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  1. MoZZez

    Greg Hardy is -110..

    Oh I watch it. I just have a life outside it. One day you may experience it. You'll meet a girl. 20 dates later you may kiss her. You'll bring her home to mom to see if she approves. She wont and you'll be heart broken. But you'll finally think your a grown up and you'll finaly touch a ****. That day cash, you will be set free. You will see your forum game win really means nothing in life. Maybe one day you may even lose your virginity. Though let's not talk that many years into the future. I'm sure old Classic boxer will be well into his 120s by then and we should focus on his centennial birthday before planning on getting you some. 😉
  2. A little boy living in moms basement called.me a ****. Oh what will I do? Oh, laugh it off like I do to the rest of the tough guys posts. 😂
  3. And that's why you are still a boy playing an adult in an MMA forum. Proud of a game as some acomplishment in life. Says he would beat up this guy and that and take a charge, yet has done nothing but run his mouth. Lol. Good times kiddo.
  4. Why would I fly to St lonis, or LA to get in a fight? Are you 10 years old? Still trying to be the park bully? I can tell someone they are a dead beat because of their life choices and not feel the need to act like a moron from Chicago who wants to catch assault charges as an adult. You really do lead a sad life mate. One day you may grow up, I just dont see it happening anytime soon 😃
  5. MoZZez

    Greg Hardy is -110..

    I'm.sure I could. For example, I could be talking out of my **** with my MMA knowledge, pretending I had a clue. Then when my picks come up bust, I'll make it look like I bet against the ones I cheered on. That would be more cringe.
  6. MoZZez

    Greg Hardy is -110..

    Didnt think you would. Keep finding other peoples slips and posting them post fight like they are yours. Expect nothing less from the MMA gambling legand Lashflow! 😂
  7. Cash threatened to go over and beat a geriatric. Still waiting to see him back his internet tough guy schtick up. I'll bet he keeps threatening, but never backs his mouth up and he will find some excuse about why. It wont be a good one, everyone will know he never planned to go beat boxer or myself, but he will believe he is king of the forum. Rinse and repeat with anyone who calls him out for his pathetic 30+ internet tough boy attitude.
  8. MoZZez

    Greg Hardy is -110..

    Start showing your bets before and you may be taken seriously. Showing some after the fact, especially when you talk up the losers prior, well, nobody believes your bull****. But carry on your lachflow act, maybe some new member will buy it.
  9. You have no facts. I agree, you do make more an I've never given a guy head, none the less in a bar. You are bragging about a forum game. You are proving how you are some failure who still lives with Mama. Be proud Cash, you won a forum game and brag about it.😂 Is this the same one where you were not even top 10 with a mid 50s % pick rate? So smart you are, how can you not take a 50/50 shot and be close to the great Cashflows numbers 😎
  10. MoZZez

    Greg Hardy is -110..

    2 things 1. Those are not your bet slips 2. Good job picking a fight, you still have that 55% going for you 😃
  11. Sure buddy. Your mid 50s percentage of getting **** right paid off with A single pick. You are such a great MMA mind 🤣 If you want to see Vert giving the pie out, look no further than the prediction league where he called you running away because you suck at it. Which is even more entertaining because winning forum games is an actual highlight of your life that you have bragged about 😉
  12. Debates? What debates? You being a muppet for Trump? You threatening geriatrics when they dont agree with you? You just pulling assumptions and conspiracy theories out of your **** and stating them as fact? Come on boy, you do not debate. You stamp your feet like a toddler and try to act tough on the internet. Hell, even your gambling schtick nobody believes. Always wrong ahead of the picks, but always have the magical betting slip afterwards. To afraid to show those bets prior of course. :)
  13. Your evidence, bull partied with the guy Your defense with trumo, the guy parties with the guy, but then banned him from a golf course. As for not being in the politics thread, its painful time watch so many morons suck off an orangutan like I see. I laugh at what the United states has turned into and how stupid the right side has become. You expect stupid from the left, but the right has brought a whole new level to the field.
  14. Destroyed? Slick willy could be guilty as ****. I dont deny that. But where is the evidence. If your theory is Willy got some kiddies on the flights, with no evidence besides that he has been on the plane. Then I say, there are videos of Yrump partying with the same sick ****, grabbing women, laughing it up and also booked flights with Trump on the same said flight. So be consistent in your assumptions, or quit trying to make friends with Cash, he wont buy it and he will still call you an idiot in the next thread. 😀
  15. Excuses for not having any incoming.