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  1. StompGrind

    Kevin Lee vs a realtor at ufc Milwaukee

    Lee's top game is no joke. No doubt about it. Taking Al down and keeping him down though i doubt will be easy maybe be a little taxing if Lee doesn't play his energy management cards right. If he doesn't i but i could see Al taking his head off if he doesn't manage his energy right. I really do think Lee has pacing issues with his explosive grappling style. I think Lee probably wins a close decision if i had to bet on it but i wouldn't be tew surprised at all if Al tko's him. I really don't see Al tapping him unless it's some sort of stunned and or gassed situation.
  2. StompGrind

    Kevin Lee vs a realtor at ufc Milwaukee

    Imma laugh if Al beats him again & and puts the division on notice to stay humble . I favor Lee winning this time but I don't think this is an easy fight for Lee like some people think. Was a close one. Beautiful attempt. Perhaps a little more work with Danaher Deathsquad's heel hook assassins & that could have been all she wrote.
  3. StompGrind

    Khabib is Dana’s best chance of making it in Russia

    Khabib is ducking Renato Laranja. He thinks Jiu-Jitsu is easy but he would never call out the 27 time world Mundials champion. Henato would tappy him and give him a hematch any time
  4. StompGrind

    Change My Mind Thread

    I've been a Khabib fan since RDA. I started paying attention more recently to his style & positions he's very good at which he makes look easy and his development has come a long way so i'm truly a fan of his now where b4 i liked him but thought he could be a bit boring at times. I normally don't do that sore winner thing but when it comes to that fav loses so let's down play everything to save face & never give any cred to a rival thing that people do about their fav fighters Conor fans are some of THE worst roach fans sometimes i swear lol. I like Conor too but he's a lot harder to like him when so many of his fans can't seem to take any criticism or jokes about him at all and act like he's god's gift to MMA or something when in reality he can dish but can't take it like Floyd said and i think he cares way too much about the entertainment money side but forget the love of the art a bit.
  5. StompGrind

    John Kavanagh on Brawl, Danis and McGregors Next Step

    Same i've always liked what he has to say about martial arts and he seems like a very level headed guy with honor.
  6. StompGrind

    John Kavanagh on Brawl, Danis and McGregors Next Step

    There was one point i saw him covering up and holding the back of his head even though no one took a swing at him then he just sat down on best behavior like "fk that i'm not going to jail for Danis"
  7. StompGrind

    The Weekend of Bellator

    The Kongo fight looked suspect too.
  8. StompGrind

    Change My Mind Thread

    There were a bunch more like that news article. I though it was funny if only because it shows how fickle some of the Irish media can be & or wants to tell a save face narrative. There is no honesty only denial and no praise for rivals. I'm not surprised mofo. To keep it real though every post i've seen you make about Khabib is all salt and you definitely have hot Irish balls in ya mouth LULZ. I make fun of Conor sure but i've given him kudos too and even wrote about what i thought he did well and some tactics/positions that probably would have helped him perform better. I also criticized Khabib for hopping the cage like a fkn **** & laughed at jokes about him etc.. You can't even like a post you're so mad lol
  9. StompGrind

    The Weekend of Bellator

    I didn't see that fight only the Fedor fight. Chael fight just looked to me like he gave up after failing, and falling and failing and falling over and over. Like he knew he was already in over his head so rather than prolong a longer @ss whippin he decided to look for an out earlier. He may have even had a buddy put large money on Fedor in the first round.
  10. StompGrind

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Agreed. When Khabib got to his elbow, trapped his legs and started to mount & Conor made that "Oh sheet, I'm fooked face" i literally lol'ed.
  11. StompGrind

    The Weekend of Bellator

    Dat Cheal flip-over from the back was Shamrock Kimbo sketchy as hell. Is that a patented Bellator fixed fight move? Those bombs he ate dat the left hook dropping him and the guard leg shuck to nuke right hand and mini nuke left was impressive he didn't get KTFO cold. I don't think the fight was fixed but Chael was definitely hurt, sloppy and wanted out. Was impressed with his chin and tenacity to keep pushing forward and push the pace. That counter rolling throw Fedor executed when Chael had the bodylock and tried to drag him down was amazing. I liked the way Fedor looked at Bader during the stare down. Bader tries to puff up with his i got big muscles fight stance and Fedor just looks at him like a man that knows location of all Putin's bodies and still has the shovel lol.
  12. StompGrind

