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  1. So on the PUBLIC FORUM, people shouldn't respond to your posts without your prior expressed permission? See you are definitely someone's alt. Your whole persona has changed quickly and already into attacking people like you've been around for years. So your either an alt who cant hold on and showing yourself through text, or just some porcelain princess who gets upset and rustled at the simplest things and then whine and cry when people dont bow down to your posts. You then claim they wont give up, all the while having your need to get a last word in. I think Cole. I expect an epic breakdown soon and a great name change post ban. Should be entertaining.
  2. MoZZez

    Going to NYC - Tipping

    Ordered pizza tonight. Total was 33.55$ I paid 36.55$ Delivery driver said, that's it? I apologized, said one second. Picked up the 6.55$ in change, and dropped back the 3.55$ and said, nope, now that's it, then I closed the door on him. Hopefully the little brat learned what a tip is tonight.
  3. Its -30 back home over night. Have had snow for a few weeks constant, and back in early October we had a week of it. I have to laugh, I'm out on the coast now and guys are talking about how cold it will get at -12, and how the snow can shut the city down. Bunch of hippy pansies out here.
  4. Did the city call the military to come clean it up for you? 😄
  5. Why would he need to try. Be part of the solution, dont fight it.
  6. So if 12er thinks the solution is disarming you specifically, you are all on board I would guess?
  7. So everyone has the second amendment, but exercising your first is only allowed if you vote?
  8. Statistics have shown that increasing the punishment for serious crimes doesn't actually move the needle on people committing them. That said, I'm all in favour of a quick post trial single bullet solution for murders, rapists, pesos and the wannabe gangsters
  9. MoZZez

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 7

    After your win today, I dont think you can say anything! 🤣
  10. That's ****ed up I dont understand how people are so stupid they forget about their kids in a car. Stupid **** walks free, kid is dead.
  11. MoZZez

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 7

    Blame sober. His pick last season has caused these events to start in motion!
  12. MoZZez

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 7

    Damn you! I'll pick Queen Elizabeth Sober has caused the world to lose Stan Lee, I'll subject Great Britain to have to call Charles their king.
  13. MoZZez

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 6

    You Bastard!
  14. MoZZez

    Speak Your Mind Thread

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