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  1. Decompoze

    Artem vs Johnson

    NoCake does Artem 2.0 get to use a hammer to make the fight sort of almost fair?
  2. Decompoze

    Artem vs Johnson

    LOL amazing. Did you search "Artem gif retarded" for this? I would hope not lol. UFC brass clearly still wrecked on peyote after getting those McGregor PPV dollars.
  3. Decompoze

    Artem vs Johnson

  4. Decompoze

    BDD vs I dont know who the fook im fighting No Cake

    He's gotta win at some point right.....RIGHT!? lol
  5. Decompoze

    BDD vs I dont know who the fook im fighting No Cake

    You can go ahead if you want given the time of update.
  6. Decompoze

    Decompoze vs Kookork - PT 25 - Round 2

    Michael Johnson
  7. Decompoze

    Oz vs France

    That's the last pick here correct. America to pick Johnson vs Lobo....I'll put him down for Johnson.
  8. Decompoze

    BDD vs I dont know who the fook im fighting No Cake

    Michael Johnson is now slated to face Lobov and Gavin Tucker is replaced by Jonathan Martinez, fyi
  9. Huge! Nice work. Being done this early I'll keep an eye on the card in case there is a change.
  10. Decompoze

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    My buddy bought black ops 4 so I got it via game share. Time to uninstall since this just happened. Da fuk Bubba!?
  11. Decompoze

    Rate UFC 232

    Will return to rate after Nunes pulls out from fear and Jon Jones does things
  12. Decompoze

    Emotional Support animals

    Good for the airline. Any time someone chooses some bizarro non domestic animal as their emotional support animal, they are doing it to get god damn attention. "But my alligator's razor sharp teeth make me feel good in crowds". Not on my flight, bich. Buy a cat.
  13. Decompoze


    Hmmm, this seems quite legit, I'm in. Which Nigerian prince should I send my money to again?
  14. This exact topic was the first thread I ever made back in 09. Good times.