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  1. GoToGuy

    Female GOAT

    Several GOAT status people have done this and got their **** beat or lost because of it. Fedor, Jones, Silva, GSP, ect. I agree with this. She fought very dumb/reckless and payed for it. Same as the people I mentioned above.
  2. So, basically it's confirmed to be happening then.
  3. GoToGuy

    Coming soon to a backyard near you...

    Spawn would end him. MJW is a LHW. Perry just got finished by Neal. I think he's still concussed. It's not like he's been doing great lately anyways.
  4. GoToGuy

    Ortega out of fight vs KZ

  5. GoToGuy

    The WORST title era

    GDR and it's not even close.
  6. GoToGuy

    Nate Diaz says goodbye to the fight game

    Aka, him being butt hurt and crying as usual. Shows a single hit he landed in a fight he was getting his **** beat and dove at ankles. Then claims Jorge wanted out? Lol, still delusional as ever. The Diaz brothers can't get a UFC belt even when Dana literally makes one up out of thin air and gives them a free shot at it.
  7. GoToGuy

    Nate Diaz says goodbye to the fight game

    Good, and stay gone this time.
  8. GoToGuy

    How to be the BMF in the UFC

    Step 8: Don't have 11 losses.
  9. GoToGuy

    Aldo vs Moraes

    Pretty much. It'll be, he beat the guy who just challenged for the belt. So it would be an excuse to fast-track Aldo to the belt. Aldo/Cejudo would be a good fight.
  10. GoToGuy

    What makes more sense for lhw title fight

    At this point, it's more likely he tries to take Jones down and gets ktfo along the way.
  11. GoToGuy

    Should Weidman Retire?

    Yes, he's a can. Always has been.
  12. GoToGuy

    What makes more sense for lhw title fight

    JBJ lost to that one-legged MW. He should fight him again. Reyes is all there is otherwise.
  13. Weight? Surely this is at lightweight. Frankie was talking about BW last time and Connor already looks like a crackhead at FW.
  14. Surprise, people finally realize GSP isn't making 155. Glad they all were finally able to catch up.