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  1. Post your goals. If you don't post your goals, you are not authorized to participate in this thread. This has been a long-running tradition and any interference or trolling will be moderated by the moderators. Physical fitness is important and it is too often overlooked. The healthy body and mine is fundamental for a living a complete, happy and full life. This will be a place for encouragement, questions or advice and a little bit of a good-natured tomfoolery among our community who has known each other through the Internet for years now. Good luck to you all on your goals and happy new year. I will edit this original post later to reflect the true spirit of what I want to this thread to be about.
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    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    We are halfway into the first month of 2019. It's time for someone to start the new thread. I nominate either NoCake or Stompgrind. It doesn't matter who; whoever gets to it first, I guess. Consider me gone with the wind.
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    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    I'm going to go ahead and make an exception on this last day of 2018 and post. My main objective was to get in shape again, which I did. I am a lot stronger today than I was a year ago. I feel great and I look great. Being physically fit again is helping other areas of my life. I am to be promoted to Hotel Manager where I have been tending bar all this year and I owe a lot of that to the discipline that comes with a regular training. I have been holding down a second job for a while now, and they have come to rely on me…and my bank account is growing. My credit score is back to an acceptable level and I am shopping for a house, a fixer-upper that I can make a few dollars on. I am back on track in other private areas. In 2018 I fixed my life.
  4. Almost exactly 9 years ago I had a some money saved up and I was trying to open a restaurant or a bar. I wanted to find something that was already filled it out as a bar, and I would just rent it, buy some inventory, and get the necessary licenses and just open up. It seems like I had always before seen a corner bar somewhere for rent, and it seems like I always see them these days, but at the time I couldn't find anything. That's partly why I opened a convenience store. There's more to this, but that's a whole 'nother story. It was slow there, guys. It was in an office building, it was the lobby shop. I've seen so many of these before and they were always so successful, but mine wasn't. I know why now, but I didn't know them. I invested everything I had and it looked like it wasn't going to work. I was devastated, but I had no choice but to press on. I tried small ideas. I had a few big ideas, but those ideas were gonna take some money and I was running out. And I wasn't looking like there was any more coming in. One day I made a few sandwiches for the store, and also some soup. While I was picking up some inventory at Costco I bought a big tub of soup and put them in little single size servings. I stuck all these things in the bottom of the display refrigerator. I sold out, it wasn't a big deal only had about a half a dozen soups and the same number of sandwiches. The next day I brought in some soup and sandwiches, the same amount, but this time I sold out early, before lunchtime. And I had at least a dozen people stick their head in my door and ask if I had any more soup. So the next day, the third day of this, I decided I would make the soup instead of buying it, as the cost would be lower. And I made a bunch of it, because people seemed to want it. And I sold most of it, but someone gave me an idea, a simple idea. He said all the girls in the office were microwaving the soup because it had just come out of the refrigerator. He said if I serve the soup hot, I might really have something. I locked up and I left early and went straight to a restaurant container service and I upgraded the soup containers and I upgraded the coffee cups while I was at it. Then I went to a restaurant supply store ( unbelievably, these were completely different stores, even though these appear to be related items) and bought one of those soup urns. I was in business. That first soup was black bean chipotle pork loin. I sold out. I sold out pretty much every day after that. Soups were about 90% of my sales. I couldn't get anyone interested in my cigarettes or candy bars. Before and after the lunch rush, my store was a ghost town. I would just read all day. I read so many books that first few months. Couldn't look at a book anymore. So I got an Internet connection. Or at least, I got another Internet connection, as I already had one for credit cards. I got myself a laptop too. I started surfing the web all day, something which I hadn't done before. This was before everyone have a smart phone. Within a short time I started posting on the forums. That's what started it all. That's why my screen name is Megasoup. Think I try to couple names and they were already taken, and I just came up with that... because my life was all about soup. I spent hours thinking about working with soup, buying the inventory cooking it in the morning, ringing it up all day for customers, and washing all the pots when I get home. I posted Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM and that was it. I had a family. I couldn't spend all day talking with people on the Internet. Back then there was a lot more talking than arguing. There were a lot more posters, too. This forum has changed. I'm just a regular ole guy, man. I'm not terribly successful. I went to college, paying for classes myself, but I didn't finish. I'm divorced, which is fairly normal as more than 50% of marriages end in divorce. I looked up what the average income in America and that's pretty much exactly what I make. My job sucks, my life