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    Can someone explain to me, a casual...

    Moving up, moving down…it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. It's not really a two sizes fits two types, but I'm gonna break it down into that format because simplicity seems to go over a lot better than anything complicated with you guys. You need keep in mind that some people are stronger than others and some people are faster than others. Those that successfully made the transition to a lower weight class, people like Lyoto Machida or Demian Maia, were not brutally strong guys, so they didn't do so well in their original weight classes. They went down to a lighter weight class where people they didn't give up as much strength and they were fine. They were technicians with good reflexes that could handle the speed. Then you have guys like Anthony Johnson or Kelvin Gastelum, they didn't have any problems moving up in weight because they were ogres, and it helped them because the competition in the heavier weight classes wasn't as quick and technical as the lighter ones. Weidman is very strong, he's an ox. The losses he has suffered were people who beat him to the punch. He will probably fare better at 205. I don't know how this matchup is going to be, so I'm not gonna make a prediction on that specifically. But I will say that the larger weight class will probably help him. We've been seeing this and boxing for years, it's fairly well understood by people who follow sports, I don't understand how this escapes some of you. I think we've all heard of "old man strength." We also know that athletes lose speed with age. That's why boxers go up and weight class. It's not necessarily because they're seeking new challenges, it's more because of the reasons I stated.
  2. I just ordered a pair of 100% Australian made boots. Redback, Easy Escapes. I got them for comfort. They're supposed to be very comfortable. I ordered them online, I haven't tried them on yet. What say you?
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    Aussies, give me your opinion.

    Who buys boots without trying them on first? Nearly everybody? You've heard of Zappos, right? That company grew into the most dominant distributor of footwear overnight. They solved the problem of fitting by making easy and free exchanges. In fact, every shoe and boot manufacture that I can think of follow their lead and do the majority of their sales online this way. For better or for worse, brick and mortar stores are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Also, this: a quality pair of boots takes a considerable time to break in. You can get the size right, but you can't tell how they really feel while you're in the store.
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    Aussies, give me your opinion.

    Yeah, if I had that sort of change lying around, I'd like to get a pair of those.
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    Aussies, give me your opinion.

    I'm studying every day and working every night. Things are going really well for me.
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    9 Weeks of Discipline

    I'm toying with an idea, and it's a very good idea. The execution will be very difficult, but it's possible. We all want to be the best we can be, but there's a lot of hard work involved. Because of this, most of us are nowhere near our potential. I think I might be the best example of this (or should it be worst example?) I have a lot of gifts that I have been squandering. I don't drink much and I don't smoke at all. I do not use drugs. I don't steal and I don't cheat people. I work behind one bar or another 5 or 6 nights a week and I pay my bills. I even exercise and go to jujitsu at least a couple times a week. But I goof off all the time. And I can't tend bar for the rest of my life. I spend nearly every free moment sitting on my **** watching Netflix or surfing the web, accomplishing nothing. I'm comfortable. But I'm not having fun and I'm wasting my life. I have no extra money and I am not working towards any goal or preparing for the future at all, not even a little. I'm not hurting anyone...except for myself. I'm really hurting myself with my laziness and complacency. I need to do something else. So I am considering putting myself through "boot camp." There might be some confusion in a second. I'm going to try to avoid that. I want to spend the next 9 weeks living as disciplined a life as I can. No pleasure of any kind. No leisure. It will be like when I went to boot camp. I did fine. I remember feeling as though it was a lot easier on me than the older guys, like I was handling it a lot better. If I spend every free hour learning learning to code, (here's the confusion, there is such a thing called Coding Bootcamp, but that's not what I'm talking about. I don't have ten thousand dollars to give to someone to teach me. I'm going to do it at home,) taking mental breaks to eat and exercise, I could change my life. No Netflix. No scrolling through facebook. No surfing the web. Not even a little. I say bootcamp because I'm talking about being absolutely brutal. No pleasure at all. Get up. Run. Shower and eat and buckle down for 4 hours. Work out. Shower and eat and do it again. Go to work as scheduled. Go to jujitsu when I can. Sleep 8 hours a night. Work. Study. Jujitsu. Exercise. This **** is easy when you're young. Once upon a time, I was like this. But that was so long ago. It seems impossible now, especially in this world where we are all plugged, all so easily distracted. People can hardly sit at a stoplight without breaking out their phones. No one bellies up to the bar without having their phone out of their pockets and set right in front of them, as though it HAS to be there. I can do this. Maybe I'll start tomorrow. I have to do this.
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    9 Weeks of Discipline

