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  1. Hmmmm Dana says it's awesome for everyone, fans, fighter, EVERYONE. Ergo it's complete crap for everyone.....
  2. Yerbo

    Johnny Walker is The Newest Big Thing !

    For Vitor I meant the last name. Belfort, oddly enough, is the name of a city near where I am in France. And Gisele and Bundchen may be used in Brazil but Giselle is French and Bundchen as you say is German. Just because they are used in Brazil doesn't make them Brazilian. You can call your kid Ludwig in Canada but no one would say it's a Canadian name! 😎
  3. Yerbo

    Johnny Walker is The Newest Big Thing !

    Neither is John Lineker....or Vito Belfort for that matter. Or Giselle Bundchen!
  4. Yerbo

    The art of MMA - When fans only want to see one style?

    You expected better from this crowd?? hahahahaha
  5. Yerbo

    King Kong Bundy has passed away

    It is....isn't it?
  6. Russia v China, actually make it a tag team and ad Turkey with Russia and North Korea with China, may as well get some other major a-holes out of the way while we're at it.....
  7. Probably why i don't use twatter or any other related crap......
  8. Yerbo

    Politics thread

    I don't know, my feeling about Americans in general and in that area in particular is that their land is practically holy. I just don't see that eminent domain chit flying with those folks.
  9. Yerbo

    Politics thread

    How can you say she gets a free pass? The majority of Dems I've heard speak about it, including the leadership, were all over her about her Israel comments. Which is far better than the GOP can say about their people who say similar things. And the Dems at least back down in general when they say/do stupid chit, Trumpites (I can't bring myself to think of them as Republicans any more, because they aren't) just double down. And since you brought up extreme left wing politics, what did you think was going to happen when you elect an ignorant wanna be fascist to the highest office in the land? I get a laugh out of it frankly because just like the Dems created Trump to some extent now the shoe is on the other foot and Trump and his minions have created a far more virulent strain of exactly what he and you other right wingers hate most!
  10. Yerbo

    Politics thread

    Can't say the same for you unfortunately! hah 😋
  11. Yerbo

    Politics thread

    The fact you get free healthcare means that to some degree where you live is also socialist. Less so than Sweden sure, but still socialist. Hell, any form of government that take money from once place and puts it in another I suppose is socialist to a degree, which as far as I know is every form of government that is effective. So, like anything, it's the degree that matters, anything taken to extreme measures is bad. Whether it be capitalism or socialism or any other ism. And like most things people put an extreme amount of belief in, there is always a degree of brainwashing as you put it, though I prefer to think of it as delusion, again, whether that be socialism, capitalism, religion or what have you.....
  12. Yerbo

    Podcast thread

    Damn.....Ben Shapiro? I can't even look at that guy for over 1 minutes. He HAS to be a pedophile. MAJOR creep factor. yuck....
  13. Yerbo

    Most Liveable Cities In Europe

    If your definition of livable is having 2 months of good weather a year then this list really hits the nail on the head! But screw that! I'd rather live someplace where it isn't dark half the year and hovering around zero, even if it's supposedly a little less "livable".........
  14. Yerbo

    Please retire now Tom Brady

    They aren't debating the skill part, they are debating the athletics part. Like having to actually break a sweat kinda thing I guess, and not just because it's hot out. Baseball players at least have to run occasionally.....