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  1. Yerbo

    Santos Has a Game Plan to Beat Jones (LOL)

    I'm betting on the 1st option....
  2. Yerbo

    Costa suspended six months by USADA for IV use.

    Retroactive suspensions are a joke.....regardless of when they are fighting dufus.
  3. Yerbo

    Kudos to King MO

    Im just trying to get you to watch more Bellator That was directed at Cash's post which was predicated on his knowledge of how many Bellator fights I'd seen hah....not at you bro.
  4. Yerbo

    Kudos to King MO

    Since Freddie necroed this thread I'll respond....I never up to that point had watched another Belator fight. So your entire premise is wrong. therefore everything you said after is as well....as for for the end part of this pose of yours....huh? Who said anything about the name of an organisation having anything to do with anything? It's like you are arguing with yourself hah.
  5. Yerbo

    Costa suspended six months by USADA for IV use.

    These retroactive suspensions are a joke. Giving someone a 6 month suspension effective 6 months ago somehow doesn't seem like it would prevent others from engaging in the same shenanigans. In fact is might just make more people liable to think, what the hell, there really isn't any penalty, so why not?!
  6. Yerbo

    Darren Till arrested

    Cannary Islands are part of Spain....beautiful place it is too. Though yeah, it's closer to Africa than Spain, still be Spanish jails though....
  7. Yerbo

    BJ Penn out here being Matt Hughes

    Not as gay as thinking a 5 is hot because she's been airbrushed into a 7.
  8. Yerbo

    BJ Penn out here being Matt Hughes

    Airbrush much?
  9. Yerbo

    Feed Leon Edwards to Showtime

    You saw Shawtime's face and you saw his head snapping back regularly. So yeah, lit up, regardless of the angle they come from. Not gonna debate Wonderboy's style, it is what it is, works for him, fans don't like it much, but it's hard to deny it's effective. I didn't really have a pick to win pre-fight. Could have gone either way I was thinking, though if I HAD to pick I probably would have taken Thompson since Pettis was going up in weight. Yeah people rag on Wonderboy, but they don't seem to all hate him one day and then all love him the next! That was my point hah.
  10. Yerbo

    Feed Leon Edwards to Showtime

    I'm finding it hard to believe that all the hatin' on Showtime was a ruse to get Cash going hah....it seemed pretty sincere. I never really understood it myself though, figured it was just the usual bandwagon jumping (off). He did have a spotty record for some time but he was fighting top tier fighters the entire time, not like he lost to any cans. The hostility definitely wasn't warranted, but people jumping back on the bandwagon now following 1 win in which he was getting lit up the entire time doesn't seem warranted either hah.
  11. Yerbo

    Is Kelvin Vs. Izzy Closer Than People Think?

    If Kelvin catches him (as in catches a guy who is running away) Kelvin wins....otherwise he loses by decision.
  12. Yerbo

    Is Israel Adesanya being pushed too fast?

    In terms of his long term longevity in the sport yes. In terms of what the UFC needs (a star)....no. Guess who wins?
  13. Yerbo

    Feed Leon Edwards to Showtime

    It was close to everyone Bubba, at least that's my recollection. I don't engage in such nonsense usually, and I'll believe you if you say you weren't either, plus it's not your style to diss a lot of fighters. Showtime is a good solid fighter and a class act regardless of weight division. As far as his new fans go, I stand by my statement that he was getting lit up and well on his way to a really bad loss before the superman hook. One punch shouldn't change people's opinions this much......
  14. Yerbo

    Feed Leon Edwards to Showtime

    And one fight proved that did it? The guy was getting lit up until he connected with one punch.