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  1. PunchBag

    MTP v Crazy Al

    waiting for al to pull out of the fight
  2. PunchBag

    MTV Rebooting 'Celebrity Deathmatch'

    My penis is Hard pass
  3. PunchBag

    Game of Thrones

    also a new tolkien tv series planned with a budget of 150mill a season and witcher tv series. Everyone trying to cash in on that got style money maker.
  4. What's the point, we know whats in the voyagers
  5. PunchBag

    Ben Askren is calling out Kamaru Usman.

    can't wait for Lawler to silence this dirty Hippy.
  6. PunchBag

    Max vs Khabib/Ferg please

    khabib would beat him, holloway isnt a 1 punch ko guy and wouldnt have the strength or skill to keep khabib off him. I think Holloway would beat Conor though, Conor always dangerous with that power but Holloway is hard to hit and has a good chin. Conor has terrible head movement and bad cardio. I think Holloway would beat Ferguson but i wouldn't be surprised if Tony got the win. Kevin Lee im not so sure but i would probably pick Holloway.
  7. Cthulhu would **** godzilla up
  8. PunchBag

    Max Holloway is a mix of Penn, Pettis, Diaz, and Aldo.

    holloway is one of my favourite fighters and this fight reminded us all why hes so entertaining to watch.
  9. PunchBag

    Will Ortega land another homerun against Max?

    Thanks for scouting them to the UFC
  10. PunchBag

    Will Ortega land another homerun against Max?

    holloway vs ferguson would be amazing
  11. poirer vs conor looking more and more likely
  12. PunchBag

    PED Crusader = PEDophile

    haha my favourite was the Goblin Nonce lmao
  13. PunchBag

    For the Randy Couture fans

    randy "the american dreamboat" couture