sucks. That's also fairly typical...'round the world. I've never sold drugs and I've never stolen anything. I got in a couple fights and I went to jail. About the only thing special about me is I used to box a little and I took a few fights. I spent some time in some MMA gyms and I took a couple of those too. I wasn't half bad. I don't really have much to be proud of, but I have that. I'm a big fan of the UFC. I don't always get to watch the fights, but I keep up on the news. That's why I post here. I live alone. I'm bored. I'm bored and I'm lonely and I don't really feel like a winner. There's a few things in my life that aren't as they should be and I haven't been able to resolve them, and I feel stupid. I haven't tried to get in touch with people I used to know for a while now, because I don't feel that great and I don't have much to be proud of anymore. So I've been posting more and more here these last few years. There ain't anything special about me, man. There ain't no reason for any of you to get as worked up as you do. For those of you who get out of line when you post, that's on you. There's something wrong with your emotions or your personalities or something. Mozzez, you need to spend some time with your family, man. If I had my family intact, I sure as hell wouldn't be spending all my time on the computer. You should be ashamed of yourself. Cashflow, I don't know what your deal is. I think you're all alone and you're just a nasty individual. Ozpride, for crying out loud, you're a young guy. Sounds like you have your life together, too. What the ****, man? You need to get out more. America, you're hopeless. There's more you guys, I'm not going to single out every one of you. I don't think I'm going to post here anymore. I can't start a thread about fight gear? I couldn't think of a more appropriate thread for an outside the UFC section. I can't give a normal, straight-up answer to someone asking about whether or not it helps to be in shape for jujitsu? Ridiculous. Ozpride, you're right. There are other places I can post. Or I don't have to post at all. I'm not killing time in a dull, idle convenience store anymore. I can do anything I want. You all can gripe at each other without me.
  5. It seems odd to me that these days, more and more people are trying to understand, accept and even promote these lifestyles. Here's one of the things we haven't been looking at lately. Here's the link, but I'm going to go ahead and select some paragraphs and copy and past them, https://www.yahoo.com/gma/map-reveals-hiv-risk-greatest-southern-cities-gay-171504756.html I'll begin here. The cities with the highest rates included Columbia, South Carolina, El Paso, Texas, and Jackson, Mississippi. In these cities, more than 25 percent of men who have sex with men (MSM) had been diagnosed with HIV. And we have this little interesting tidbit: Overall, gay and bisexual men are more than 57 times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than other men in the U.S., the study authors said. A little bit of whitewashing by by someone avoiding the truth, but we sort of expect that kind of thing these days. Willful ignorance is a growing problem with this country. “Where HIV is most a problem are places that are failing gay men,” said George Ayala, executive director of the Global Forum on MSM and HIV, a leading advocacy group that was not involved in the report. Where health systems fail, according to Ayala, is in the process of identifying people who have HIV and immediately linking them with care. Gay and bisexual men may be more likely to face additional barriers such as poverty and stigma, he said. Check out these brand-spanking-new initials! MSM, eh? It's no longer "gay" or "homosexual" anymore. It's now "MSM," meaning "men who have sex with men." Anyway, while the origination of this new way of saying "foglet" has been uncredited, these next figures are from the CDC, and they are talking nationwide...not just a few select cities in the south. Estimates of MSM by race are also not available, though the CDC estimated in February that half of black MSM and a quarter of Latino MSM will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime. Well, that was less a summary and more just some of the things I wanted to point out in this article. Go ahead and click on the link and read it for yourself. For the most part, the author seems to want to think that more money thrown at local health clinics will stop the spread of AIDS. My shaky understanding of venereal diseases seems to point more towards considering not having unprotected sex with hundreds of partners and maybe even shying away from intravenous drug use. Oh, and read the comments! Those are usually the best part!
  6. I have been given one. I don't really know where I should begin to explain all of this. I didn't handle something the right way, nearly 20 years ago. Everyone else seems to have given me a pardon, those that know, but I haven't. The guilt has been eating away at me most of my life. And so many choices I made, things I did or didn't do, have been influenced by something that happened a long, long time ago. I've been a shell of myself ever since. I've been a fake human being hiding a secret. I have a 19 year-old son who just contacted me. I was just a child myself when he was born. The family didn't want anything to do with me, his mother being as young and ignorant as me, had no voice. And I was so young and ignorant and without resources or guidance that I just let it happen. Couldn't stop it. He appears to be down on his luck, his mother showing him some "tough love" and I think he needs a hand ("tough love" is something that I strongly advise against.) He wants me in his life (or possibly just some money, which the world runs on and 19 year-olds are ill-equipped to earn much of.) I've dreamed of this my entire life, but I always thought it was never to be more than a dream.
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    Strip Club

