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  1. She said that communication is important. "I say this matter-of-factly, without any hint of aggression and I certainly have no anger. I would hate for this to be missed construed as being rude, this is just me being blunt so that there is no misunderstanding about my perspective: I blew them off just as I blew you off because I just didn't know what to say. That was rude. But I disagree with you about communication being important. Certainly a lack of communication is a little rude, but I don't think that anyone has an obligation to another person for whom they have no emotional attachment, professional relationship or any sort of obligation towards. Certainly not to a degree where communication is "important." People can take it very personally when they are interested in someone else, even if it's only a slight interest, and the other person doesn't reciprocate those feelings. I am a bartender, I am not well-paid. I have financial obligations towards my ex-wife, I don't have much money. I don't treat myself. I don't have a nice car. I don't have a nice apartment. I don't have nice clothes. I don't eat out. I barely make it every month. And yet in this world where genders are supposedly equal and women can do everything that men can do, a man always pays. I have dated two doctors, two lawyers, and a few other women who are quite successful in their own right. But I have always had to be the one to pick up the check. It's ridiculous. For that reason, I feel if I want to avoid confrontation, it is my prerogative" This is a highbrow way of saying "go to hell."
  2. I am astonished that you don't see the connection between this and what I just said.
  3. The moderators on this forum should really step up. Posting here sucks because of a handful of trolls. The impact it is having here is massive. Q: How many PPVs are sold each UFC? A: Hundreds of thousands. Q; How popular is the internet? A: It's obviously wildly popular. Across the globe, there are millions of fans of the UFC and MMA in general. Millions, man. Posting on forums, commenting on news articles, interacting on social media is America's favorite pastime, for better or for worse. Yet there are only about a dozen people who post here. It's easy to compare and contrast this with even the most mundane news article which might get 6,000+ comments. It's because you moderators are doing a lousy job. I mean, the results speak for themselves. The trolls on here, those whose only function it appears is to routinely rip on selected posters, there is no mystery who is doing this. Flaming is specifically prohibited in the forum guidelines. There is no mystery as to why this forum is dying a slow death. A very strong argument could be made that the impact it has on the performance of the UFC as a company is a negative one, and possibly a significant one.
  4. You direct your posts towards me on this forum as though it was a certainty that you could call me "kid" in real life. I'll give you the nod for what you can do in the weight room, but all that other stuff is unsettled. I have been outwrestled and I've been tapped, but I know how infrequently that happens and I know who did it. I have been edged out a few times boxing, sparring some fantastic heavyweights, but no one has ever knocked my eyelids inside-out. I don't know what your deal is. I don't know why you have an issue with me, because I don't give you grief. You're a well-paid PA, a newlywed and a new father. It appears that life is going rather well for you, so I don't know why you're so unhappy. I assure you, my existence as a middle-aged bartender in a decaying city should not cause you to feel threatened.
  5. I probably went a little harsh on you. I don't think what you said was really that big of a deal. A couple jackoffs put me on the defensive. This really wasn't supposed to be a thread to grab attention, at least not any more than anyone else's thread is an attempt to grab attention. I thought is a pretty good way to shut some crazy woman down, and I thought you guys would get a kick out of it. I could see where I was wrong, but that doesn't change what my intentions were. By the way, if one didn't want attention, wouldn't they just write in a diary? I've always thought of that as a very curious accusation.
  6. You're right. This is an MMA forum. I boxed for eight years. I've taken a couple MMA matches, trained in a few gyms, one of which was run by a three time UFC veteran. I currently train straight Brazilian jujitsu and the guy who owns the gym, our instructor, is also a UFC veteran. I'll say what the **** I want because I belong here. Do you belong here?
  7. I just rewatched their first bout. There's no doubt in my mind that Daniel Cormier would not have won if he hadn't clawed Stipe's eye at least 4 times. Even the referee, when he stopped the fight to give Stipe around 6 or 7 seconds to recover, admonished Cormier, saying something about how he already warned him 3 times. The fight restarts and whilst Stipe's vision is still blurry as hell, Cormier gets in a lucky shot. And no one ever talks about that. Cormier would not have won the Light-Heavyweight Championship if Jones hadn't been stripped. He wouldn't have won the Heavyweight Championship without the eyepokes. His title is as fake as his good buddy Khabib and his zero match-ups against fighters with a wrestling pedigree. Fake Champs.
