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  1. Little frank wins easily I guess now that conor is a crack head drug addict he wont have to cut much weight to make 145.
  2. I think Kevin Lee could possibly hold his own against Khabib for the first round. Then gasses and gets dominated rest of the fight.
  3. I voted justin cause conor isnt a reality
  4. PunchBag

    Ponz out of his fight vs Lawler

    I would give it to Max before i would give it to Perry
  5. PunchBag

    Ponz out of his fight vs Lawler

    Should give the fight to max griffin
  6. Worst card in UFC history, would have rather seen it canceled completely
  7. mandalorian will quickly become the most pirated tv show of all time
  8. right now woodley is past his prime lol
  9. He is a serious Bum Busting can crusher but hes going to get humiliated in the ufc.
  10. Hardy had power in his hands but he doesn't have the kind of power to KO diaz. Diaz would easily win the fight with a tko stoppage late in the fight.
  11. PunchBag

    Kabob hurts shoulder when asked about TFerg lol

    New article saying Khabib only wants ferguson next, vert you such a goof.
  12. PunchBag

    UFC 242 - Khabib/Poirier Team Forum Bet

    Accept Khabib as the GOAT. Porier got dominated worse than iaquinta did.
  13. PunchBag

    Khabib won't be able to handle the DIAMOND hands

    Stop letting hate cloud your judgement Accept Khabib is the GOAT.
  14. PunchBag

    BJ Penn out here being BJ Penn

    Gloves off penn knocks out all your favourite bums
  15. PunchBag

    BJ Penn out here being BJ Penn

    dont you mean Bum Fights?