    I have been working 6-7 nights a week for a while now, often 12 hour shifts or more. I'm kicking ****. I'm a bartender and when I'm working, I actually make what BJnoob claims. I had an early, early night tonight; Saturday night, of all nights. My shockingly hot and completely awesome girlfriend who...well, she may have a tattoo...is out of town. I had these great big plans which mostly included not cheating on her, but I ended up taking a nap instead. I slept through a party, Viva and the McGregor fight. Now I'm up and at 'em. It's now your chance to vote. Strip Club or local diner?
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    I miss you mofos.

    I work all the time now. Mostly when I'm off work, I'm scrambling to get things done, so I don't have time to get on here. Weird how I miss this forum, even though I'm most everyone's least favorite poster. I guess I have been posting so long that it's a part of me.
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    It's better to be BEERED than drugged.

    To a degree, I understand where I come off as a man who threatens to take our wives. The reason they wants their panties to be ripped off is because they are fed up with lazy husbands taking advantage of their 'kindness' to the world and finishing them off with ease. Lazy husbands see kindness as a convenience, and a wife's kindness is doing nothing but inviting more lazy husbands to take advantage of everything their wives have and make them believe they'll have a much easier time to make sandwiches for them, or worse. I remember a question someone brought up years ago. He asked me if America is better off being the fat and lazy nation in the world or being a place where posters like myself run amok, wreaking havoc on women all over the nation. After some pondering, I believe that America is much better off being the most FEARED nation on the planet, so I feel as though my brand of lechery should be given a pass. The current president of the United States always wanted Americans to be kind and generous to the world, no matter how cruel the world can be, and now America is nothing more than a walking doormat to the entire world, making America look like a nation of weaklings, cowards, and foolish women that I love to target. If America was the most feared nation on the planet instead of the most loved, then I would commit far less attacks on our women and I wouldn't dare to take advantage of them anymore. Or at least, as much. No more attacks, no more foreigner women coming here to have my babies and taking advantage of our Constitution. NONE OF THAT SHOULD BE TOLERATED. I do not agree with Donald Trump on torture, but I do believe that America needs to stop being so rough on my style of wooing women. It's not right to torture anyone with hours of boredom or lameass jokes, but it's not right to treat them like 1st class hotel guests either! If you want to get laid, you have to stop acting like a bunch of walking doormats that women can step all over anytime they want and learn to get tough. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have America FEAR me than be accepted by the forum.
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    My professional boxing debut.

    Well, it's coming up here on November 24th, in Topeka, Kansas. I'm fighting a tough 4-0-1 heavyweight, Nick Guivas. My name is Ben Taylor. Wish me luck.
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    I'm thinking about becoming a trucker.

