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  1. GoToGuy

    Fighters you feel had the toughest road to a title shot?

    Ferguson is the first person that comes to mind.
  2. GoToGuy

    Dana going full DANA raw footage. G chit

    LOL Weidman calling someone overrated.
  3. GoToGuy

    Who Should Aldo Fight Next?

    Not necessarily next but he needs to fight McGregor before he calls it a day.
  4. GoToGuy

    Anderson: "We Are Planning a Rematch with Nick for May 11th"

    zzzz waste of time, again.
  5. GoToGuy

    Amanda Nunes Wants The 125lbs Title!

    No. Amanda probably can't even make the weight. Valentina beats her, again.
  6. GoToGuy

    Nunes/Holm and Ansaroff/Suarez Targeted for UFC 237

    Jeez, how many title shots are they going to give Holm?
  7. GoToGuy

    Weidman gets another hole for the MW division to fook

    Chocked on all the throat pies he's been getting in his past few fights.
  8. GoToGuy

    New UFC Championship Belt Unveiled

    Looks meh. I'm not impressed.
  9. GoToGuy

    FOTY probably in Philly 3/30

    FOTY is not one guy getting kicked 1,000 times and falling over when he can't take it anymore. Unless Gaethje starts using his brain in fights he is going to be a punching... er, kicking bag.
  10. How does Pettis keeping getting these high level fights despite a 3-6 record in his last 9 fights, and it's in a weight class above him where he hasn't fought?
  11. GoToGuy

    TJ Wants Holloway Next!

    I'm curious to see the kind of drain TJ might experience from the drop. He may not have enough in the tank to beat Henry. Holloway would kill him.
  12. GoToGuy

    Woodley may move to MW.

    He's scared af. Kevin did win that fight. Woodley has had multiple fights that were close and always managed to get the good end of things. Yet he still cries about everything. So would I. He'd move up if he really wanted to. He's so delusional he actually thinks he already is the best WW ever. He's that retarded.
  13. Nah, he just didn't ever evolve his ground game and people simply exploited it. He should have gotten the nod over Lawler.
  14. GoToGuy

    Penn should not retire.

    Why not? Penn missed his retirement by several years already. Might as well try, try, try until you succeed.