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  1. Bubba_Sparks

    BigDaddyDelta's Official Clash of Clans Thread

    I got 3 starred thrice yesterday. Tough times just hanging on to my trophies at the moment
  2. "Canada's a chithole" ~ prime minister Nkawsle of Namibia
  3. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    I thought I'd give an accurate account. Lol. Most British poster award revoked. Labour won't go for no deal in a billion years you plum. You're getting them mixed up with the Tories, which is rather like getting the dems and republicans mixed up. Also check out Corbyn's approval ratings. It's currently at 20%. He is completely unelectable; we haven't elected a Marxist for almost 50 years. This is why when he was actually offered the chance for a general election he voted against it.... You are right that a corbyn government would destroy the economy though.
  4. Your boys ducked Namibia. NAMIBIA?!? that's even worse than Conor ducking Frankie.
  5. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    Okay, so the latest on Brexit.... Well, let's start with a recap. The fine upstanding citizens of the UK voted over 3 years ago to exit the EU by around 52% to 48%. Most of the whiny millenials didn't actually vote, and have been whining about the result ever since, along with all the Guardian readers and Scottish people. Anyway, to actually exit, we have two options. The first is to exit with no deal in place. That means that we trade under the WTO rules from day 1 i.e everything costs more until we do specific trade deals. The second is to do a deal with the EU that covers settlement fees, citizens' rights, borders etc. etc. Once we've done a deal with the EU, we have to have a majority of our MP's (equivalent of congress) vote in favour of the deal. After lots of agonising and hand-wringing, our former PM, Teresa May, did a deal with the EU about a year ago. However, parliament voted against it 3 times, including quite a few from her own party. The big sticking point was what is known as the Irish backstop; basically there was a rule that said unless we find a good way to deal with the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland would have to stay in EU rules indefinitely. Nobody liked this for obvious reasons - it meant the EU could in effect keep us in their rules no matter what we did. Fair play to him, the new PM, Boris Johnson, has negotiated a new deal with the EU. The handling of the Irish border is a bit different, and a lot of the good stuff from the EU stays. It's about as good a deal as we'll ever get. But now....it has to get through parliament. So tomorrow, there will be a debate followed by a vote. Two of the main opposition parties have already come out and said they won't back the deal. The main opposition party leader certainly won't back it, but half his own party hate him anyway, so they might vote for it out of spite. So this really is a crunch moment. If the MP's vote for the deal, they'll regain a little bit of respect. If they vote against it, at least two thirds of the country will be fairly pissed off. This has taken over 3 years, and so far, nothing has been achieved. My expectations are extremely low. They're a bunch of self-serving cowards, who should be taken in front of Her Majesty and executed for treason. I'm hoping they prove me wrong, but I expect them to carry on their gutless ways and not vote for it. They've actually voted for 12 different possible scenarios previously, and not one of those scenarios has received a majority. "Democracy" comes in many different forms.... Fundamentally, the problem is that the EU does not want Britain to thrive outside the EU because that sends a bit of a message to the rest of the EU. However, they can't screw us too much because they still want to trade with us and give us an okay deal when we leave. It's a shambles, and if we'd just stayed as an economic trading union instead of all this nonsense about common laws, none of this would have happened. At it's core, the European Union is a great idea. It's just been completely warped over the last 20 or so year. Any questions, please ask Vert, the self proclaimed most British poster.
  6. You need to stick to rugby mate!
  7. You've perfectly described GSP there.
  8. Bubba_Sparks

    ClassicBoxer's 2019 fitness thread

    Body far is body fat mate. Where you store it depends on body type, but you can't reduce fat more in one area than another. Think of it as emptying a glass. So if you want to shift those extra few pounds, and they're stubbornly remaining then you either need to move more, eat less or both. Take a look at your current cardio training and see if there's a way to increase. That's all it takes. Might also be worth looking at getting your body in different 'zones' based on heart rate.
  9. Bubba_Sparks

    Oz is getting married in five weeks. In a Castle FFS

    Don't @ me! Oh. You didn't. Congrats oz. Sweet venue. Enjoy!
  10. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    A lot of us Swedes like to pretend we're British. It's kind of a national hobby.
  11. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    It's a kind of running joke because he's Irish. You should start that thread including a poll, and allow all the best candidates to make their case. I'll make a sister thread of top Mexican poster.
  12. Bubba_Sparks

    Can someone explain to me, a casual...

    I'm just glad i didn't have to step in and take the bet on your behalf this time.
  13. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    You're already over - extended as the official voice of the fora on crypto - currency. Plus @stehilton94 is the most British poster on here.
  14. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    Tuf is making this thread great again, even if i think he's completely wrong about Trump getting re-elected. It's been a bit flat lately. I will be providing a full update on Brexit tomorrow. Stay tuned!
  15. Bubba_Sparks

    Can someone explain to me, a casual...

    Can we just turn this into an @Megasoup appreciation thread and move on?