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  1. Kable

    UFC Why do you watch it?

    Well, i think self preservation should be a key factor in that but if the UFC helps with that. Clearly a positive for the sport.
  2. Kable

    UFC Why do you watch it?

    Many people do not like what they perceive as Human ****fighting. Claim that it is fake and setup. What is your view on why you yourself watch the UFC. Is it because you like watching skilled athletes using techniques and abilities to prove who is the better fighter? What made you begin to watch the UFC? Why did you invest time into the UFC? Are you likely to watch every fight or just tune into fights that interest you? Most people consider UFC fans as just people who like violence for no reason other than liking violence. How do you turn people onto the UFC without making them think you are just a Thug???
  3. Kable

    Great UFC Fight's That Have Never Happened

    Bisping ducked, Lyoto and Gegard because they are better strikers.
  4. What about a fight that ended with a different result but still was a mauling.... Sonnen vs Silva 1 Also Maynard vs Edgar 1 But yeah alot of Cain fights are a mauling.
  5. Kable

    Dana: "GSP needs to beat a top 5 if he wants Khabib"

    This is awful...Top 5 is a joke...I think GSP is one of the pound for pound best but if he fights someone in the top 5...he will win easily because he is huge....he will just grease up and wrestle decision them. Barbosa is still Top 5...Kevin Lee for some reason is Top 5...Dustin Poirier is Top 5 If he takes one of these fights it's literally turning into Boxing...
  6. They probably will put up something to honor Khabib, but already meeting Putin is an honor. I agree that hopefully the sport will go in a better direction.
  7. Okay but i think you have lost the plot a bit man
  8. I feel like you need to take a break from the UFC. First thing, You start this by insulting Conor McGregor.(assuming i'm a McGregor fan) Must be rustled from his victories. Also i'm a Khabib fan.
  9. He is dead now and was 89. He was Latvian. His family were actually killed during the war. He would have night terrors because of the war.
  10. Actually having known someone that was at Stalingrad he never considered it a victory. It was very much a throw **** at the wall till it sticks and at the end of it so many people died it was kinda like "Great we won...but also why did so many people have to die"
  11. You are probably right. But this idea..."you are like the company you keep" isn't necessarily always accurate.
  12. Kable

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    To be honest, I can't really argue with you. You will only bring me down to your level and beat me with all your chit posting lol
  13. Kable

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    Older people still chit the bath...just saying...stop chitting in the bath
  14. Kable

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    Whatever, talk to me when you stop chitting the bath
  15. Your telling me if some random guy offered you money to just show up you wouldn't lol...you think Khabib just does **** for free lol? It's nothing new people are paid to do this chit.