    Well, more than just thinking about it. I signed some stuff online with Roehl Transport. I'm sick of bartending.
  12. The other night, I found a laptop in the trashcan. I swear to God. It's a Mac and it seems to work. I will never know why someone would throw away something so valuable, but if it would happen anywhere, Solano Beach would be the place. I was doing some chatting online with someone; a girl. Yesterday, I shared a love letter I sent her a while ago. That is certainly the kind of thing that would attract someone's attention. Anyway, I told her about my score. Why not? And I mentioned how I would never know the story behind this computer. She challenged me to make one up. I had to be at work at noon, so I had two hours. Here's what I wrote; completely unedited: ""This area is new to me. Every area is new to me. I had not seen my apartment in six months before I let it go. That was over two years ago. I hope my things were packed away safe. I travel for work. My name is Anthony Johnson. I go by Anthony. I was born in Lawton, Oklahoma and have lived nowhere in particular my entire life. My father was an enlisted soldier in the Army. My mother is Korean. I have not seen either of them in a while, either. I am a carpenter, like Jesus, except I sin. I have always gotten into trouble doing things that are harmful to no one and entertaining to some. In school I was told I was bright, but I never did all that well and I never felt all that clever. I graduated high school, at least. I didn't want to join the military like my father, because I didn't want to be anything like my father. I didn't want to be anything like my other classmates, either; all military brats. I didn't want to be anything like my mother and I wasn't interested in her heritage, though I can't say that I really knew much about the people, language or culture of Korea; at least, at the time I didn't. I didn't want to be anything except a rockstar. I wasn't very good, though. I was okay. I left home, or at least, I left my family as soon as the summer after graduation let out. Okay, maybe it was the fall. I didn't really have any prospects or plans and my father was on my **** to enlist. My mother never really insisted on anything; she just loved me. Feeling the gauntlet thrown down to make something of myself, I made some phone calls. I made a lot of them. I was going to organize a multi-city tour for my band. I had no agent; I didn't even think about that; much less consider it a handicap. I just figured if I was going to tour, I would need places to play and in order to have places to play, I would need any restaurant, bar any obscure little venue that would agree to have me play for money set up and ready to go. Looking back, I was impressed. I was only eighteen. But, when you have no idea of what your limitations are, you are virtually limitless. So, that went on for a couple years. I was stuck in St. Louis, MO after playing a gig. My act had become a solo one and there just really wasn't a lot of demand for that. I had a couple regular weekly gigs, but it was a tough living. I started waiting tables. One day, I had a table with a group of young men my age that seemed to have money, but seemed awfully blue collar. I asked them what they did. They told me they were carpenters. I became a carpenter. The years...they marched on. I was a carpenter and that was what I planned on doing. One day I was making a killing with overtime and the next...well, there was a slump in our economy and I just wasn't getting the hours. Somewhere in there, I had a telephone conversation with my mother and I made a rare confession. I wasn't doing all that well. I wasn't asking for a handout, didn't want one and wasn't offered one. I was just talking to my mother. That's what people do. My mother told me about an uncle of hers who worked high up for a global contractor based out of Seoul Korea; SK E & C. She was always worried about my safety and figured that since I had construction experience and I was bilingual, that her uncle could find a way to fit me into the company; maybe some sort of office position. I had realistic doubts about my bilingualism. There were some very real challenges about this that we didn't immediately consider. One of them being the cost of travel for an uncertain interview. This would amount to thousands. That becomes an issue for an unemployed construction worker. My father, retired at this point, had a pension that was enviable to a lot of people, but he certainly wasn't well off, especially since my sweet mother had never worked a day in her life. That never became an issue, though. The interview was conducted via Skype. That was cool The interview itself wasn't really all that cool, however. The language barrier became immediately apparent and more than somewhat embarrassing There was also something very humbling about a discussion concerning my experience and qualifications. An office position was quickly ruled out. I was carpenter. I was a damn good carpenter and that line of work takes a tremendous amount of skill and it's hard, hard work. But, there are a lot of carpenters out there, and they all want jobs. I was hired, but I was going to remain a carpenter. This was a disappointment to my mother, but not to me. I didn't want to work in an office. The compensation package was oddly generous, but I guess that comes with travel. Travel. That was something that really appealed to me. I had been stuck in St. Louis for