    I'm learning code. I think this plan might actually work.
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    Need a tequila rec

    I guess it's okay if you think that. It doesn't make it right. You know Ernest Hemingway's favorite drink was a dacquiri, right? There's nothing girly about liking a drink that tastes good. I swear to God I'm not trying to bash you or be a jerk, but I'd like to give you a little bit of perspective. I don't believe what someone drinks or drinking in general makes anyone manly. I've seen a lot of people that couldn't benchpress half their body weight that insist on scotch or bourbon neat, Which is fine, but when the order it they tend to imply how manly they are, and usually will go on about how if anyone adds ice, they're "ruining it," and aren't manly enough. This commentary is never solicited, by the way. All this will be directed at me as they place their order, a man who has poured every scotch and every whiskey they've ever heard of. I'm often twice the size of the idiot making the commentary. And I love eggnog and **** like that. I'm not going to challenge them because I want to keep my job and also I'm a tipped employee, but I am never impressed by what they say.
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    Need a tequila rec

    The original post specifically says that he wants a tequila for mixing. This is a key point. I first started tending bar in 2002. I have been a bartender for 12 out of the last 17 years. The last few years I have found that I can be more successful if I work for a few places, as opposed to putting all my eggs in one basket. So I fix drinks at a Salsa Club on Thursdays and Saturdays. I do weddings on Fridays and Sundays with a high-end special events company. I do Reggae Wednesdays somewhere else, which I thoroughly hate and am looking to drop, but it's very busy. Every night I work is a very, very busy night. This is why I split my time between multiple places, so I don't ever work slow nights. Every single night I serve hundreds of people. I will have, at the very minimum, 20 people come to the bar without a clue what to drink and ask me to guide them through. I learned a few years ago a really slick way to do this, and I am especially good at it because I can harness about a decade and half of experience, as opposed to just relying on a "trick." I couldn't guess within the nearest thousand just how many people this year alone that I have helped guide towards a drink they have never had before, and it is exceedingly rare that they don't really, really like what I make. Tequila has a very distinctive flavor that comes through, and anything within the "sour" or "collins" profiles is going to taste like a version of a margarita, and a lot of them will be "off." Am I saying that everything made with tequila tastes like a margarita? To fully answer this would require a lot of complicated nonsense, so I will just say "they sort of do." That's okay, though. Margaritas are good. I recommend a blanco tequila, but the question you really should be asking is "what drinks should I make with tequila?" I recommend margaritas and palomas. Margaritas: A classic margarita (tequila, cointreau and fresh lime juice) is a very strong drink and it is delicious. A Mexican restaurant grade margarita (tequila, triple sec, Rose's lime juice and sour mix) is also great, although to be perfectly honest, it is watered-down garbage. But this is a world where we all enjoy breakfast cereal, McDonald's and viral internet videos. Now, assuming you want a real margarita, a classic margarita, you can switch around the grades of tequila (anejo in place of blanco,) you can switch around the sweetening agent (Grand Marnier or simple syrup or agave syrup or even honey ginger syrup in place of Cointreau,) and you can switch the sour agent (lemon juice in place of lime juice, but there will be very little difference.) You can add "special flavoring agents." That could mean anything from muddling some berries to adding some thinly sliced fresh jalapeno before shaking for a "spicy" margarita. Maybe a teaspoon or so of some raspberry puree or peach puree. Fresh Basil? Hell, yeah! Really, the possibilities are limited mostly by your imagination. Paloma: Palomas are good. They are sort of like the anti-margarita. It's like one of the few drinks you can make with tequila that doesn't end up tasting like a margarita. Tequila, fresh lime juice and squirt (or any sort of grapefruit soda) in a tall glass. It's not meant to be an overly strong drink. You can class it up with Bundaberg grapefruit soda. You can go even better with not-from-concentrate ruby red grapefruit juice and a shot of soda water. Or go REALLY big and grape a grapefruit and squeeze it by hand on the spot, along with the lime juice and tequila. THAT IS AN AMAZING DRINK! The aromatic-style ****tails are more complicated and require a practiced palate, so I won't bother. I have made some damn good ones, though. Other than a paloma, I have not tasted a collins style margarita that was worthwhile, so you don't need to rush into that waste of time. TLDR version. Blanco tequila, any brand. The subtleties between brands are undetectable in a ****tail. Make margaritas and palomas. After you get hooked, try sipping on an Extra Anejo, maybe the affordable but excellent El Mayor, or really anything. Don't drink gold tequila ever. I will fight you if you drink a frozen strawberry margarita. I will literally fight you.
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    Need a tequila rec