    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    Novel incoming lol. I ate these foods and always in combinations. IMO you have to throw away the idea of traditional meals. What do i mean by "traditional" meals. i.e. we are conditioned to think a meal is a bunch of meat with a little side piece, or steak & eggs etc. That's the trap we fall into thinking about diets. You can do that and it's fine but the idea is to be more of a combo snacker except for after a workout. Think more along the lines of caveman hunter gatherer and then you can go a little meat heavy after workouts. This is your campfire gorge so to speak after the big hunt but even then i wouldn't go to crazy with it. It all has to do with energy output and your diet needs to reflect your lifestyle needs. I'm not certain as i wasn't totally strict with counting but ideally meals should be about 60% fats, 30% proteins and 10% low GI carbs that are high in fiber. Here's a list of foods ( < I didn't eat all of these but these are foods i would have eaten had i stuck with it ) Add or take away what you like but keep your GI down. Salmon, Tuna Beef, Steak, Chicken, Eggs, Sausage, Churizo Baby Spinich, Kale, Califlower, Broccoli, Celery, Onions, Garlic, Bell Peppers Cheese, Butter, Almonds, Pecans, Brazil nuts, Chia Seeds Cherries, Oranges, Apples, Black berries, Dark chocolate ( < Yep chocolate make sure it's 70% or more cocoa solids and beware of any hidden sugars ) Green tea with stevia , Water Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Himalayan Pink salt and various seasonings again beware of hidden sugar. Fruits & onions i ate very sparingly and all fruits were fairly low index. The higher in fibre the better and i ate them b4 workouts. I didn't keep strict track so i could have gone over my daily index limit but since i ate only small amounts & always b4 workouts i probably burned most of it right off. A lot of the hi-fats foods are loaded with salt especially cheese, butter, nuts, sausage & churizo but i added some himalayan pink to my salads and any meat i cooked so i got plenty which is probably why i didn't get headaches. Headaches to me screams two things. 1. Sugar dependency ( eat a little fruit/veggies in the morning Note: don't blend you want slow absorption so your glucose levels don't spike ) 2. Dehydration. < You said you drank plenty water and had a lot of salt so you're probably good there. Me i fasted every other morning which is something i normally do anyway because my stomach doesn't like eating when i wake up. When i did eat in the morning it was a few spoonfuls of coconut oil, some nuts, few pieces of fruit or maybe a small salad with olive oil, Himalayan salt, nuts and some boiled eggs. < Notice the mixture of foods theme here...lot of fats, some protein and very little carbs. I did sauna at night and made sure i had bunch of water during the day, after workouts but especially after sauna. The main thing is eating mostly fat, moderate protein, make sure you get your minerals ( himalayan pink imo is one of the best ) drink plenty water and the carbs you do eat get it from green leafy veggies, some fruits and make sure the glycemic index is low and fiber count high because they will offset each other a bit and keep your net index down. That and staying consistent with workouts and they don't even have to be that hard or that long. In fact a good warm-up, moderate intensity and shorter duration with maybe a little higher intensity for a short period then moderate intensity and cooling down is probably better and will aid in recovery. I did two a day workouts the whole week or so. A run in the afternoon and some sort of brief full body circuit strength training routine & then sauna at night and was fine. I h8 working out in the morning so i broke mine up in the later half of the day with a few hrs break between workouts and when i did most of my eating as well. Issues i had with the diet is after a week my body started REALLY craving the sugar ( didn't stick with it long enough to get over it ) and my energy levels dropped off a little but not too bad because of the combinations of foods and snacking style which takes less energy to digest. The main reason i quit is because fk i love my soft drinks but really it was more that it's not exactly a cheap way to eat and i'm a bit of a cheapskate. I did get shocking results though with fitness and how my body looked. By the end of that about a week and a few days give or take i was more ripped than i was since Dec. of last yr b4 i injured my back which was the best shape i'd ever been in b4 as far as a lot of muscle mass and still being lean. If you want to get all scientific about it you could weight grams and calorie count with apps and such. I'm too lazy for dat chit and kinda just eyed it used common sense and did quick look-ups when i wasn't that certain i was in range but i didn't keep strict track of every single thing. I just followed the basic plan i just laid out here. I hope that answers your questions. I stand by what i said about it not being a "fad" like Atkins etc. Not saying it's the "ultimate" end all be all for everyone but it is a good guideline to follow much like Paleo and if you go over your GI a little for the day so what i don't think it's that big of a deal and you probably should sometimes.
  13. StompGrind

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Your beard is GOAT. Wish i could grow a proper beard. Every time i've tried past stubble it's tew scraggly and grey so it doesn't contrast my face enough so with my thick dark brows, bulbous nose, & laugh lines those prominent features ain't helping so i end up looking like a younger hobo terrorist version of Mark Coleman LULZ
  14. StompGrind

    Change My Mind Thread

    Conor only knocks out other manlets. When he fights someone taller