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  1. Fiz

    How Will The World End

    I refuse to vote till u put down zombie apocalypse!
  2. kevbo and g_row layin down the smackdown!!! haha, btw i had diaz winning but it was a toss up!
  3. Fiz

    Someone who can definitely beat Fedor...

    randy savage would rip fedor apart nuff said
  4. Fiz

    I have a question ~

    i fart cause i drink a lot of beer
  5. Fiz

    My God Diego was F'n HAMMERED!

    "I LOVE U DANA" haha
  6. fedor and belfort were actually supposed to fight on that affliction card, instead the whole card tanked haha
  7. Fiz

    Carwin vs. Mir

    really..... carwin has a sloppy and very stiff stand up, hes more of a brawler than a techinical striker, mirs striking is much more technical
  8. Fiz

    Humour me, and check this out.

    are u referring to gono as a bad fighter? his only 2 losses in the ufc were to fitch and hardy....Hardy is a young hungry guy who is more deserving than either daley or rumble(rumble just friggin lost), the only deserving people in my eyes are hardy/kos/fitch as of now
  9. Fiz

    Joe Rogan

    rogan is the man!
  10. wheres sco on this thread?
  11. Fiz

    Nate Marquardt is a stand up guy

    + he has a pretty good lookin wife
  12. lol i read all 10 pages of this thread and i almost **** my pants lol