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  1. Megasoup

    Question about Israel Adasanya

    Yes, Adesanya is definitely gay. Apparently so is Habib.
  2. I am not the poster this forum deserves, and I am DEFINITELY not the poster this forum wants... ...but I am the poster this forum needs.
  3. Let's address some stuff within the body of my original post, because it's more important to my right now than watching another episode of "New Girl." In order: -Has Bernie Sanders ever actually done anything worth a damn, and how effective do you think he would be in invoking change (whether or not you want the change is irrelevant in this discussion.) -Ditto for Joe Biden. -Any comment regarding She'quana Harris. *edit Kamala Harris -Who in the hell is Andy Yang, anyway? -Skip Elizabeth Warren. That's been done to death. -Cory Booker is ghey, right? Is anyone going to fight me on that? *Also, it's probably discrimination that the swear filter is triggered with gay (ghey,) as it is no longer acceptable to consider that lifestyle to be offensive, so someone is going to have to fix that before the UFC gets sued. *Edit: apparently the gay thing has already been addressed. Lawyers never run out of work, I guess. -The other dude IS gay (ghey.) Peter Buttegeig is currently the mayor of South Bend. I did not make that part up. My question is how is any of this possible? -I just looked up Kristie Gillartegan (spelling?) and she is apparently only 52, but she looks WAY, WAY older than that. I suspect drug use. I can't wrap my mind around how someone can age like that without drugs being involved. I also looked her up on Wikipedia and her positions are pretty extreme. She's just awful. Thank god she's not getting any press.
  4. I think this group has already gotten enough reparations in the form of welfare, free housing, food stamps, affirmative action, government mandated preference, equal housing acts, and mandatory quotas, and a thousand other things.
  5. I accidentally put this in the wrong section because of my intellectual limitations. Could a mod perhaps move it over?
  6. I'm only 40, so I haven't seen a ton of these things. I've been right twice, which isn't bad because there have only been 10 election cycles in my lifetime and I have mostly not paid attention to politics. I predicted George W. Bush (I wasn't all that aware of politics at the time,) and I predicted Donald Trump. So this cycle we have all sorts of characters vying for the nomination. That's what it has become, characters. -There's a very old man who has held some sort of political office for around 50 years who promises to change the world. There has been no explanation given as to why he hasn't managed to change the world in the last 5 decades. He has a huge following, comprised of gullible young people who have very little life experience. His name is Bernie Sanders. -There's another very old man who has also spent his entire life in politics. Joe Biden is not quite as much of a lunatic, but he is very creepy. He touches women inappropriately, that much has been extensively videotaped, documented and established. Like the aforementioned candidate, he promises change, which is very puzzling to anyone who is aware that they have been a part of the establishment for the last 40 years, so for him to embody change defies logic and reason. Those two are the front runners. Bernie Sanders is a political darling, Joe Biden is not anymore. -We have also have a half-black/half-Jamaican woman who has been in office for a couple years. Kamala Harris. I swear to Jehovah, if this country elects a black woman named "Kamala" as President, we are in trouble, because the "ice cream machine isn't working and our system is down." She has been in the public eye for her political grandstanding. During different hearings, primarily Brett Kavanaugh's nomination, she was very hostile. She seemed like the prototypical boetchey woman. I saw a lot of footage where she would crankily ask questions in one hearing or another, but she always got shut down hard. I have never seen her win an exchange. Very ineffective, as Kavanaugh is sitting in the Supreme Court chambers this very minute, leaning back in his chair with his feet on his desk, probably lifting weights and drinking beer. He loves beer. The media loves her because identity politics is their thing. -We have ourselves a real and true Asian guy in Andy Yang. But being Asian will get one no traction whatsoever from the media or any liberal group, despite being the most recently discriminated minority, which is probably why we don't see a lot of them in politics. He is campaigning on a platform of Universal Basic Income, which sounds awful on the surface. Truthfully though, all the black folks and A-rabs already have pretty much every life expense paid for by the Government, from cradle to grave. Food stamps, housing, school lunches, medicaid, and all sorts of things that you and I have never even heard of. It might be a slick tactic on his part to level the playing field again, redirect some of that money that being paid in taxes back to the people who actually paid them. It might be nice to get a few extra bucks from Uncle Sam. I don't know how it's actually going to get paid for, but how does anything get paid for, am I right? Anyway, out of all the candidates, he seems like the most decent guy. -Let us not forget our Native American Candidate. She is a solid 1/1024 Injun, had the college scholarship to prove it rightly so. Elizabeth Warren's chances of winning another election in any office also stand at 1/1024, which is probably why she is going ahead with this Hail Mary pass at the Presidency. We also have two gay guys, one of them who is comfortably nested in the closet, the other who is loud and proud about his sodomy. -Cory Booker is using some of the same tactics from the same playbook as Kamala (god, that name is awful!) He is disruptive and hostile during hearings. Ineffective as a legislature and ineffective as a male. Rosario Dawson is his current cover-up, but the ruse is incredibly obvious. Google "Cory Booker Girlfriend" and you'll see that every article will use the phrase "rumored girlfriend," and there isn't a candid photo in sight. It's awful. -The other one has a nearly ironic last name, which a more clever poster might put to work. Pete Buttigieg. I don't know what to say, man. He has oral and **** intercourse with other men. I cannot get past that. -Kristin Gildebrand. Don't bother worrying about the correct spelling of her name and don't worry about her platform, because she won't get past the first round. She ain't bad looking, though. I don't really see a standout, but I'm going to give it to Kamala Harris, because she's loud and obnoxious and that's the direction politics has gone.
  7. Megasoup

