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  1. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Agreed. She gives me a hard time keeping this 🐊 down lol
  2. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    ^^ < There's still hope maybe she can bring you back on board. < or her
  3. StompGrind

    Politics thread

  4. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    This is absolutely true. Obama campaign got fined 375 thousand for the like but no calls for impeachment or major investigations into wrong doing. Imagine that. The Clinton cabal are no stranger to legal hush agreements even if they have to ghost people or fake suicide them. If certain forces keep pushing this double speak witch hunt standard maybe Trump eventually signs an executive order to unseal the lid on many classified things in regards to what many rogue actors, the media and intel services have been up to with spying and how that information is being increasingly used to make certain political plays because all government and big business is largely compromised to the point the whole system is rigged because it's corrupt to the core. 7 out of 10 politicians, power bankers etc. will be investigated, indicted and many will go jail for their crimes or cooperate which opens up further investigations. .... At some point trails uncovered to the cesspool where all the skeletons are buried gets so big there will probably be a fire in Utah at NSA's data center for example or some major catastrophe will be used as a false flag ruse to distract or perhaps even martial law. The whole WWG1WGA movement around the world is not just a theme for the public to unite behind but has a double meaning. It's a direct warning to the deep state saying you can't have it both ways so if you wanna go there the whole scheme is gonna be exposed with great transparency for the public to decide and they won't be happy at all. It's dire enough they will rise up and demand a re-boot of the entire system from scratch once people become awake to what's really going on which is that the whole monetary & system of governance is a giant pyramid scheme and at the apex the cap stone is the so called 1000 points of light that rule the world who are the most dangerous rotten scoundrels imaginable involved in all manner of corruption but hide behind a veil of peace, prosperity, media spin and humanitarian aid. If it actually comes to that i wonder who's heads will roll first. Certain guilty power families & central banks would be a good start. I bet we could get a lot of problems solved with those assets which where stolen from the people of the world for centuries through a small syndicate of manipulative criminal scum.
  5. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Collusion was complete BS. It's interesting some white hat's in military intelligence along with an army of citizen journalist together had to run an op with bread crumbs coded in a way that doesn't breach national security to circumvent a fake news media that pushes only a one sided agenda and from day one has been leaking chit like crazy to destroy a Potus for political means.
  6. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    Good ^^ Meanwhile in ChineR https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6015789/Google-fire-reported-plans-launch-censored-search-engine-China.html ^^ How bout dat? What a cowinkydink Meanwhile in France https://www.hannity.com/media-room/manhunt-suspect-in-strasbourg-shooting-identified-was-on-terror-watch-list/ Please stay in doors because a terrorist who was on the terror watch list who's where abouts are unknown has committed a timed false flag...wait i mean attack.... pls for your own safety stay in nationals who care about their country. How convenient.
  7. StompGrind

    The Face of Marijuana Addiction

    My attitude has always been i prefer having interesting discussions, joking around and if stuff gets misinterpreted or nasty i still prefer to avoid conflict, explain if i can but if someone insist they wanna go to flavor town i'll be their huckleberry if the mood strikes me or i feel like they got some chit they need to get off your chest i'm not afraid to listen. I prefer positive energy but if someone crosses a negative boundary darkness suits me just fine too. I've learned valuable lessons there and i have a knack for making it my b!tch by owning up to what i need to own up to and discarding the BS and i know the difference. I know who i am and what i'm about and sometimes people wanna show you a mirror. When they do I listen and reflect internally where i feel i need to and externally where i feel i need to. If they're just being a straight up @sshole out of hate/ego whatever. ain't nobody got time 4 dat sheet.
  8. StompGrind

    The Face of Marijuana Addiction

    He basically warned him to stop mindlessly necro spamming old threads or he was gonna have a time out in the corner. < I could be wrong on that but did he not give him fair warning giving him that respect instead of just go to time out go directly to time out do not collect 200 attention dollars. Even if he didn't the deletion/removal of some of those post/threads was a hint that CB still didn't listen to so he took a time out. What does CB do when he comes back after his ban was lifted? He couldn't leave it alone and had an axe to grind. It's one thing to say your peace then leave things alone but the personal attack chit like saying someone is gonna Benoit their family while not the most horrible thing ever said it still doesn't belong here but i'm sure some disagree.
  9. StompGrind

    Politics thread

    I agree but i commented more on the police which surprised me. I saw a video a few days ago with police taking off their helmets standing in solidarity with the people instead of cracking skulls. Thought is was pretty cool and nice to see for a change. It is true that the mainstream media doesn't show stuff like that because they have a narrative to tell and people generally don't care about what happens in other countries unless it effects them.
  10. StompGrind

    The Face of Marijuana Addiction

    SMH He bant you for spamming meaninglessly & bumping old threads to try to stir chit and you couldn't take a hint after being told to chill. < He gave you that much respect and this is how you return it so that's on you moron lol. I know you have this all gloves are off mentality & don't like the selective favoritism and seemingly double standard grip some mods enforce on this forum < i'm not a big fan of some of that myself but i'm not privy to their reasoning nor should i be and people are human and this isn't there fkn job but you cross a line with comments like Sober is gonna Benoit his family. We talked about this before that there is a line with some things. I agreed to a certain extent but told you i believe there are some lines that should not be crossed and it's better to not be a d!ck head, take the high road when you can because there is total strength there most people are clueless of and it's better to just try to get along with people and take a stand where that's not possible. Yeah ok this is the internet where people can keyboard to their hearts content and none should take anything srs but i guarantee you wouldn't dare say something like that to a person's face unless you thought you could get away with it. What does it say about you that you would even go there or take some pleasure from that even just saying it on a keyboard? It points to wanting attention, acting like a spiteful POS and being a coward. That's not how a man handles himself that's how children who don't know any better or bitter borderline sociopaths act. If you really were doing it out of concern for a friend one could have simply said.... @Sobercuban that machete is totally badass & fk being normie but i do worry about you sometimes lol. For your loved ones, yourself & success give best, don't stress, stay the course and divorce the idea of things being easy. Stay on the grind because the hard way makes hard men because they put in the work & don't quit no matter with what happens but march on like a champion so the rest fk em - Matt Serra < When you know that and believe you are truly bullet proof no matter what.
  11. StompGrind

    UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega

    Watching the presser now. Rose needs to humble JJ again.
  12. StompGrind

    UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega

    I thought it was an early stoppage. A few more faces to Max's hands and blessed was done.
  13. StompGrind

    Max Holloway is a mix of Penn, Pettis, Diaz, and Aldo.

    Max is Hick Diaz with head movement and footwork
  14. StompGrind

    UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega

    I wanted to see JJ get Ortega'ed.
  15. StompGrind

    UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega

    I was kinda thinking because of all the brawls, health issues and layoff we wouldn't see the best Max but he definitely surprised me.