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  1. If someone won, I thought it was 29-28 Barboza. However, it was close enough that I find it VERY unlikely it will get appealed. It's going to be a big sour pill, but Edson will have to swallow it and move on regardless.
  2. If you don't count Lyoto Machida. He might have been born in Brazil but he's asian.
  3. I just got up to watch the last couple ones. You probably should have known better.
  4. GoToGuy

    Cejudo vs Aldo at 135

    Aldo will look like McGregor did at FW, aka, Skeletor. I can't really see him doing it, atleast not safely and at full health. If he makes it, a big if, then he will surely be depleted or worse.
  5. GoToGuy

    The biggest loser of tonight is...

    He is a big LW who has struggled to make weight before. He looked a full weight class above Pettis. Fought Joe Hurley at 160lbs and RDA at 160.5lbs because Diaz missed weight. Then 7 more fights at WW. 9 out of 32 fights not at LW. He has fought 78% of his career as a LW not his whole career.
  6. GoToGuy

    The biggest loser of tonight is...

    I'm confused why no one calls Diaz out for doing this on Saturday. He was the first to initiate going to the ground against a LW. By his own logic doesn't that make him a **** for holding on for dear life?
  7. GoToGuy

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    So did I. Not by a lot but enough.
  8. GoToGuy

    Stipe will win on Saturday.

    Ya, DC showed no respect for Stipe's power and got tko'ed in a fight he was winning .
  9. GoToGuy

    Frankie Edger moves to 135

    Is his IQ 75? Will he need to go to a special school?
  10. GoToGuy

    Frankie Edger moves to 135

    Agreed but even if he goes down, he'll be the same size as everyone else who is there. Did you notice he looks smaller than people at FW. Look at when he fought Max and Aldo. .....what? He is still a top ranked FW. Has had 3 title shots and 8 wins in this weight class. I'd say, it worked out fine. To fight guys his own size for once? To go after another belt? To have good fights?
  11. GoToGuy

    What if a "unification bout" ends in a draw?

    If it was a draw then the reigning champ did not lose. So I would assume they would either have an immediate rematch or the reigning non-interim champ would be upgraded to undisputed champ and the interim champ leaves with nothing.
  12. and bbq sauce? What the hell kind of a pizza is that?
  13. GoToGuy

    UFC 239: Jones vs. Santos

    Thiago may have very well have done enough.
  14. GoToGuy

    Askren is going to make this look easy, folks.

    He did make it look easy. Easy to lose.
  15. GoToGuy

    whose the best fighter ever

    I think you seem to lack the intelligence to do so. Is it really even a debate when I give feats and facts and you just throw insults at anyone who doesn't agree with you or give the answer you want? I also voted for GSP, not MM, you illiterate can. I guess I should feel bad for having my fun at the expense of the mentally handicapped. I'm sorry you're so dumb.