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  1. FirstHero

    sig bets for Wiedman vs sakara

    The ref. LOL
  2. FirstHero

    CroCop is funny as hell!

    That's straight out of pride.
  3. FirstHero

    Most bad ass video game character of all-time!

    No master chief? I'm appalled.
  4. FirstHero

    joe silva= bad match making

    Op obviously has no idea what he's talking about. You don't put two rising stars against another rising star before they hit their peak. You build them up and then match the two. Joe silva puts better fights together than anyone on these forums.
  5. bahahha, that's the first thing I said when Rampage lost. lolz
  6. FirstHero

    Shogun does not match up well against Rashad at all

    If evans decides to take shogun down, prepare for him to get submitted.
  7. FirstHero

    GSP is a horrible person to his fans!

    Think of all the promotional **** gsp has to do for fans, sponsors and other organizations. He must do hundreds of interviews for a single fight, giving autographs etc. I'd ****ing hate going to an expo.
  8. FirstHero

    Rampage vs Rashad Poll

    I'm too lazy to search, I didn't see any polls on the first page so eat me.
  9. FirstHero

    Rampage vs Rashad Poll

    Simple, vote for who you think will win. I've noticed that this fight is pretty equal as to who will win. Personally, I just want to see an actual poll. I vote rampage.
  10. FirstHero

    Gsp got knocked out too...

    No he won't, not as long as shogun is alive. Serra vs gsp1 was a fluke, machida lost both fights, just incompetent judges or a fixed fight for the first one.
  11. FirstHero

    1 loss and everybody thinks hes over

    Machida will never be lhw champ as long as Shogun is alive. The disbelief that Machida could not be touched has been shattered, so has Machida's confidence in himself.
  12. FirstHero

    Thoughts on Paul Daley from the UK

    I can't believe people are actualy arguing that Daley should be let back into the Ufc. What he did was assault, if he didn't get ousted from the organization than it would make the UFC look very unprofessional. The english shouldn't even be allowed in the ufc, their fighters have no wrestling, and they always get owned.