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  1. StompGrind

    ClassicBoxer's 2019 fitness thread

    Congrats. Curious what was you're weight from last yr & how much you lose?
  2. StompGrind

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Found out the topix forum closed down. That was one of my fav places to read like every few months to laugh at trashy locals gossip & air their dirty laundry. Site was a gold mine for that.
  3. StompGrind

    The Boys Season 1/ Preacher Season 4 (Comic Books Thread)

    Didn't mean it like that. Meant it like there's a certain type of super hero comic dork that will watch anything super hero/comic & think it's amazing. Half of these shows are unwatchable to me. I'm like that about fantasy, murder mysteries, psychological thrillers & documentaries. I'm a total dork for a lot of those & find ones that a lot of people probably wouldn't like but they're awesome to me but super hero/comics shows & movies it's very few that hook me. I'll give this another try again in a few weeks because it did seem different & somewhat interesting but i was distracted but yeah if a show doesn't really grab me after a few episodes i usually don't watch the rest.
  4. < This one lol TBH with you i don't really watch Football that much anymore. I only watched about half the games last season at this pool hall i go to or at my neighbors house who are die hards. Our fans over here are crazy though especially LSU fans. Lol they're the bess.
  5. StompGrind

    The Boys Season 1/ Preacher Season 4 (Comic Books Thread)

    I watched a few episodes but i was cooking & texting at the time. I'll give it another try when i'm less distracted.
  6. StompGrind

    The Boys Season 1/ Preacher Season 4 (Comic Books Thread)

    Tried watching this and couldn't really get into it. Guess you have to be an ultra comic nerd to be into it. IDK just didn't grab my attention but i was a little distracted with something else when i watched it. Holy chit though when this happened.
  7. StompGrind

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Finished Mind Hunter. Was good. Can't wait for season 3. Hopefully it's released this year or beginning of next.
  8. StompGrind

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Hilarious show. This chit had me dying.
  9. StompGrind

    Official Anthony Pettis faking injuries thread

    Also how you break an ankle on a twig legged Diaz bro.
  10. StompGrind

    Official Anthony Pettis faking injuries thread

    Good thread lol