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  1. there wont be a third fight, it was a shut out and not really competitive.
  2. PunchBag

    Jose Aldo... yikes.

    Only way Aldo makes weight is if they inject Helium into his muscles.
  3. PunchBag

    Anyone for a Coooooner bet?

    clowner vs clownboy
  4. PunchBag

    Anybody else kinda hope....

    so far the only guy to give khabib problems was Gleison and he was roided to the gills pre USADA.
  5. PunchBag

    Anyone for a Coooooner bet?

    more like CANnor, they both got something in common in that they both got merked by Nate Diaz.
  6. PunchBag

    Weidman Not Retiring, Called Out By Johnny Walker

    if you lose to cory anderson then weidman has a some chance of beating you.
  7. If the same GSP that fought Bisping stepped in the octagon then he would lose to both colby and Marty
  8. PunchBag

    McGregor/Cerrone Supposedly Signed for January 18 PPV

    ww might favor cerrone more than conor
  9. PunchBag

    Greatest F'ing Brazil Card of all time

    wont be long before chuckie gets exposed again, just like johnny walker
  10. PunchBag

    Greatest F'ing Brazil Card of all time

    UFC doesnt give two chits about brazil anymore cause the only good brazilian fighter is costa
  11. I enjoyed both episodes, felt like the star wars i knew as a kid. Better than all the prequels and the new movies. Kinda sucks that we couldn't even go 2 episodes without a jedi showing up though.
  12. PunchBag

    Ben Askren to call retirement today

    where is your source on this news?
  13. PunchBag

    Maycee Barber Has Her Next Opponent

    Wish we could have a separate forum for wimmins mma so i dont have to see this chit
  14. PunchBag

    Gilbert Melendez released by the UFC

    and lost to alvarez, i mean who doesnt have a win over alvarez? even chandler has a win over alvarez.
  15. PunchBag

    Gilbert Melendez released by the UFC

    He still has a win over Aoki though who is another overhyped bum.