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  1. poonmachine

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    Saints row had a crazy one that came with like a Lamborghini lol it was a million dollars lmao
  2. poonmachine

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    It’s ok. It still feels like an add on instead of pub f feels like it’s own game.
  3. poonmachine

    Welchers List of Shame v2.0

    He’s saying bubba is gay
  4. Last I seen Thor was on Netflix. Did they take it off already?
  5. poonmachine


    Nah m8. I’m tired from working
  6. poonmachine

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    I was actually surprised that they didn’t bump up the price of games when the XBone was released
  7. poonmachine

    In Search Of.............................

  8. I read something sayin since marvel doesn’t have the rights to make a hulk movie they wanted to do a three movie arc with Bruce and the hulk staring wit ragnarok I guess him and Bruce will work to put their beef in the last avengers movie
  9. poonmachine

    Ultimate Band Championship

    Foo fighters is the most boring generic rock band alive.
  10. poonmachine

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    Let’s play then and see who does better