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  1. PunchBag

    UFC signs Jiri Prochazka

    LHWs got lots more power more risk of getting KOd. Also GSP tapped to strikes from a guy whos only ko win is frank trigg so no i dont think it is as embarrassing as tapping to strikes.
  2. PunchBag

    UFC signs Jiri Prochazka

    Except he did avenge that loss because he got a tko win over King Mo in their second fight look it up. Matt Serra was a fat LW
  3. PunchBag

    UFC signs Jiri Prochazka

    is it worse than getting tkod by matt serra?
  4. both are due a loss so could go either way.
  5. PunchBag

    Cerrone is training at Roufusport...

    Geoff Neal would also put clownboy in a grave yard.
  6. PunchBag

    Cerrone is training at Roufusport...

    like mcnugget can wrestle for 15 minutes, he would probably tap out after 10 to a half guard.
  7. The acting was awful, the dialogue was awful, the story of the episode went nowhere and was like a video game side mission, Some of the choices were retarded and the Mandalorian is no longer a ruthless bounty hunter. The Mandalorian started out with him cutting a guy in half with a door and semeed to be focusing on the ruthless down and dirty side of the universe and the last 2 episodes were just horrendous in every way and have been undoing everything the first episode setup to the point were The Mandalorian makes retarded decisions constantly.
  8. PunchBag

    The Colby Covington Origin Story

    colby is a slightly more skilled version of ben askren
  9. episode 5 was ****in awful haha
  10. PunchBag

    Boxing Thread: Joshua Next Opponent?

    there wont be a third fight, it was a shut out and not really competitive.
  11. PunchBag

    Jose Aldo... yikes.

    Only way Aldo makes weight is if they inject Helium into his muscles.
  12. PunchBag

    Anyone for a Coooooner bet?

    clowner vs clownboy
  13. PunchBag

    Anybody else kinda hope....

    so far the only guy to give khabib problems was Gleison and he was roided to the gills pre USADA.
  14. PunchBag

    Anyone for a Coooooner bet?

    more like CANnor, they both got something in common in that they both got merked by Nate Diaz.
  15. PunchBag

    Weidman Not Retiring, Called Out By Johnny Walker

    if you lose to cory anderson then weidman has a some chance of beating you.