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  1. PunchBag

    how much do you pay for this in the US?

    I bought some root beer from an american importer, cost almost 3x as much per can than a can of coca cola, Stuff was ****ing disgusting
  2. PunchBag

    All Thing Bellator Thread

    well that was a **** fight, neither guy deserved to win tbh.
  3. PunchBag

    How do you guys feel Ben Askren will do in the UFC?

    I tihnk lawler beats him, lawler has hands and good tdd, askren can only do 1 thing
  4. PunchBag

    *RUMOR* Holloway vs Ferguson for LW interim title

    This is completely made up
  5. PunchBag

    All Thing Bellator Thread

    cant wait for minakov to end CANgo's career
  6. PunchBag

    We might be seeing more of Johnny Walker sooner than we think

    He is obviously a good creative striker but i want to see how he does against a strong wrestler. Also i think vs Krylov or Santos would be a great matchup for fans. As both krylov and Santos have good standup and are entertaining when the fight takes place on the feet.
  7. PunchBag

    Strip Khabib?

    Gaethje has 0 chance of becoming the number one contender but i will admit, he has a better chance at beating Khabib than Lee.
  8. PunchBag

    Strip Khabib?

    Dont have to watch this chit to know Khabib beats Gaethje
  9. wont it be the only thing in the canadian hall of history?
  10. PunchBag

    Strip Khabib?

    There is no LW belt anymore, only the Khabib belt and you gotta beat khabib to claim that.
  11. PunchBag

    Khabib and McG

    lets be real here, conor jumped the cage at a bellator match and attacked the referee. That was way worse than what khabib did.
  12. PunchBag

    Khabib and McG

    they fined khabib 500k because they know how deadly an eagle kick can be. If that **** had landed then Danis would have died right there.
  13. PunchBag

    The Prelims Will Never Be The Same...

    Kevin Lee?
  14. PunchBag

    The Prelims Will Never Be The Same...

    I could understand if the UFC cut Mcgregor. But Lobov wtf, he comes to bang and aint scared to face anyone. future bellator champ