the last 7 years. It's a nice city, but I can't say that I have any connection to it. I just sorta' found myself there one day, oh so long ago. I was issued a ticket to South Korea. I was given hotel accommodations, as I would have to go through training an orientation. It was the first time I had been to South Korea as an adult. My father was stationed there for a couple years and we had a home, but I was just a toddler. It was as though I had never been there. By the way, South Korea is beautiful. I wish I could have stayed. Seven years have gone by and I have yet to return. I don't really think about it that much, though. I picked the right job and they picked the right guy, that's for sure. I love what I do and I love moving around. Sure, there are times that I feel as though planting some roots would be give me some sort of fulfillment; some feeling of completion, but I think we all feel as though we've compromised in one way or another. I've never considered myself a materialist, but money is nice to have and I make more of it than most attorneys. I like seeing new places and meeting new people and ****ing different women and I love being a carpenter. But, one day I fell in love with a city and in it, I fell in love with a woman. It wasn't really all that much of a city, but she was one hell of a woman. It might be looked at as a damn coincidence and maybe even thought of as an irony that an international concern halfway across the globe which does business all over it had set me down in St. Louis for my first assignment. There's no way to tell for sure, but I'm going to guess that my uncle was trying to do me a favor, believing that St. Louis was my hometown. It seemed that every fourth job was in or around St. Louis. One day, I was sent to Wappappello, Missouri. In Wappappello, there is a beautiful lake made possible by a dam. There something about a dam that has a certain aura of permanence to it, but the truth of the matter is that dams get old and need repairs and occasionally need to be rebuilt. It's a huge job, but when one of the foreman is a big 'ole, stocky boy from Okahoma named Anthony Johnson, you have nothing to worry about. Off the subject a little; when people start to wonder about my ethnicity, and they don't usually, they think I'm Italian. I don't really look Italian, but I don't really look like anything else, either. I have brown eyes. In Wappappello, there isn't much else to do that isn't on the lake. Of course, I can't think of anything I'd rather do than to be on a lake, so I was in heaven. Funny thing, I can't say that I ever fished, boated or done anything outdoors except for things related to work. It was like I was meant to do this my whole life. And then I met her. She was a standard-issue Caucasian woman with a high school diploma. She was the first person I ever met that had a Southern twang that didn't irritate me. She was 25. There was nothing particularly special about her except for everything. I met her on the lake, of course. I was killing a beer outside my truck, just before I was about to launch my boat in. That's how I always began a Sunday. When I launch my boat, a large pontoon, it's a one-man operation. It impresses a lot of people. She was sitting alone on a rock along the shore, smoking a cigarette. I said what I always said, which seems to work like a charm, "Hey...what's up?" So, now I had someone to spend the day with. I found someone that I wanted to spend my life with. A year went by and the dam was finished, but we weren't. I got sent to San Diego, which also has a sizable body of water close by. I went alone, because it is going to be a very short assignment and I don't know where I am headed next, though it may very well be St. Louis. I have all of these plans for us. There's just one thing: I've never told her how I felt. I have been here in San Diego for about a week and a half now and it looks as though the work that my company has contracted for is about up. I haven't been given an assignment yet, which means that I may have some time off. That's fine. I've been to San Diego before, but it was a while ago. Every time I first get into an area, it's new and rich and I need to find a way to fill my off hours. I swear, I can check into a hotel, show up to work early in the morning and work my eight or twelve hours and get back to my room, shower up and within 10 minutes I'm crawling up the walls, bored out of my skull. I quickly find my way around. Money makes it easy. I've been coming to Solano Beach to feed my recent water addiction. The Pacific is very challenging. Although it's more expensive and there is actually less access to boats here, I like this place. And, I quickly fall into a routine. So, I had a Saturday off. I went to Solano Beach and rented a surfboard. I've tried it a couple times and it's pretty cool. It's more of a hassle than renting a boat, because you have to keep the board with you at all times (where a boat can be kept on the trailer while you go in for lunch) but I like to change it up, you know. I surfed for about an hour, but there weren't too many waves. There weren't too many surfers, either. I guess when it's your sport, you know when the surfing is good and when it's not. I took the hint and returned the board. I didn't want to go back to the hotel, didn't want to return to San Diego, so I rented a motel in town. I showered up and went to Tidewater, a regular 'ole restaurant for blue collar guys that seems out of place