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  1. Hells_Bartender

    Saturday proved why we need to see Khabib/Ferg or Khabib/Lee

    Kevin Lee is a mouthy bum
  2. Hells_Bartender

    CM Punk vs. Mike Jackson Official for UFC 225 in Chicago

    The lowest calibre fight in UFC history
  3. Hells_Bartender

    U Can Tell The UFC's End Is Near, Even The Forum Is ****

    Forums been **** for years. I used to come here for legit Mma news which id find in seconds. You gotta scroll through about 12 pages before you find any legit news nowadays
  4. Hells_Bartender

    UFC needs to stop having events in New York

    Pettis reached can level about 2 years ago. I'm pretty sure he's allergic to top 10 guys
  5. Hells_Bartender

    Virtually every single Men's Weight division is now messed up

    And the 225 champion is a can who beat that happy warrior chick (who can't fight) for the belt. Might as well just give the belt to Shevchecko
  6. Hells_Bartender

    Virtually every single Men's Weight division is now messed up

    Heavyweight is fine. Stipe has just run out of heavyweights to beat up so he's getting started on the fat 205ers
  7. Hells_Bartender

    Ben Rothwell Gets USADAed for Two Years

    He must have had the worst roids in history
  8. Why aren't they? Seems logical This looked like an awesome card last week. Now it looks like poop. **** you Tony Ferguson and you're gay **** sunglasses. War raging Al
  9. Havnt caught up with the ufc news for a few hours. What the **** is going on
  10. So what you're saying is Rockhold would have won... If he didn't get KTFO. GTFO
  11. Bisping by left hook.
  12. Hells_Bartender

    FOX Apparently More Interested in WWE Than UFC

    Can't blame fox to be honest. If they get more viewers with wrestling they can't argue.
  13. Hells_Bartender

    Would you

    If I had a gun I'd likely know how to use it. So probably would. No way if I didn't
  14. Who wants him to be good. He a tool. He's a convict. He just wants to bang. The UFC should just let him bang Bro.