    Tequila comes in a few different grades. Gold is ****ty. Gold only needs to be 51% agave and the rest can be a neutral spirit, dyed with caramel color to get the "gold" color. Gold tequila is responsible for tequilas reputation for hangovers. Do not drink this ever. The oddest thing is that 90% if tequila sold and consumed is gold. Imagine that. Real tequila begins with "blanco" or "silver," depending on which language is being used. It is 100% agave and it is not aged. This is the one you should use for mixing most drinks. If you really need to do a shot, chill it. If you have never had a mixed drink with tequila, I am sure you will love a margarita, whether it's the bullchit variety or one made with premium ingredients. A true margarita is blanco tequila, cointreau and lime juice; shaken and served over ice in a salt rimmed glass. Margaritas are the most popular drink. There can be a million variations, and almost half of them have the potential of being good. Palomas are also great. This is just blanco tequila with some lime juice and grapefruit soda (like squirt) served in a tall glass with ice. Truly it is the only non-aromatic style ****tail made with tequila that doesn't taste like a margarita that's "off." Silver tequila. If you have a deeper understanding of ****tailing, you can be successful using the other grades of tequila bitters and with different aromatic liqueurs. Try a negroni with tequila instead of gin. It's alright. It gives you an idea of what direction you could take tequila. Reposado is the next grade up, and it can be used in margaritas or ****tailing without much of an issue. If you shoot it, chill it. Anejo comes next. You can use this in a margarita, but it becomes a waste of money in my opinion. This is the tequila where chilling is no longer necessary. And drink it...sip it. It's good. Extra Anejo. They have some really good ones. This is a good sipper. The difference between a quality unaged tequila (blanco) and Extra Anejo is massive. Chilling it is retarded. Using it as the base liquor in a margarita is criminal. Using it as the base liquor in a Paloma is a capital offense. If you don't want to sip tequila, which is completely understandable, and you only shoot chilled tequila, just go with blanco.
  11. She said that communication is important. "I say this matter-of-factly, without any hint of aggression and I certainly have no anger. I would hate for this to be missed construed as being rude, this is just me being blunt so that there is no misunderstanding about my perspective: I blew them off just as I blew you off because I just didn't know what to say. That was rude. But I disagree with you about communication being important. Certainly a lack of communication is a little rude, but I don't think that anyone has an obligation to another person for whom they have no emotional attachment, professional relationship or any sort of obligation towards. Certainly not to a degree where communication is "important." People can take it very personally when they are interested in someone else, even if it's only a slight interest, and the other person doesn't reciprocate those feelings. I am a bartender, I am not well-paid. I have financial obligations towards my ex-wife, I don't have much money. I don't treat myself. I don't have a nice car. I don't have a nice apartment. I don't have nice clothes. I don't eat out. I barely make it every month. And yet in this world where genders are supposedly equal and women can do everything that men can do, a man always pays. I have dated two doctors, two lawyers, and a few other women who are quite successful in their own right. But I have always had to be the one to pick up the check. It's ridiculous. For that reason, I feel if I want to avoid confrontation, it is my prerogative" This is a highbrow way of saying "go to hell."
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    Andrade = worst champ in UFC history