for Solano Beach. I've been there before. I ordered a burger and a beer. I took a moment to reflect. I had that feeling again; that feeling of being incomplete. That feeling of doubt. That feeling that I was losing something. A cold reality set in; I have all of these plans for "us," but I had never bothered to consult her. I finished my beer and ordered another... ...then another... ...and another. I went back to my room and took a nap. I woke up after a couple hours and I had nothing to do. I wanted to be outdoors, but I didn't want an obligation. I didn't want to rent anything that I had to return or buy something that I had to wait in line for or go to a restaurant and dine alone, which has suddenly depressing; a brand new feeling. I went to a park. I carried my laptop with me because I've found that a lot of them have hotspots, which is weird. I find it especially odd, because I can't seem to reason why someone would want to cruise the internet while in the park...although, that is exactly what I often find myself doing. I sent her a message on facebook. I was going to tell her how I feel. I knew that she felt the same way. I am 35 years old and I had never been in love; not until then. I told her. I told her everything. I told her things I've never told anyone before. I felt so brave. I just started fervently tapping away at the keys with wild abandon; letting it all hang out. This, too, was a thing I was born to do. I had realized that up to then, the reason for everything I have ever done was either pressure or obligation. I went to school because my parents made me. I had lost the passion for music long before I took it up as a profession, but I wanted out of that house. I waited tables to keep from starving to death. I became a carpenter for the same reason. I traveled the globe without question, because my employer told me to. But, I loved this woman because I wanted to. I typed it all up in one, big message; a sizable document. I wanted her to know everything. I needed her to know how I felt; how she surely felt. I realized how cruel I had been to leave her in the shadows the whole time. We both felt the same way, so at least we were together in the dark. I was going to save us! Her short response, verbatim, was "I don't think I want to see you anymore. You live too far away." I was shocked. A lot of emotions hit me at once. I abruptly got up and threw my computer into the nearest trashbin. **** that girl. I don't mean that. I stood at the trash bin and wavered for a moment. I didn't know what to do next. I had been feeling that way all day. I went back to my truck. I drove around for a while, but there isn't much driving to do in Solano Beach. There's just a few major thoroughfares, and the rest of the town is residential. Solano Beach, like all these other towns, is very small. You can drive through it in 5 minutes. So, I turned around, I wasn't sure if I left something in my room. I went to my room and saw that it was empty; I had left nothing. I took a shower. I have one of the dirtiest, grimiest professions on the planet, but when I'm off I like to keep clean. It was getting late and I didn't want to make the drive back to my hotel in San Diego, though it was only a fifteen minute drive. I went back to Tidewater. I was going to see if I could bring a waitress home. I was sure I could do it. I went there and ordered a sandwich and a beer, but my heart just wasn't in it. I made the obligatory flirty comments to my waitress, but I didn't even try. I had just bought that laptop, and I had already had a pretty expensive day, so after finishing up, I decided to make my way back to the park; the scene of the "crime." I parked my vehicle and walked to the very same trashbin where I had previously had a very rare meltdown. I peered in. The computer was gone. I walked away...feeling like the last year never even happened."
  13. ...but these spambots have the UFC section completely blocked out with their ridiculous "love magic solutions." This is an ongoing problem, yet... ...no one has their own "magic solutions?" Listen. The UFC is kind of a big deal. Global. Yep, these mother****ers are global. Billion dollar industry here, and I imagine it would be quite the honor to be makin' decisions and pullin' the switches in the forum of the top organization in the world's fastest growing sport. I'm not saying that every moderator (or even any moderator) has the power or the know-how to pull the trigger on this one, but someone...someone knows who to contact to get this done. I mean, really...these spambots are some low-level operatives. It can't be that tricky of an endeavor to pull the plug on these mother****ers. And some of our own forum members have come up with some pretty good solutions, too. I think the idea that a forum member has to post at least a certain number of times before they can create their own thread was a pretty good one. Seriously, isn't this a little embarrassing? I mean, we're talking about an organization that's selling every seat in the house at some of the world's largest venues, creating events that consistently have pay-per-view buys of several hundred thousand and is literally a household name; whose very initials are, in most peoples minds, synonymous with the sport itself! Let's get this done, or... ...well, nothing. Really, it's a completely empty threat. I'll continue to post here.
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    I might not post much here anymore.

