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  1. rhys_ufc

    GSP and the double standard

  2. rhys_ufc

    Cigano vs Reem.

    Dos Santos by KO.
  3. rhys_ufc

    Jon Jones is a Heavyweight

    He's a light heavyweight, he makes the weight.....end of discussion.
  4. rhys_ufc

    What happened to Condit's shot?

    The way he dominated BJ...durrrrr
  5. rhys_ufc

    Refund for 137 tickets?

    Try get in touch with Dana
  6. Congrats on being the most dominant welterweight champ of all time.
  7. rhys_ufc

    Aldo vs Florian Added to 136!!!

    I now don't really anticipate these huge cards anymore just because of the injuries.I'm not getting excited just yet.
  8. rhys_ufc

    Key to the next WW Champion.

    Diaz is overrated, wait and see.
  9. rhys_ufc

    Flyweight to be added to UFC.

    Joseph benavidez, the end.
  10. rhys_ufc

    Junior Dos Santos is not ready for Shane Carwin

    I hope it's an awesome fight! so many fights get built up then end up being lack luster.
  11. That's right you can't.
  12. rhys_ufc

    World Trade Center controlled demolition?

    Wow i can't believe some people think it was set up, ignorance.
  13. **** man! I always hold a slight hope of the news being a hoax but it never is i was looking forward to this fight, damn.
  14. rhys_ufc

    Hve You Ever Covered Your Eyes Watching UFC

    Corey Hill's leg break, i had to look away.
  15. rhys_ufc

    Pacquiao vs Mayweather = biggest boxing fight ever?

    Their's other huge fight's in Boxing, it's not a dying sport at all.