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  1. lol sanchez will be first fighter to kill a fool in the octagon
  2. PunchBag

    UFC Dublin August 15th

    probably gunnar nelson as the main event lol
  3. PunchBag

    Soliz judged bout coached by former trainer at UFC 247

    Result should be overturned Krausse won that fight
  4. PunchBag

    Conor’s at it again? She looks like a crack head

    He was Catfished by Buffalo Bill and now he is applying the lotion to his skin
  5. i wouldnt even put gsp in top 5 tbh
  6. PunchBag

    Valiant attempt by Reyes but...

    Now Snory Anderson thinks he gonna get the next shot and dethrone jones.
  7. PunchBag

    Which Division Will Be The Most Different By 2021?

    he was talking about retiring after last conor fight
  8. PunchBag

    Which Division Will Be The Most Different By 2021?

    I think LW because i suspect Khabib will retire within 2 more fights.
  9. PunchBag

    Conor’s ‘season’

    but justin never uses his grappling and his bell has been rung a few times.
  10. PunchBag

    Conor’s ‘season’

    ideally gaethje fights mcgregor for number 1 contender. Conor saying he fights again soon so that wont be khabib.
  11. PunchBag

    What Do You Do With Curtis Blaydes?

    Let volkov bounce his head off the canvass
  12. I think dp should be above masvidal, i mean dp beat holloway. Who the cuck did masvidal beat?
  13. PunchBag

    Kevin Lee Has Well And Truly Lost It

    every now and then i forget why i dislike Kevin Lee and then he goes and reminds me.
  14. Khabib should be above jones cause lhw has always been one of the weakest divisions
  15. Brazilians always been good at blaming anything and everyone else for their failures instead of themselves.