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  1. Decompoze

    Rematch holloway ortega

    If it were a fluke cut during an even fight then maybe. But this was a doctor stopping the fight because Brian's face was being turned into hamburger meat. And that was a result of him getting dominated for the entire fight so yeah, the L is justified.
  2. Decompoze

    UFC Predictions League 2018

    Understandable. If you change your mind, I'm registering for sure.
  3. Decompoze

    UFC Predictions League 2018

    I know you mentioned you weren't going to do another League for 2019 McMod but I hope you do m8. The effort in running a year-long game is greatly appreciated.
  4. Decompoze

    For the Randy Couture fans

    Sylvester Stalone: "I'd love to cast you in the Expendables, Randy but I'm looking for someone with some film experience" Randy Courture: "One sec" <7 minutes later> "Ok check your inbox" Sylvester Stalone: "You're hired!"
  5. Decompoze

    Will Ortega land another homerun against Max?

    I've doubted Ortega in all of his fights. And I'm going to continue to doubt him. Holloway via UD
  6. Decompoze

    Is Joanna The Women's GOAT If She Wins On Saturday?

    This bich's delusions know no bounds.
  7. Decompoze

    Chris Weidman's Protection Against Losses

    Additionally, he gets off from the previous losses because he's a former champion. UFC will always try and squeeze some value out of those guys. They won't cut him but I'd say if he gets finished again then he will finally slide down the rankings properly and consider retirement.
  8. Dean Martin had to work his a$$ off to get laid that night.
  9. Decompoze


    I knew not to pick Ben Ngyuen but I did it anyway. ****
  10. Decompoze

    Forum Games: Past Winners & General Discussion

    @Mcmax3000 @Los_Polo_Hermano For the OP. Winner of Prediction Tournament 25 - Los_Polo_Hermano, aka Druncle_Polo aka Polo OG Legend.
  11. Decompoze


    Never any doubt my man. Dominated. Twas a good tourney. I'll post the official tourney closure tomorrow but will let McMaxx know you are the champ for the forum game winners thread. Congrats brother.
  12. Decompoze

    Yo Soup we see you lurking homie.

    LOL dude was swaying and chit, absolutely owning it. Mad hespect.
  13. Decompoze

    Yo Soup we see you lurking homie.

    The forum needs this! @cashfl0w was it you who made that guy sing some Whitney. Dude had the voice of an angel lol