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  1. Semper_Fidelis

    How much for ppv in USA?

    $44.95 - Direct TV
  2. Semper_Fidelis

    Anderson de Silva vs Mauricio Milani Rua

  3. Semper_Fidelis

    Of course Fedor could win a UFC Championship

    Hey, Jiggly fat didn't keep Tim Sylvia from becoming HW champ
  4. Semper_Fidelis

    Tapping to a rear naked choke or a guillotine choke

    Neurological damage, brain hemorrhage, crushed larnyx, death..... yeah, what kind of wussy worries about crap like that? Nice post.
  5. Semper_Fidelis

    Was Crocop ever that good?

    He probably had the best combination of power and speed in his kicks than any fighter in history. Unfortunately, speed is the first thing to diminish with age, and power doesn't matter if you don't have the speed to connect anymore. Today he moves so much slower than he did in his Pride Days, that he is becoming painful to watch.
  6. Semper_Fidelis

    Anderson de Silva vs Mauricio Milani Rua

  7. Semper_Fidelis

    most painful submission to be caught in

    submissions ending in an open fracture is the WORST A Kimora takes a little while to put on, so that one is particularly nasty to receive, as you generally know for a while what is about to happen. It is like a guy showing you the knife, before slowly sticking it into you. Armbars, Heelhooks, etc. usually get applied so quickly, you don't even realize you're in them until it is too late, which in my opinion, makes them easier to deal with painwise... unless they break a bone.
  8. Semper_Fidelis

    Tito Ortiz - Love him or Hate Him?

    he is doing something right, he loses every fight now, but still gets huge hype and big money fights & gigs. I hate him less than I do Brock Lesnar.
  9. Semper_Fidelis

    Anderson de Silva vs Mauricio Milani Rua

  10. Semper_Fidelis

    Smartphone Votes....

    The new iPhone is starting to look more like an HTC. Read about it on Gizmodo, nothing out now can touch it.
  11. Semper_Fidelis

    Anderson de Silva vs Mauricio Milani Rua

    GSP presents a bigger challenge to Silva than Rua does. Do you think Rua can OUTSTRIKE Silva? I would love to see him try like lay back and leg kick strategy he uses with Machida against Silva, with his huge reach and deadly counter right hand. GSP will get Silva to the mat, and that can make for an interesting fight. If Silva blows thru GSP, then maybe either Brock Lesnar or Chuck Norris are the only people that could present a real challenge to him
  12. Semper_Fidelis

    who is your least favorite fighter and why??

    Josh Koschek
  13. Semper_Fidelis

    What If?

    The UFC would have gone out of business and Pride would be taking over the world now.
  14. Semper_Fidelis

    Best physiques in mma

    lol....squishy. All that comes to mind is jelly doughnuts and assscrack