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  1. PunchBag

    Game of Thrones

    I was surprised to learn she is 22, she looks about 17
  2. PunchBag

    All Things Bellator Thread

    some decent cards coming up but bellator has an issue with filling out an entrie card with decent fights. They usually resort to two mismatched guys in hopes of a finish to fill up main card.
  3. I watched it, was fairly **** card but better than watching one fc or rizin still.
  4. PunchBag

    Game Of Thrones Death Pool

    Jon Snow-Alive Arya Stark-Alive Sansa Stark-Alive Bran Stark-Alive Cersei-Dead Jaime-Alive Tyrion-Dead Daeny-Dead Yara-Alive Theon-Dead Melisandre-Alive Jorah-Dead The Hound-Alive The Mountain-Dead Samwell-Alive Gilly-Alive Baby Sam-Alive Varys-Alive Brienne-Alive Davos-Dead Bronn-Alive Tormund-Dead Grey Worm-Dead Gendry-Alive Beric-Dead Podrick-Alive Missandei-Dead
  5. PunchBag

    Is Dan Ige ****ing retarded?!

    yea he has his excuse ready for when he pops for roids
  6. PunchBag

    Is Dan Ige ****ing retarded?!

    Probably used an Aids needle on him
  7. PunchBag

    BJ Penn out here being Matt Hughes

    The Baby Faced Rapist
  8. PunchBag

    Has Endeavor terminated another contract?

    He was probably just someones Troll Alt and got bored with the gimmick and deleted him