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  1. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't trying to troll. I confused OSP with Corey Anderson for a moment. And let's be honest, if you saw either one of them trying to sell single-cigarettes at a bus stop, could you really tell them apart?
  2. I wonder how many people he dealt with dishonestly in his profession as a banker in order to raise the money to quit working for two years at such a young age and travel to every country on the planet?
  3. There's literally no advantage to going synthetic.
  4. I like GSP. I don't think Khabib would stand a chance. I haven't read the article and I probably won't. Freddie Roach is a moron. I really dislike him, and I think he is where he is by luck alone. I don't think he has ever trained a fighter from the ground up, just every once in a while coached a guy for a few fights who was already talented. He is not universally respected by fighters who used to work with him. If you listen to him, he is an idiot. I like you, though. IDYB is alright in my book.
  5. Dude, I had over 20 boxing matches. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but I've been tending bar since I was 23 (but for a 7 year respite,) taking fights has always involved taking off work, which I couldn't always do. I'm 41, and I still practice BJJ at least once or twice every week. You can razz me if you want, and I'm never going to claim to be Randy Couture, but I know a little bit. I apologize for the tone, but I've been drinking a little.
  6. There ain't nothing I can do to control my nerves going into a rape. I just try to put on the hardest-hitting Salsa rhythms and focus on my footwork until my instincts take over.
  7. I don't think Jon Jones is afraid of fighting OSP, that would be weird. I'm surprised that's the takeaway for some people. My guess, and this is just a guess, this trolling of his is one of two things. Hypothesis #1. Jon Jones doesn't like OSP. Title shots come with much larger purses, and if a fighter loses but does well, they stay high in the rankings and another title shot is bestowed upon them sooner rather than later. Hell, we've seen immediate rematches, especially if a fight ends controversially or due to injury or eye poke. Every big fight is potentially two big fights. We don't know what happens beyond the camera. These guys see eachother at events, at press conferences and rules meetings. They are familiar with eachother and Jones might not like him. A title shot is a life-changing event, and maybe Jones doesn't like him, so he doesn't want to grant him this. Hypothesis #2. Jones is trying to build an eventual fight with OSP. This is just as likely. Maybe even more likely.
  8. I think it's 50/50. I remember feeling absolutely no worries at all going into some fights, maybe most fights. I also remember being really nervous a few times. I was never scared, but I also wasn't fighting at such a high level. It always felt weird, though. As though I was in a lucid dream, especially when it started. Those feelings had little to do with my preparation or my opponent, as I remember. They were just feelings, and I can't account for them.
  9. Megasoup

    Politics thread

    Mozzez's construction experience: Over the course of a weekend, he once patched a hole in some drywall after he kicked it in upon hearing his dispatcher wife blew every cop at the Saskatchewan police station. He was proud of the job when later someone told him "you did a pretty good job! I barely notice it!" By the way, he totally noticed it. So does everyone else.
  10. Megasoup

    Politics thread

    I was running through this thread and I saw this. I tend bar, sure, but pretty much everyone following this thread has been posting here for years and is probably aware that I am a fine carpenter (I just dislike it as a profession.) Growing up, I built more half-pipes and skateboard ramps than I can recall. As an adult, I have framed more houses than I can count. I have built some very beautiful things in my spare time with scrap wood out of necessity or boredom. My father is a retired carpenter. His father was a retired carpenter. My maternal grandfather was also a retired carpenter (the wildest coincidence, really.) The question I have...is the electrician (snapping together wires and switches designed in a factory by someone else) really trying to call out the carpenter on construction?
  11. Megasoup

    Politics thread

    It looks as though the Democrats are moving forward this impeachment because he has been caught red-handed talking to Russian officials, trying to get the dirt on Joe Biden and his son, which is treason. Or is it? What exactly is treasonous about that? Is talking to the leaders and other people who represent a foreign nation in an official capacity illegal? Well, not really. Are these talks usually done privately? Well, yes they are. Phone calls are placed every single day, and we don't know what is said. Whenever their is travel involved, it's reported on, but we still don't actually know what is being discussed. Verdict: NOT TREASON Is attempting to take down an opponent who holds a high office treason? Of course not. In fact, that is what the party on the other side of the aisle has been trying to do with our President from the very start; it's extremely transparent. I mean...isn't that what the impeachment is all about? What about if foreign entities are involved? Here we go again...the Senate and Congress are literally trying to subpoena from officials from that very same country (Russia) to testify against our President. You CAN'T get more literal than that. Let's be honest, there are certainly going to be some fundamentally different ideas concerning the policy-making decisions, but undermining our democratically elected President's every move is borderline treason. Verdict: NOT TREASON What I'm asking, how is this supposed "impeachable offense" of President Trump's any different from what all of his political opponents have been doing since the day he took office, when a couple years later Epstein didn't kill himself.
  12. This really happened. You can choose to believe it or you can choose not to. You can also believe it to be some sort of half-truth, as though it was something concocted by a bunch of amateurs who used a goofy couple shoulder mounted cameras from radio shack and we were running around like these idiots on their youtube channels. "I don't have any pictures or videos now, but I will in about a month or so. I'm not sure when." This is another statement you can choose to believe or choose not to believe.
  13. Megasoup

    Can someone explain to me, a casual...

    Moving up, moving down…it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. It's not really a two sizes fits two types, but I'm gonna break it down into that format because simplicity seems to go over a lot better than anything complicated with you guys. You need keep in mind that some people are stronger than others and some people are faster than others. Those that successfully made the transition to a lower weight class, people like Lyoto Machida or Demian Maia, were not brutally strong guys, so they didn't do so well in their original weight classes. They went down to a lighter weight class where people they didn't give up as much strength and they were fine. They were technicians with good reflexes that could handle the speed. Then you have guys like Anthony Johnson or Kelvin Gastelum, they didn't have any problems moving up in weight because they were ogres, and it helped them because the competition in the heavier weight classes wasn't as quick and technical as the lighter ones. Weidman is very strong, he's an ox. The losses he has suffered were people who beat him to the punch. He will probably fare better at 205. I don't know how this matchup is going to be, so I'm not gonna make a prediction on that specifically. But I will say that the larger weight class will probably help him. We've been seeing this and boxing for years, it's fairly well understood by people who follow sports, I don't understand how this escapes some of you. I think we've all heard of "old man strength." We also know that athletes lose speed with age. That's why boxers go up and weight class. It's not necessarily because they're seeking new challenges, it's more because of the reasons I stated.
  14. Megasoup

    Aussies, give me your opinion.

    Who buys boots without trying them on first? Nearly everybody? You've heard of Zappos, right? That company grew into the most dominant distributor of footwear overnight. They solved the problem of fitting by making easy and free exchanges. In fact, every shoe and boot manufacture that I can think of follow their lead and do the majority of their sales online this way. For better or for worse, brick and mortar stores are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Also, this: a quality pair of boots takes a considerable time to break in. You can get the size right, but you can't tell how they really feel while you're in the store.
  15. Megasoup

    Aussies, give me your opinion.

    Yeah, if I had that sort of change lying around, I'd like to get a pair of those.