    You guys are all very disrespectful; consistently disrespectful. You are the worst part of this sport. If I was a moderator I would ban every single one of you.
  13. I am astonished that you don't see the connection between this and what I just said.
  14. The moderators on this forum should really step up. Posting here sucks because of a handful of trolls. The impact it is having here is massive. Q: How many PPVs are sold each UFC? A: Hundreds of thousands. Q; How popular is the internet? A: It's obviously wildly popular. Across the globe, there are millions of fans of the UFC and MMA in general. Millions, man. Posting on forums, commenting on news articles, interacting on social media is America's favorite pastime, for better or for worse. Yet there are only about a dozen people who post here. It's easy to compare and contrast this with even the most mundane news article which might get 6,000+ comments. It's because you moderators are doing a lousy job. I mean, the results speak for themselves. The trolls on here, those whose only function it appears is to routinely rip on selected posters, there is no mystery who is doing this. Flaming is specifically prohibited in the forum guidelines. There is no mystery as to why this forum is dying a slow death. A very strong argument could be made that the impact it has on the performance of the UFC as a company is a negative one, and possibly a significant one.
  15. You direct your posts towards me on this forum as though it was a certainty that you could call me "kid" in real life. I'll give you the nod for what you can do in the weight room, but all that other stuff is unsettled. I have been outwrestled and I've been tapped, but I know how infrequently that happens and I know who did it. I have been edged out a few times boxing, sparring some fantastic heavyweights, but no one has ever knocked my eyelids inside-out. I don't know what your deal is. I don't know why you have an issue with me, because I don't give you grief. You're a well-paid PA, a newlywed and a new father. It appears that life is going rather well for you, so I don't know why you're so unhappy. I assure you, my existence as a middle-aged bartender in a decaying city should not cause you to feel threatened.
  16. I probably went a little harsh on you. I don't think what you said was really that big of a deal. A couple jackoffs put me on the defensive. This really wasn't supposed to be a thread to grab attention, at least not any more than anyone else's thread is an attempt to grab attention. I thought is a pretty good way to shut some crazy woman down, and I thought you guys would get a kick out of it. I could see where I was wrong, but that doesn't change what my intentions were. By the way, if one didn't want attention, wouldn't they just write in a diary? I've always thought of that as a very curious accusation.
  17. You're right. This is an MMA forum. I boxed for eight years. I've taken a couple MMA matches, trained in a few gyms, one of which was run by a three time UFC veteran. I currently train straight Brazilian jujitsu and the guy who owns the gym, our instructor, is also a UFC veteran. I'll say what the **** I want because I belong here. Do you belong here?
  18. I just rewatched their first bout. There's no doubt in my mind that Daniel Cormier would not have won if he hadn't clawed Stipe's eye at least 4 times. Even the referee, when he stopped the fight to give Stipe around 6 or 7 seconds to recover, admonished Cormier, saying something about how he already warned him 3 times. The fight restarts and whilst Stipe's vision is still blurry as hell, Cormier gets in a lucky shot. And no one ever talks about that. Cormier would not have won the Light-Heavyweight Championship if Jones hadn't been stripped. He wouldn't have won the Heavyweight Championship without the eyepokes. His title is as fake as his good buddy Khabib and his zero match-ups against fighters with a wrestling pedigree. Fake Champs.
  19. Understand that this possibility exists.
  20. Thank you. I'd like to think I am a fundamentally decent man, but sometimes I am not so sure. I believe that an honorable life involves finding a purpose, or at the very least there should be the pursuit, but failing to find that purpose can be really wear a man down. Maybe that's how I feel right now, even though I might not have recognized it; worn down. I see it, though. I mean, I think I see it; far, far in the distance where the earth appears to meet the sky. I was sure that I had seen hope and success and purpose before, but it always appeared to be much closer than what I'm looking at right now. Those were mirages that shrunk into a void of nothingness before I was close enough to inspect what those mysteries might have been. I say that I see "it," but I actually see more than one thing. And I have to choose a direction, as the different things I see are set apart so far from eachother; it would take nearly a lifetime to reach either one of the things I believe I see, so I might not be able to realize more than one. I fear I may fail along the way, as I always have done. I may get lost along the way, which I have before. I may change my mind, I might find out that I don't really want what I see, or I do not have it in me to do what needs to be done. My real fear is that I might not have the endurance to get there. So I feel paralyzed. I do keep walking, but my pace is very slow. I walk alone. I don't want to, but no one is going to walk with me.