  8. Understand that this possibility exists.
  9. Thank you. I'd like to think I am a fundamentally decent man, but sometimes I am not so sure. I believe that an honorable life involves finding a purpose, or at the very least there should be the pursuit, but failing to find that purpose can be really wear a man down. Maybe that's how I feel right now, even though I might not have recognized it; worn down. I see it, though. I mean, I think I see it; far, far in the distance where the earth appears to meet the sky. I was sure that I had seen hope and success and purpose before, but it always appeared to be much closer than what I'm looking at right now. Those were mirages that shrunk into a void of nothingness before I was close enough to inspect what those mysteries might have been. I say that I see "it," but I actually see more than one thing. And I have to choose a direction, as the different things I see are set apart so far from eachother; it would take nearly a lifetime to reach either one of the things I believe I see, so I might not be able to realize more than one. I fear I may fail along the way, as I always have done. I may get lost along the way, which I have before. I may change my mind, I might find out that I don't really want what I see, or I do not have it in me to do what needs to be done. My real fear is that I might not have the endurance to get there. So I feel paralyzed. I do keep walking, but my pace is very slow. I walk alone. I don't want to, but no one is going to walk with me.
  10. I figured you weren't trolling, but I didn't want to fall for it just in case. I'll try to get around to messaging you.
  11. You are so thick, dude. Seriously, you are nearly a freaking retard. I think you are so focused on trying to insult me, that you don't understand what I'm saying and are clearly unable to participate in a conversation with me. Drop out, dude. This ****, which is pretty easy for most people understand, is just way too high-level for you. I'll try to break it down even further, but I think you're still too stupid to get it. I won't use paragraphs. You probably can't decipher it when it's structured in such a complicated format. - I was avoiding this girl. She would not leave me alone. (Sound familiar?) - She finally demanded an explanation. I don't owe this girl an explanation. - I'm a man, so I pay the bill. That is how life is structured. I accept that. -The one who pays the bills calls the shots. That is also how life is structured. She has to accept that. 1. I don't want a woman to pay the bill. 2. I don't want a woman to think she's running the show. 3. This formula works for me. This is one of the few things I like about life. My friend, you live in Saskatchewan, Canada, A modern-day Mayberry in the middle of the woods populated by white Canadians and not much else. I just looked this up: St. Louis LITERALLY HAS 1000 TIMES THE POPULATION DENSITY of Saskatchewan and we are widely renowned as a dying city. You got married to the first girl you ****ed. As far as I know, you've been in the same profession since you were a teenager. All of these things are admirable. But while these things are admirable you have to acknowledge that these circumstances mean you have extremely limited life experience. Everything seems so simple to you, because your life has been very, very simple. You are a massive a-hole to me, with absolutely no cause. You think you have a reason, and we all know what it is, but your limited life experience gets in the way of realizing that you're wrong. But I still will give you credit for being the hard-working, salt-of-the-earth, blue-collar professional that this world needs. But you need to lay off. Because you're wrong. And also this: people that ceaselessly heckle others and try to destroy them over the Internet are ****. Everybody knows this. You know this, but you probably don't recognize that about yourself because you don't recognize what you're doing. You probably didn't realize you were doing this, because you think you're in the right and you have some moral high ground. But you don't. So feel free to read. I invite you to. I want you to. Read about my life. It's unlike yours. It's not as good, is it? Yeah, I know that. It's not a happy life. A lot of the choices I made were the wrong ones. And my life, just like yours and everyone else's, is also defined by a lot of choices that others made. Things haven't worked out so well for me so far on a lot of fronts. But at least I'm not a jerk like you. Also this, As you're so certain that I could not date a girl with a good job ( Goddamn man, your life really is simple. I'm using talk to text and when I said that out loud it sounded as though I was participating in a very Basic conversation with someone who possessed an extremely low IQ,) I want you to consider something for a second. You own your own business. You are an electrical contractor with your own employees, well-paid electricians. You are a pretty successful guy. Yet, you are married to a lowly police dispatcher in a town where there probably hasn't been a crime committed in years. What does she make, like $12 an hour? You see, your own life contradicts this idea that successful people only pair up with other successful people. Simple life. Simple man. Simple mind.
  12. I don't do drugs, you freaking ****.* *rhymes with promo
  13. I read the thread title, tossed around a few figures and did some simple sums and realized I have been posting on this forum for over 9 and a half years. That's longer than my marriage lasted! That's almost as long as I attended school! Crazy thing is the last thing I posted was a reference to my lack of commitment to anything.
  14. I don't know if you are trolling. You seem like a really great person and you have never given me any problems on this forum, so this would seem out of character for you. What you posted is actually a belief of mine, although my faith is very, very meek. It's not only my faith in God that is weak, but my faith in myself as a reliable person who is capable of being resolute, unwavering or capable of sticking with anything for any meaningful period of time. This includes attending church.
  15. My grandpa started doing Thai Chi in his late 70s. He had some sort of health scare, prostate cancer I believe. He made a lot of changes, things that were very unlike him. He lost a ton of weight, but in a healthy way, as he lived most of his life at around 300 pounds. He lived to be 92 and was fully lucid and ambulatory until the very last day. I could see Thai Chi being very helpful and I would love to try it, I would love to move that way. But I was referring more to religion. I could probably use some religion.