    Well, this is what happened. I was in the park with my kids, about to leave when this really hot chick that I had noticed earlier, but didn't recognize, calls my name. She says "Ben?" So, that's awesome. She was the hottest chick in school. Well, now we're both 32. Men age better, and I've aged terrifically, thanks in part to a clean lifestyle and a ton of exercise. She tells me I need to get on facebook. Well, I did. About an hour after I did, she sent me a friend request. So did about 50 other former hot chicks from high school within the last week and a half. Well, my friends, I'm busy. I'll keep in touch from time to time.
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    Has anyone trained Jiu Jitsu before?

    I don't understand it. This is what I posted in this thread, which I honestly believe is the best answer to the question posed in the OP that anyone delivered. "Fighting sports are a heckuva lot more enjoyable if you show up in good physical condition. If you're weak and out of shape, you're going to get your **** kicked. That is not a lot of fun and it can be very demoralizing. It doesn't mean that you can't learn. " It's an honest answer. There was no sarcasm and there was no hatred. There was no braggadocio and no reference anyone on this forum, myself included. How can anyone argue against the idea that being physically fit is extremely helpful in sports?
  16. ReturnoftheSoup

    Has anyone trained Jiu Jitsu before?

    When I said "none of you guys," I meant the trolls that were active in this thread.
  17. ReturnoftheSoup

    Has anyone trained Jiu Jitsu before?

    Now who's the delusional one?
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    Crazy Al vs MTP de 5th (rumor)

    I don't own a bike anymore. You're the only thing I have left.
  19. ReturnoftheSoup

    Crazy Al vs MTP de 5th (rumor)

    Dude, you did get owned. I own you.
  20. ReturnoftheSoup

    Crazy Al vs MTP de 5th (rumor)

    So? He pulled out of a fight. Every fighter on the roster has pulled out of a fight at one point or another. And Justin Garathjgkie ended up getting a replacement opponent, an easier one. What's your point?
  21. ReturnoftheSoup

    Crazy Al vs MTP de 5th (rumor)

    Fighters shouldn't fight. Brilliant, Cash. You're a freaking genius. Yes, I'd like to see more and more fighters refusing to fight, holding out for a title shot. It would make the UFC much better. Cashflow has brilliant ideas.
  22. ReturnoftheSoup

    Has anyone trained Jiu Jitsu before?

    I'm must be in bizaro world. I have all you Internet dork sniping at me. - none of you guys have ever had a boxing match. - none of you guys of have ever had an MMA match. - none of you guys have ever trained in either discipline… Or any discipline. I don't think any of you guys even work out. I'm not sure why I'm even giving you the time of day. Anyway, I just came back from jujitsu and I had a great time. Meanwhile, all of you fegs were probably posting here.
  23. ReturnoftheSoup

    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    I'm about 210 pounds right now. I feel better than I have in a long time.
  24. ReturnoftheSoup

    Has anyone trained Jiu Jitsu before?

    Because no one wants to get their azz whipped.
  25. ReturnoftheSoup

    Has anyone trained Jiu Jitsu before?

    For the record, I stand by every word of this. I'm not new. I'm new to this gym. I'm new to wearing a gi. I haven't trained in a while, but I used to train a lot. And if for just a moment you could suspend your disbelief, could you imagine how foolish you all sound?