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  1. Yerbo

    Gilbert Melendez released by the UFC

    Honestly i stopped thinking about the guy when he tapped like a biatch for next to no reason to Pettis.
  2. Visiting an ex-trainer is fine, but she really needs a psychiatrist more than anything.
  3. Is this really what the world has come to? And I though US and UK politics were the sure sign the end of times was nigh....
  4. Yerbo

    The Askren/Johnson Trade A Mistake

    Regardless of belts or wins or finishes or what have you. I'd turn my TV on to see Askren before I would to see DJ. Most of that has to do with the weight division. If DJ was the same fighter at 170 he'd be way more relevant in the scheme of things and way more marketable. Though he still has the charisma of a wet roll of toilet paper....
  5. Yerbo

    Hector Lombard signs with bare-knuckle FC

    Love that movie, even if they took HUGE artistic license with the original story.
  6. Yerbo

    Attn: Vert

    Actually it's precedent I believe.....
  7. I don't know. It's not like Cain is anything close to being a household name going in. I guess maybe WWE fans know he made Lesnar his biatch....or did they have to be told that?
  8. Yerbo

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    Nice, you'll love it. And a good time of year to go.
  9. Yerbo

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    Well ain't you the sweet talker hah....so are you in Italy now? Or is this a plan you are making for an upcoming trip? Got no time to scan back through the entire thread.....
  10. Yerbo

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    Nor have I. A slightly delayed flight once is about it. Will be taking 1/2 dozen flights with them over then next few months. Hopefully my luck holds out hah.
  11. Yerbo

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    Naples is a chaotic, noisy, beautiful mess. Go to the Chiaia district along the waterfront. It's pretty nice. And check out the Galleria Umberto 1 (or something like that). Pretty impressive.
  12. Yerbo

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    Nothing to do there?? It's got the greatest assortment of ancient Greek ruins I've seen, (which I previously would have considered to be in Turkey) and in very good condition. But I've been a Greek history buff since I was a kid. Not sur what kind of stuff you consider "stuff to do". Amalfi coast is certainly lacking in that regard. It's all expensive shopping and sun.
  13. Yerbo

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    I just got back from Amalfi coast. It's beautiful but not really anything to do there, expensive too. Sicily is awesome, one of my favourite places, going back there in a week. Tons of ancient Greek ruins. Good food, relatively cheap.
  14. Yerbo

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    It includes going up the tower next door and the cathedral crypt and the Baptistry. Everything is expensive these days though. Not much u can do about it. It's quite a view being on top of a city, and being up top of a building that old and beautiful is pretty cool.
  15. Yerbo

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    And if you want to see leaning towers go to Bologna. City is full of towers. And one of them leans more than the one in Pisa. The one right beside that one you can climb up to over 90 meters. Plus, overall I couldn't say enough good things about Bologna, lots of graffiti though.