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  1. StompGrind

    ClassicBoxer's 2019 fitness thread

    I have this personal sign in my room. Motivates me every day. "I will die one day....I'm cool with that but i'm not dead yet so my time to LIVE is NOW. LIVE NOW die later!!!"
  2. StompGrind

    ClassicBoxer's 2019 fitness thread

    I never worried about what some chart tells me. Weight & Body fat % is a better indicator & even that isn't the be all end all with regards to health. I have about five questions i keep in mind to tell if i'm on point & it's about knowing my body with how i feel primarily & secondarily how i look. 1. Can i push through pretty intense or fairly long cardio sessions & not feel like i'm gonna die & am i slowly making progress week after week? Note if i'm making fast gainz i'm finna hit a wall. If no gainz or regressing even then pick it up and tidy up the diet. Either end change is needed. 2. How quickly do i recover between workouts & do i stay loose & keep mobility in problem areas that usually get stiff if i'm over training or under training? 3. Can i eat a few cheat foods a week & not blow my gainz? 4. How do i look in the mirror? Am i tone or looking a little flabby especially around the waist? 5. Do i still turn heads when i'm outside with no shirt on? The feedback i get from others is as good or better than my own eyes. ^^ Those questions & awareness of them tells me where i'm at & if i need to pick it up or back off. It's a simple formula that works for me without having to be uber calculated. I'm 5 ft 11 but i figured out my ideal weight keeping in mind those questions above is around 185-190 if i wanna be more muscular or 170-175 if i wanna be fairly ripped. Any higher on the high end i start to get too fat & feel heavy on my joints & lose mobility. On the lower weight if i get down to 170 any less & i start to lose too much muscle & physically feel weak not just muscularly but nervous system, immune system, even emotionally i just start to feel taxed if i get any lower than that. tl;dr Ask yourself what weight you were when you both felt & looked your best. Shoot for that but don't kill yourself with workouts nor be too strict on your diet. Get after it but enjoy your life. Find your balance that works for you & be aware plus consistent. All you need is will power & awareness of balance. No chart is gonna help much with that but your experience & listening to your body will. Really tl:dr Simplicity, consistency & awareness of your unique balance is a trifecta key to be in harmony with your best health.
  3. StompGrind

    Hobbies thread

    Would still smash.
  4. LMAO @ Paulies expression. Soul taken confirmed.
  5. I hope Paulie catches a lot of flack on social media that he let boxing down etc. Fun to watch him have meltdowns & go on a tirade. I also hope they release the full footage of Conor after that documentary comes out.
  6. StompGrind

    Hobbies thread

    Lol wouldn't be the fora if something like that wasn't one the first answers. I've kinda been on the prowl a lot lately l8 at night but for some reason it makes me feel a bit empty.
  7. StompGrind

    Hobbies thread

    I don't think i've seen this thread b4 but what are yours i.e. what do you do with your free time or even something you'd like to take up or devote more time to develop or even something you like to quit i.e. for example spending too much time reading news articles or mindlessly looking at anti social media. Been thinking about this a little lately & realize just how much time i waste on non sense....i have to many hobbies & at least half of them are useless to me besides being time killers or instant gratification sorta pleasures.
  8. StompGrind

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    This podcast killed me. Ms. Pat is so fkn funny. What a great person after all she's been through.
  9. StompGrind

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    That's a really fk'ed up thing to do. Very christian of him btw. They sound Westboro crazy. I feel really bad for your wife. Hopefully her sister wakes up, meets someone of her own and moves out before there is any lasting psychological damage.
  10. StompGrind

    What are you listening to right now?

  11. StompGrind

    What are you listening to right now?

    ^^ The bass in this song though.
  12. StompGrind

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    I've got no problems with insensitive pics. I'm all for.... Gad does sound pretty cool. I love his sarcasm when he's making fun of PC/SJW culture. His YT channel ain't bad if you get bored. His vids are mostly no longer than 10 min. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLH7qUqM0PLieCVaHA7RegA/videos Unrelated but i watched this the other day. Smartest woman on the panel was Cathryn McGregor lol
  13. StompGrind

    Cejudo probably out until 2020 after shoulder surgery

    Damn. Just was i was starting to enjoy his brand of cringe and the rustle he stirred up.
  14. StompGrind

    Speak Your Mind Thread

  15. StompGrind

    Shevchenko vs Carmouche title fight headlines UFC on ESPN+ 14

    Violentina ShevchenKO kills her.