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  1. GoToGuy

    Cejudo probably out until 2020 after shoulder surgery

    Actually, with Cody on a 3 fight losing streak and TJ gone this could be an opportunity for him to capture the belt yet again.
  2. GoToGuy

    Cejudo probably out until 2020 after shoulder surgery

    and so it begins.
  3. GoToGuy

    Tyron Woodley: Henry Cejudo is ‘annoying everybody’

    First thing I thought of.
  4. GoToGuy

    Weidman confirms hes going to LHW

    He'll handle it by continuing to get ktfo.
  5. GoToGuy

    Weidman confirms hes going to LHW

    So a LHW finally decides to fight as a LHW? Sweet, now he can get ktfo by a new weight class of fighters and fade even further away. Sign me up!
  6. GoToGuy

    Early Stoppage

    In it? Dude, her soul got banished to the shadow realm.
  7. GoToGuy

    Showtime would never lose to RDA minus the roids

    Ya'll are riding Pettis to much. He was losing the fight against Steve easily before hitting him in the glass chin Wonderboy has developed. Pettis has lost 6 out his last 10 fights including one of them to RDA. RDA would tool Pettis, again.
  8. GoToGuy

    Santos Has a Game Plan to Beat Jones (LOL)

    He has a plan? So did everyone else.
  9. GoToGuy

    Jones: "Im Not Fighting DC at HW"

    This is what I was just thinking.
  10. GoToGuy

    Urijah Faber drops ideal date for UFC return

    Well, I think it has more to do with his increased age and having so much mileage on his body than anything.
  11. GoToGuy

    OFFICIAL - Alexander "The Great" Volkanovski hype train

    Meh, tbh, it was less about Alex looking good and more of Aldo just looking really bad and not doing a damn thing the entire fight pretty much.
  12. GoToGuy

    Rose = LOL (Can inside)

    Nah, Rose was easily winning that fight. Jessica went for a hail mary slam and it worked out. Rose is the superior fighter.
  13. GoToGuy

    Cormier vs Stipe 2 official for UFC 241

    That is what he did. His last fight was the loss to DC almost a year ago.
  14. GoToGuy

    Blessed didn't want that fake Power Ranger belt

    Nah, even if Max won 3 rounds, which I don't think he did, it still wouldn't have mattered, he got 10-8'ed in round 1. It would have been a draw at best for him. After the fight was over Max raised DP's hand for a reason. Even he knew he lost that fight.