie Thread

    havent seen it, but with keanu starring as keanu im sure it was great. also anything nicholas cage is in. im so tired of seeing him play the same role in every movie he is in. not because they are similar characters, no, because he cant act.
  9. alyosha24

    The Bad Movie Thread

  10. alyosha24

    The Bad Movie Thread

    when i think of terrible movies, the first one to pop into my head is the happening. f ing awful movie, m. night shyamalan needs to stop.
  11. alyosha24

    will Rashad stand with Rampage? And hows Quintons TD Defense?

    rashad may implement a gameplan similar to the one he used against thiago, of course it wont work as well or at all. i see rashad coming out and trying to see where page's cardio is at after the long break he has had. rampage was a clear favorite for me before he took the time off to make the a-team, now im not so sure.
  12. alyosha24

    What is your greatest fear?

    heights. i ride rollercoasters and ill jump off a bridge or a cliff at a lake, but the anxiety and panic i feel before i do it is hard to describe.