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  1. Yerbo

    Gifts for your groomsmen?

    Give them leather goods....a boot in the **** and a belt in the head! hah
  2. Yerbo

    Golden globes awards thread

    Really? I'm glad I don't read/watch that chit.
  3. Yerbo


    Thanks for saying it for me....
  4. Yerbo

    Mean Gene Okerlund died.

    Thanks for the input McMod! The show I am planning on going to is the Friday night one (Jan 18) they have every week that is nationally televised. Look for 3 Gringos near the front! hah
  5. Yerbo

    Mean Gene Okerlund died.

    ok, just realised that Arena Mexico only has CMLL. Think I'll stick with that, though AAA does have some talent I know (Konnan and Jeff Jarret).
  6. Yerbo

    Mean Gene Okerlund died.

    IT? or do you meant it hah
  7. Yerbo

    Mean Gene Okerlund died.

    What's AAA? A promotion I assume? I don't see that mentioned on the Ticketmaster listings. I see "CMLL" on all the listings, what's that? And some of the listings mentions "Freedom". https://www.ticketmaster.com.mx/Arena-Mexico-boletos-Mexico/venue/164115
  8. Yerbo

    Mean Gene Okerlund died.

    My apologies for not sticking to the point of the thread.... Mean Gene was a BIG part of those glory days imho. His chemistry with the wrestlers, his dry delivery, his voice, hell even his look were perfect! I honestly think my memories of watching in those days were almost as much of him and his interviews as they were of the fights themselves. I seriously doubt they'll be anyone else so perfect at that job. RIP Mean Gene
  9. Yerbo

    Mean Gene Okerlund died.

    Speaking of wrestling....I'm going to Mexico City for a week soon and figured I'd go to a night of wrestling there at the main arena. Do you (or anyone else here?) follow Mexican wrestling at all? If so, what/ who should I be looking for? All I know is everyone seems to be masked, and it's the 2nd biggest spectator sport in Mexico after soccer, so it's gotta be a hoot! And 2nd row seats are like $15 US so why not?!
  10. Yerbo

    Mean Gene Okerlund died.

    I'm pretty sure there are female wrestling nerds too bro....find one, hell, find a bunch and take your pick! 😉
  11. Yerbo

    Louis CK is back

    Yep, his dedication to making himself the only attention wh0re around has worked admirably.....
  12. Nope, never would happen in Canada, we're too polite to treat the mentally handicapped that way....
  13. Yerbo

    Best Ways to Handle a Break Up

    And it's so true....(as mentioned in my previous post)
  14. Yerbo

    Best Ways to Handle a Break Up

    This is soooo easy....BANG SOMEONE ELSE.