    Is Dan Ige ****ing retarded?!

    Very few vampires continue to collect blood this way, so this is highly unlikely.
  8. Megasoup

    Amanda Nunes updates on plans for UFC featherweight title

    I'm glad you received it in the spirit which I intended.
  9. Megasoup

    Amanda Nunes updates on plans for UFC featherweight title

    It sounds like you're making the case that the UFC needs more women's MMA. That's a clear violation of Forum Rules. Don't worry, no one's going to ban you, and no one is going to make fun of you for openly confessing that you feel there should be more women's title defenses, as though you believe they are important. That, I can almost promise. We all have our own peculiarities, so I don't want anyone to judge this poster. Think of a women's title fight as a transvestite beauty contest (forget about the shocking similarities for a moment, this is supposed to be a real and true analogy, not a comparison.) I guess they're fun for some people once in a while, it's like a trainwreck that they can't look away from, and that's always a story worth telling to absolutely no one the next day. It's not the sort of thing that anyone is really into though, and at the end of the day it doesn't really matter.
  10. Megasoup

    ClassicBoxer's 2019 fitness thread

    I work out every day, usually twice, but I'm having trouble with doing anything consistently. I just sorta' do whatever, but I do it every day. I'm getting older, I can't grapple, run, lift weights and tend bar all in the same day. I can't do it all. So there's a lot of stuff I feel like I'm skipping. I have trouble making it to the fitness gym, so I do a lot of quick workouts at home with kettlebells, dumbbells and pullups and dips. I run when I feel like it, I haven't used those running sandals in about a week. It's all becoming a bit overwhelming, I'm not going to lie. I'm just going with the flow and I don't really have a program. I don't feel like it. I need to cancel my gym membership and just get a barbell with a bunch of weights and just knock out deadlifts 2 or 3 days a week. That'll solve a lot.
  11. Megasoup

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    I meant it shut down an argument I was making. The fire started in the roof and I wasn't taking in account the attic.
  12. Megasoup

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    That's one hell of an efficient shutdown. Cheers.
  13. Megasoup

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    The fire started in the roof, though. How much electrical wiring do roofs typically have? In large commercial projects or in older building designs, do they keep the control panel in the roof? I have never seen an electrical system in the roof, but I can't say I've seen every building, so I'm really out of my depth here. *Edited to remove sarcasm
  14. Megasoup

    Smith vs Rockhold needs to happen (Video inside)

    I don't usually buy that line about how hard it is to fight an idol. Here's my example, but it's obviously going to be on a much smaller scale. Anytime I was ever in a gym, back in the day sparring or these days doing rolling, if I had a lot of respect for someone, I would bring my best. Why would I want someone I respect to think I suck? I will only toy with someone who I think sucks. I don't have any examples of how I was fighting people I knew at live events, because anyone I ever fought was a stranger to me (except for twice. Neither of those examples wouldn't fit, though.) Likewise, I notice (just as I used to notice) that people who look up to me try to kill me, so it's not just me who thinks that way. Are some people different than me? Of course. I still don't buy it in this case. Adesanya didn't smoke Silva because couldn't. Silva is still a phenomenal fighter.