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  1. So that your other kids (assuming you have more) and you wife can spend the rest of their lives without you? Brilliant plan.
  2. Yerbo

    Israel lands bombs

    Guess I'm talking about a world where the UFC's version of MMA is a real sport and people earn title fights based on performance rather than hype hah....silly me. I mean, the guy is at best ranked what? 6th? He should probably fight for 3rd/4th ranking next then #1/#2. But yeah, given the way things are run he'll probably skip a step.
  3. Favourites so far: Canary Islands, Sicily and a bunch of places tied for 3rd I guess (Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, Mexico....) Top 3 places I'd like to see (and almost certainly will): Japan, Thailand, Australia
  4. Yerbo

    Israel lands bombs

    Maybe not in the grand scheme of things. But beating #6 when you are #9 is the kind of thing that leads to a title fight in a year if you win a couple more fights. So he he and his fans have every right to be happy about the performance.
  5. The 2nd amendment is a joke. It was meant to apply to militias, not individuals. And it certainly would never have been written as it was if modern weapons had been available at the time.
  6. But one being stopped by a gun is not better than hundreds CAUSED.
  7. Yerbo

    UFC Why do you watch it?

    Grew up in various martial arts. Uncle was a judo black belt so trained with him when I was young. Then got involved in a lot of boxing outside of school and did wrestling in school for years. Later I trained/sparred for a whilewith a Canadian National kick boxing champion and some pretty high level boxers in the Vancouver area. Also followed boxing very closely for many years. So combat sports has been a part of my life almost forever it seems. 1st exposure to UFC was seeing it in bars in the early days. Not sure when the 1st one I saw was but if I had to guess I'd say like '93/'94? So one of the 1st few for sure. I don't try to turn people on to it at all. Just something I've always been interested in. Used to watch every fight. Now there's just too many so I tend to skip the early prelims and sometime's the prelims, other than that I still watch every card.
  8. If he is in fact a Trump supporter he'd have to be, but still not as retarded as people whose default reaction to almost everything is....conspiracy theory!!
  9. Hah....estimated by exactly one person....the liar-in-chief.
  10. No, it does not mean they are fleeing war, at least not exclusively.
  11. Look where they are from, for the most part refugees would seem to be the most accurate description.
  12. Yerbo

    Will me and cashfl0ws feud break records?

    I feel like I am literally watching the devolution of the human species on here.....
  13. Yerbo

    CONOR started all the nonsense

    Because it's a fake sport where $$$>all.
  14. Yerbo

    Attention Roids, and other fans of Khabib

    Dom said it was a veteran move not Rogan, and he was joking.