  16. I believe this is sound advice.
  17. No, what I'm saying is that if I am on a first date that didn't go as magically as the woman across the table thinks it did, I don't owe her an explanation. If on that same date, I'm a broke bartender picking up the check for some liberated woman who has a rewarding, well-paying job that probably should have gone to a man who was likely more qualified, I don't owe squat. Also, you have to keep in mind that this woman was bothering me. I was trying to ignore her and wasn't responding to her messages. I think millennials and those who emulate the retarded language and trends that millennials come up with refer to this as "ghosting." She challenged me, so I just told her the truth.
  18. I was poked in the heart! ( but not in the eye, and never once in the prostate.)
  19. Wait...didn't Stipe knock him out in the fourth round? I know what you're trying to say, and I'm guessing you're probably blinded by your fanboyness, but didn't you claim used to wrestle? Now I don't know if your claim is actually true, but I think it probably might be. If it is true, if you did wrestle in high school or if you've ever trained a little, you're aware that sometimes when you know that you are facing a really, really tough guy, you have to pace yourself and look for openings and sometimes you lose rounds. You might not necessarily be TRYING lose rounds, that is not a very good strategy, but you just do. It's hard to gauge what their output is going to be or what they're going to do. And if you're waiting for them to tire out, you sort of have to let them push a little harder than you. You might not be aware of this, most people don't know this, but I recently read an article and I found out that Daniel Cormier was a high-level wrestler. I believe the article said he was captain of the Olympic wrestling team. I was talking to someone who is really smart recently, I think he was a doctor or a scientist or something (I don't know, but I can picture him wearing a lab coat,) and I told him all about how Daniel Cormier might have been the captain of the US Olympic wrestling team. I thought it was really exciting stuff! And we were talking about it at length and the two of us came to the conclusion that it might just mean that Daniel Cormier is pretty tough.* *massive sarcasm
  20. Megasoup

    The biggest loser of tonight is...

    I was fixing drinks at the salsa club, so I didn't get to see this event (yes, I've been back at that place for nearly a year now.) First thing I did when I got home was read the results of this event. A rare thing happened, everyone who I thought would win tonight actually did.) Anyway, Diaz calling out Masvidal is something I never saw coming, but it makes more sense than anything. A lot of you guys actually think these two well-cared-for professional fighters who were once well-cared-for children are "street" or thugs or whatever, so it would be great to see which fake thug is tougher.
  21. It's massive. And I can't even really talk about it to anyone, because I don't really know anyone. I remember over the years thinking that she was the one that got away...or at least one of the ones that got away. I don't know. I don't really think that anymore, but I am aware that if I hadn't broke up with her, the trajectory of my life would have been altered in a way where I would have accomplished a hell of a lot more in my life. As a girlfriend, she was great. I am not saying I share a single one of her political views, I'm just saying that she was a terrific girlfriend. Setting that aside, she is also one of the most accomplished and impressive women on the planet. She has always been destined to change the world...maybe not in the way I want it to be changed, but she will nonetheless. She will no longer be the president of Planned Parenthood, so what do you suppose is next for Dr. Wen?
  22. Really, I just want the title to stand on it's own merits. I have to set the stage, but here's my contribution: There's a beautiful girl, I mean really beautiful girl, that I occasionally work with. Now, we're talking about an Irish pub in Clayton, she doesn't dance salsa. She's just a standard-issue caucasian woman with a college degree. She picks up an occasional shift to make ends meet. For whatever reason, she really likes me. She's one of those girls that cling, which I don't mind. We haven't even had our first date yet and her emotions are getting awfully heavy, which I also don't mind. I like passion. Listen, she's beautiful and her soul is golden. She knows that I am divorced and that I have a ****load of kids. She knows about how last year went down for me, the suicide scare, the mental hospital, the move to L.A., the homelessness and recycling, the jail time and the blood plasma donations. None of that bothers her. Before you rush to judgement about her sanity, let me tell you something. I am a kind, cool and completely authentic guy. Chicks do respond to that. This one really is hot, too. I can't emphasize that enough. She just got out of an 11-year relationship, possibly the only guy she's ever been with. She's only 26 or 27, so it's as though she's as innocent as, well...as innocent as a woman who has only been with one or two guys, I guess. Anyway.... ...
  23. It's been over a month now since Chloe and I communicated. We had broken up a dozen times before, but I can't say it ever felt permanent. But this time it does. These last 4 years, I didn't picture a future without her. But she wasn't good for me. I am a lot better off without her.
  24. Ha, ha! She said something like that once! I said the wrong thing, something that was a little brave, and she said through gritted teeth "get your **** out of me!"
  25. I can still hear her voice.