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  1. Eclipse76

    Acquittal in child death case in my area and a $25 fine

    Or....And hear me out on this.. If you're stupid enough to leave a child who came out of your body after being in you for 9 months and being raised and fed and clothed and bathed.. then maybe...jussssst maybe you are too stupid to have a kid in the first place.. Let alone smart enough to pass a driving course to give you a car to be stupid enough to leave your kid to die in it.... **** this planet sometimes........ Fyi this isn't directed at anyone..except the dumb bishes that hot box kids to death....
  2. Eclipse76

    Acquittal in child death case in my area and a $25 fine

    If that was my kid I'd have zero regrets killing who did it.. I'll go back to jail I dont give a ****!! 3 square meals a day and all the sex I want... add an hour of gym time and sold!!
  3. Eclipse76

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 6

    I hope you overdose on BJ's from your wife and Bailey Jay gets a severe dose of leprosy....
  4. Eclipse76

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 7

    Clint Eastwood
  5. I think season 2 had my jimmies gently cupped with punisher and violence and overall better story... Season 3 ended well but started too slow for me and everyone doubting themselves all season made my temple's hurt... I was finna shoot them myself... crying all the God damn time. .. I agree that season 4 needs to go back to roots of season 1 and 2 for story line and violence.
  6. I got sidetracked again.. I've sold wolf tickets on my review...
  7. Last 2 episodes tonight .I got sidetracked this weekend with poon...
  8. Eclipse76

    Well since Luke decided to duck his public vengeance mauling...

    That Rampage was 12 pretzels at the carnival deep.... we dont talk about that Rampage....
  9. Eclipse76

    Whitey Bulger killed in prison

    I will ALWAYS like a Matt Serra quote
  10. Eclipse76

    The Dumbest Thing I've Read Today

    Would bang... then walk away... no regrets
  11. Eclipse76

    So what would you do if you won the lotto?

    I'll take one of these as well lol
  12. Eclipse76

    So what would you do if you won the lotto?

    Set up several charity donations...children's hospitals..womens shelter and a scholarship for homeless people who want to turn their lives around ..get another chance at life. Vacations.. make sure my kids never worry about school costs at university.. and make some memories.
  13. Eclipse76

    If you don't got the cajones....

    It helps to make the bar lower so it's almost a full deadlift.. which also helps get the hamstrings involved. While also helping to stop to much lower back pain.. rack pulls really help me heal and grow at the same time .