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  1. MoZZez

    Politics thread

    This is entertaining as hell. A bunch of Toddlers running the American government, with snitches and liar lawyers on both sides talking out every side of their mouths and then saying they did or didnt say shut weeks later. No state of the union from Pelosi, no government plane from Trump. I swear a comedic writer couldn't make this **** up.
  2. MoZZez

    Politics thread

    Same was said about Mueller. Then all of the sudden one side calls him a hack and everything else they can to discredit him. Same will happen to Barr the moment the Dems dont like something he does.
  3. MoZZez

    Politics thread

    While they should be at work, it is pointless to do anything when McConnell was the first out of town and said screw everyone. All those idiots should be fired for incompetence for not being able to do their jobs. Start fresh with people who dont stomp their feet and demand it's their way or no way. Start with the New York bimbo kid
  4. MoZZez

    Politics thread

    I would add ANYTHING Justin Trudeau does it tries to do.
  5. Howd that work out for you?
  6. He failed because he choose, like the experts did, that teams like the bears were going to win, and lost because of a shot feild goal. But that is worst than picking teams, like the chargers who at on point had 5 first downs, which happened to be the exact amount of touchdowns New England had. There is a huge indifference in a team that should win, and lost a closer game because the opponents came out to play hard, compared to an embarrassing show by the teams you have picked this weekend. JC had one of the worst defences in the league and look how they killed Indy. You should go play with Lego kid, you are not grown enough to watch adult sports yet.
  7. I never knew I had a boyfriend who went 0-4. Are you trying to woo me with picks as bad or worse? Cash made bad picks, **** happens. You made clear and tried to show superiority over him, and then seem to be making picks as bad, with more embarrassing blowouts and teams who you have to question how they made it to those games the way they have played today, or yesterday.
  8. MoZZez

    Nick Diaz still rustled by Georges St. Pierre

    Think Condit still wins that one unfortunately
  9. ****ing LA should just give up at the half here. What a pathetic showing. Barts picks this week make it so the Eagles have already lost. Every team he has pick has been ****ing embarassed so far.
  10. MoZZez

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos lol

    I see what your saying and I mostly agree with it. I look at it as what you come in at the start should be a sliding scale. Divorce in the first few years and you walk away with your **** and split the stuff from the marriage. But as time goes on that starts to fade and eventually it's just the married peoples ****. My sister got ****ed. She bought a house to live in, and a place to use as a rental property. Years later she dated a guy, they married for less than a year and the guy hit her kid and they split. The guy in the divorce was awarded the rental property. Blew my mind. I told her to get a better lawyer, because how the **** can that happen. But It did.
  11. MoZZez

    Politics thread

    I just read that with alcohol tobacco and whatever else the agency is called, with them being out, beer producers cannot apply for new label approvals, meaning they cant even transfer beer to kegs. Prior approved labels are fine for the batches they were meant for, but new stuff is tucked. All those millennials and their micro brewing horse piss they drink are going to be ****ed. Hah.
  12. MoZZez

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos lol

    So let's do two comparisons Bezos and his wife of 25 years, and Joe blow who makes 100k a year and his wife of 25 years. Both did not work, both raised the kids and did the household ****. 25 years, both couples head to divorce, would 50/50 be good in either case? What would you expect would be a reasonable number?
  13. MoZZez

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos lol

    Marriage is a contract. You sign the line, you fall under the contract. That said, I have to laugh at your way of thinking to a certain extent. If I went into a marriage with millions of dollars, then sure, a prenup would make sense. Or if she did and asked me to sign I can see why. Who wants to get tricked into losing millions from someone acting the part a few years for a payday. It is a possibility. But Joe blow meets some chick, date and are about to get married and you are going to go in and say. "To protect myself from you stealing what I earn when we divorce, sign this contract that says I get to protect my money. Oh and by the way, even though we are married, whats mine is mine and whats yours is yours. Who goes into a marriage and plans for their divorce when you dont have to worry about losing the millions you dont have prior to the marriage?