  21. I figured you weren't trolling, but I didn't want to fall for it just in case. I'll try to get around to messaging you.
  22. You are so thick, dude. Seriously, you are nearly a freaking retard. I think you are so focused on trying to insult me, that you don't understand what I'm saying and are clearly unable to participate in a conversation with me. Drop out, dude. This ****, which is pretty easy for most people understand, is just way too high-level for you. I'll try to break it down even further, but I think you're still too stupid to get it. I won't use paragraphs. You probably can't decipher it when it's structured in such a complicated format. - I was avoiding this girl. She would not leave me alone. (Sound familiar?) - She finally demanded an explanation. I don't owe this girl an explanation. - I'm a man, so I pay the bill. That is how life is structured. I accept that. -The one who pays the bills calls the shots. That is also how life is structured. She has to accept that. 1. I don't want a woman to pay the bill. 2. I don't want a woman to think she's running the show. 3. This formula works for me. This is one of the few things I like about life. My friend, you live in Saskatchewan, Canada, A modern-day Mayberry in the middle of the woods populated by white Canadians and not much else. I just looked this up: St. Louis LITERALLY HAS 1000 TIMES THE POPULATION DENSITY of Saskatchewan and we are widely renowned as a dying city. You got married to the first girl you ****ed. As far as I know, you've been in the same profession since you were a teenager. All of these things are admirable. But while these things are admirable you have to acknowledge that these circumstances mean you have extremely limited life experience. Everything seems so simple to you, because your life has been very, very simple. You are a massive a-hole to me, with absolutely no cause. You think you have a reason, and we all know what it is, but your limited life experience gets in the way of realizing that you're wrong. But I still will give you credit for being the hard-working, salt-of-the-earth, blue-collar professional that this world needs. But you need to lay off. Because you're wrong. And also this: people that ceaselessly heckle others and try to destroy them over the Internet are ****. Everybody knows this. You know this, but you probably don't recognize that about yourself because you don't recognize what you're doing. You probably didn't realize you were doing this, because you think you're in the right and you have some moral high ground. But you don't. So feel free to read. I invite you to. I want you to. Read about my life. It's unlike yours. It's not as good, is it? Yeah, I know that. It's not a happy life. A lot of the choices I made were the wrong ones. And my life, just like yours and everyone else's, is also defined by a lot of choices that others made. Things haven't worked out so well for me so far on a lot of fronts. But at least I'm not a jerk like you. Also this, As you're so certain that I could not date a girl with a good job ( Goddamn man, your life really is simple. I'm using talk to text and when I said that out loud it sounded as though I was participating in a very Basic conversation with someone who possessed an extremely low IQ,) I want you to consider something for a second. You own your own business. You are an electrical contractor with your own employees, well-paid electricians. You are a pretty successful guy. Yet, you are married to a lowly police dispatcher in a town where there probably hasn't been a crime committed in years. What does she make, like $12 an hour? You see, your own life contradicts this idea that successful people only pair up with other successful people. Simple life. Simple man. Simple mind.
  23. I don't do drugs, you freaking ****.* *rhymes with promo
  24. I read the thread title, tossed around a few figures and did some simple sums and realized I have been posting on this forum for over 9 and a half years. That's longer than my marriage lasted! That's almost as long as I attended school! Crazy thing is the last thing I posted was a reference to my lack of commitment to anything.