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  1. PunchBag

    Ariel - Conor Interview

    And as likeable as Warmachine
  2. PunchBag

    Stipe is THE Greatest Heavyweight of all time.

    Hasn't HW always been a pile of Cans who cant make 205?
  3. Like i said, Diaz pressure breaks pettis. We will educate you on this Chit eventually no matter how many bad decisions you call out.
  4. Miocic is the true GOAT at HW, but those who actually watch this chit knew that anway.
  5. PunchBag

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    Costa won that, he was doing all the work whilst Yoel spent most of the fight with his **** against the cage sticking his awful tongue out.
  6. PunchBag

    Stipe will win on Saturday.

    I disagree he was winning, first round DC second was a 50/50 round and third was Stipe, 4th stipe was winning anyway.
  7. mcgregor would flatline Pettis, Diaz beats mcgregor mma math
  8. PunchBag

    Darren Till calls for scrap with Robbie Lawler

    I like the matchup, might as well make it
  9. PunchBag

    Stipe will win on Saturday.

    Stipe got this, last fight he showed 0 respect for cormier which is why he got kod in a fight he was winning. This time he will come in with a gameplan and get the W.
  10. PunchBag

    Conor catches another L.

    Yet more evidence Mcgregor will never fight again, he has lost the plot entirely.
  11. Prime Anderson is still the GOAT
  12. Unlikely gall vs perry fight happens now that perry lost another fight
  13. PunchBag

    Women above Platinum?

    I thought perry won that fight even though he took the worst of it
  14. PunchBag

    Welterweight Matchmaker

    marty vs convington masvidal vs woodley till vs edwards