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  1. Yerbo

    Vert's Bitcoin Thread

    I think the same as I always did, it's a speculative trade. Probably the biggest one out there all things considered. Such things tend to have a far wider range of fluctuations which I'm not into. And personally I'm not into speculation, I'm into investing. Something has to have value and produce a service or item for me. Never said people couldn't make money on crypto, just that you are as likely to lose a lot as make a lot.
  2. Yerbo

    Stranger Things Season 3 Discussion

    I've never known quite what to think of this series. I continue to watch it but I'm never really sure why hah (something to do with the wife I'm sure...). At 1st I didn't like it because it seemed like a kids show, but it had some redeeming features so I continued. Season 2 seemed much as others have mentioned, a rinse and repeat of season 1. Now I'm 4 episodes into season 5 and I still don't like it enough to say I like it but I don't dislike it enough to stop! hah
  3. Yerbo

    RIP Ben Askren's brain, career and bandwagon

  4. Yerbo

    TJ Dillashaw opens up on decision to cheat

    Doofus stalker logic. And you wouldn't know a liberal if it bit you since fascists think anyone left of Attila the Hun is a liberal. Go anywhere else in the world besides your angry, sad, ignorant country (at least the part you choose to identify with) and you'd know a bit more about it. But back to the issue. Giving someone credit for admitting to doing what all the other cheats haven't is illogical how exactly? That's right, it isn't. But no one expects much from stalkers....
  5. Yerbo

    TJ Dillashaw opens up on decision to cheat

    Well at least he manned up a little and admitted to cheating. Whether or not he's being completely honest about his history of doping is another thing. To date I don't think there's been a single fighter caught for doping that has admitted they cheated. It's always tainted supplements etc. I give him credit for that much.
  6. You think so? Have you taken note of the size of Cejudo's head?? hah. Frankie could hit him 100 times with his hardest shots and I have my doubts it would even get him a tko.
  7. You nailed it.....he wants to fight l'il Frankie if he wins but not Max?? Most blatant example of ducking I've ever seen.
  8. Yerbo

    UFC 242 - Khabib/Poirier Team Forum Bet

    My question as well....
  9. I'm sorry but, are you SURE you know the meaning of the word "Great"?
  10. Yerbo

    Cut MTP

    Well that's creepy hah
  11. Yerbo

    Cut MTP

    The sport needs gatekeepers bro. And I thought he gave RDA a good fight, no? And RDA is no slouch. Not that I like the guy, and he'll never be a champion, but the same can be said for a LOT of fighters.
  12. Yerbo

    Santos Has a Game Plan to Beat Jones (LOL)

    I'm betting on the 1st option....
  13. Yerbo

    Costa suspended six months by USADA for IV use.

    Retroactive suspensions are a joke.....regardless of when they are fighting dufus.
  14. Yerbo

    Kudos to King MO

    Im just trying to get you to watch more Bellator That was directed at Cash's post which was predicated on his knowledge of how many Bellator fights I'd seen hah....not at you bro.