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  1. StompGrind

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Couldn't agree more. I'd love to see McGregor vs Justin & Ngan vs Rumble would be nuts. My contributions Izzy vs Costa, Yoel or Killa Gorilla are all sick fights Justin vs Tony would be insane Jon Jones vs. Johnny Walker
  2. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Seen a NY times article this morning claiming the Joker movie is what happens when white supremacy is left unchecked. The author of the article even claimed the Joker being a white man is central to the stories plot. LOfknL no it's not. You can't make this $hit up. Should they just come out & say they are an overt racists news publication? It's anything the Joker movie is a hit piece auto biography on leftists like Antifa. That's why it got some bad reviews from far leftists just like Dave Chappelle did.
  3. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Check his teeth. If they're not all jacked up inbred looking & more yellow than a Hong Kong protester he's not British.
  4. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    NBA Williams: I mean, you have a wonderful city. Prosperity. Why is that not enough? Lai: You've clearly never lived under communist yoke but
  5. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    I'll say this. Tulsi is the only dem candidate that actually has common sense & sounds like she has realistic plans, fairly sound judgement and isn't selling some of of the more retarded policies that makes the right cringe. She's moderate enough to challenge. You want Trump out ....Why can't dems see that? If the democratic party, the liberal media etc. were smart they'd put full support behind her and i think she could challenge Trump for undecided votes & maybe even get some people to swing. Hell i'd consider voting for her and i don't even fkn vote & i don't like everything i hear from her but i think she'd make a fine President. The democratic party, liberal media etc. is not smart though. They actually think those other radical idiot candidates have a chance but they always bet on the people that are extreme not moderates. Same thing happened with Ron Paul previously on the Rep side & even Bernie to an extent for the Dems. The media etc. blacked them out & history is likely gonna repeat itself so Trump wins again.
  6. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    There's plenty of former dems that came out the closet as republicans or at least independents. They get chastised for it on social media. If you doubt it look it up. There's lots of people i've talked to that are tired of the Dems but the main thing is there is currently no strong enough candidate on the left that the majority of voters will vote for so unless Trump really fks up big time & not the sour grapes stuff people on social media & the news talk about 25/8 it's very likely Trump wins again. On Dem's winning seats keep in mind local elections, seats in congress etc. is a very different animal than national elections. That's not an indication of who the majority of voters in the country will vote for as president & the electoral college is another thing that makes the presidential election very different. I don't recall ever stating on here i rarely leave the house. IDK where you're getting that from. I'm not exactly a people person always, i can be distant sometimes & i don't like crowds but i'm not in my house all day. Matter of fact here lately most of my time is spent away from home except at night & even then i leave because i'm a night owl often have insomnia & sometimes i got DM's to slide into. Warren is not popular enough, & retarded, Biden is getting destroyed & Bernie just had a heart attack & is too fringe just like Ron Paul was. None of them stand a chance. Micheal Obama could maybe give Trump a challenge but i doubt enough people want some 2.0 Obama dude with lipstick as president. Oprah said she won't run. Maybe she could give Trump a run for his money but only because she's popular. That's the saddest part. It's a popularity contest. Trump proved that last election.
  7. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Nah. Half of the people that vote voted for Trump last election and it's very likely going to be even more this time around because the Dem's don't have a candidate that can sway undecided voters and a lot of people are sick of the Democratic party. This idea that only a small hill billy base supports Trump is nonsense & wishful thinking. He's gonna win again and you'll be in here 25/8 whining again lol
  8. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Lol Trump is going to win again bigly. The more the left whines about him, spews stupid polices & the media, big tech companies try to engineer opposition the bigger the turnout will be.
  9. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    It's almost like he had Barron Trump write it. There's a young teenager type quality to it that's kinda cute lol. Will you be my valentine for the dance? Please check yes & pass it back. P.S. Your the most evilists person ever if you say no & i will kick you BF's @ss if you say no then never talk to you again. If you say yes i will kiss you on the lips & we'll be together forever because your the prettiest girl i know. Sincerely Donald Trump
  10. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Observation. I've noticed myself becoming much more conservative with a lot of my views over the past couple yrs. I don't think it's entirely to do with the current political climate although i definitely can't relate as much with non classical Liberals aka Neo Liberals anymore & almost not at all with leftist because they're retarded SJW children whose views are all idealistic feels with zero rational logic. Seems as though both groups are becoming the predominant force on the left which pushed me further right when i was always a moderate independent type. I think it has more to do with as you age you become a little more mature & realistic about things so you naturally lean more conservative because it makes more sense to identify with. It's very obvious to me the left's strategy has always been power and to indoctrinate the younger vote with a lot of stupid idealistic ideas that play right into naive young minds. The Democratic party has largely become the party that wants to destroy individualism with a false notion of equality & identity politics, has little regard for independent adults that take personal responsibility. They care far more about power by any means to indoctrinate & manipulate votes because they want slaves that are not independent thinkers. They don't actually care about principles, people or rights they just pretend to because it seems correct on the surface but the means in which they operate and the path it eventually leads ( < Marxism ) is totally backwards hypocrisy. It's going to backfire. The woke movement as they age is eventually gonna wake up & resent the lefts lies.
  11. Facts. I'm a part time care taker for my mom now & she can still kinda take care of herself but not completely & that's only gonna get worse. My mom doesn't have anyone else to take care of her with my dad & brother being deceased & my other brother living across the country in Manhattan. If i have to move in her basement or get her to sell her place and move her in with me which eventually that may need to happen then that's what we'll do because there is no fkn way i'm putting her in a nursing home because it's so filled with the failures in the medical field. A lot of these home health or nursing home nurses couldn't hack it at hospitals. Those places are like a prison with bad guards to send your so called loved ones off to die alone and in misery.
  12. I just asked Samuel Alexa if they deserved to die. Alexa's response
  13. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    LMAO legit shop
  14. StompGrind

    Jon Jones did things **Official** :(

    Lol there is also this. Frank Lester wants his money.
  15. StompGrind

    Podcast thread

    Always liked the effort Luke puts into his breakdowns. I really like that kinda work from people like him Jack Slack, BJJ Scout, Dan Hardy, Firas, Uncle Chael etc. They're real fans. Then you have people like Ariel who don't know fk all about fighting and the best he can do is say things like... "So & so told us in an interview earlier he doesn't like you & is gonna hurt you. What you think about that?" LOL what a fkn instigating jew that thinks he's slick.