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  1. GoToGuy

    Blessed didn't want that fake Power Ranger belt

    Nah, even if Max won 3 rounds, which I don't think he did, it still wouldn't have mattered, he got 10-8'ed in round 1. It would have been a draw at best for him. After the fight was over Max raised DP's hand for a reason. Even he knew he lost that fight.
  2. GoToGuy

    Submission bone breaks

    Ew, you're right. Nasty one to say the least. The canvas breaking Jon Jones toe count?
  3. GoToGuy

    BJ Penn vs Clay Guida-UFC 237.

    This And his excuse for his last 700 loses in a row? This time will not be different.
  4. GoToGuy

    Submission bone breaks

    Big Nog breaking Tim Sylvia's forearm.
  5. A Spawn reboot is! Actually Jamie Foxx was the last person I heard mentioned to play Spawn and I was not thrilled with that, tbh. MJW should just do it again. He's still in great shape and doesn't look old.
  6. I'm still waiting for MJW to announce his reprisal role of Spawn.
  7. GoToGuy

    Alexander Gustafsson vs Anthony Smith headlines UFC on ESPN+10

    A fight Gus can actually win. Especially since Smith did literally nothing in the Jones fight.
  8. GoToGuy

    Jon Jones Boxing

    I don't completely disagree. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt though.
  9. GoToGuy

    Jon Jones Boxing

    Automatically disqualified on the grounds of being a multiple time cheat.
  10. Give it time. Either Woodley loses and Ben can move in, both lose, or both win and they either stall out or have a falling out that will lead to a fight that Dana will hype tf out of.
  11. GoToGuy

    TJ Dillashaw's next fight?

    Cejudo, again. TJ got a free crack at his belt. Time to return the favor.