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  1. Lol. Not this again. Conor doesn't sell because he wins. He sells because he entertains. Dude has lost his last two fights and his value just keeps going up.
  2. Bubba_Sparks

    BigDaddyDelta's Official Clash of Clans Thread

    The strategy is kind of okay if she stays consistent. Eventually we'll find our level. It will update during. Nice one... get those power potions ready!
  3. Bubba_Sparks

    When Conor?

    What Conor?
  4. Bubba_Sparks

    Pick a Lane: 165 Division Yes or Meh ?!

    I call a spade a shovel mate.
  5. Bubba_Sparks

    Pick a Lane: 165 Division Yes or Meh ?!

    Who even says Oceania?? Plus don't lump us in with those cans. We're bad but not that bad.
  6. Bubba_Sparks

    Anyone dealt with PayPal locking your account?

    4. All of the above.
  7. Bubba_Sparks

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    Not going to lie... Porto would be my ideal tie but I'll settle for anyone other than Juventus.
  8. Bubba_Sparks

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    Lol. Didn't we meet at that stage last year? I think that was actually the last time we failed to win at home in Europe. Remind me how the first leg went?
  9. Bubba_Sparks

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    I could have confirmed this for you a while back mate. You just should have asked.
  10. Bubba_Sparks

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    I'd like to see Liverpool v Porto again in the round of 16 😁
  11. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    What's your view on May mate? The more this shambles rumbles on, the more I find her almost tragically heroic. She's totally out of her depth but is ploughing on regardless, doing what she thinks is the right thing. Poor woman has been royally stitched up by the more capable members of the party.
  12. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    I don't know anyone who thought it would be easy. They just wanted out. It's all quite entertaining and will all work out fine. Ask Greece how great it is being in the EU.
  13. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    Struggling to follow this analogy if I'm honest....
  14. Bubba_Sparks

    Is bottled water a scam?

    Swedish tap water >> dutch tap water.