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  1. Bubba_Sparks

    I Want To Get a Jeep

    That's because our car makers were all too busy going on strike to worry about simple things like proper wiring. We used to make awesome cars. It's been a sad decline.
  2. Bubba_Sparks

    I Want To Get a Jeep

    They're cooler though mate. And soup ain't planning to cross the Sahara; he just wants to get the girl.
  3. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    Lol. Can't remember if it was Jordan Peterson or Shapiro who absolutely slam dunked somebody when they tried to throw trump in the same list as Hitler/ Stalin, but it was good viewing.
  4. Bubba_Sparks

    I Want To Get a Jeep

    Get a short wheel base land rover instead. It's much cooler.
  5. 2-4 since beating Ronda... and this is her 3rd title fight in that time. Hmm.
  6. The queen shares my view of this performance. Will sort it out in the morning. @crangs...don't get too comfortable just yet...
  7. Confirmation that we're the classic fast track bullies. If there's nothing in the pitch we'll chase down anything but any hint of movement and we struggle. The best team clearly won and our favourites tag looks comical. On the plus side it didn't rain so I only went 1-2. Congrats Oz. Please share the results of your av deliberations.
  8. Lol. Make up your mind oz! Reports seem to suggest that's about par for the pitch, but below par considering the start you got. I love that 280 was too little but 285 is enough! If we get 283 then you're a genius oz. All the pressure on England here though. Good test - we've definitely got the batsmen to chase this but we've adopted south Africa's choker tag so far this world cup.
  9. Let's go for the triple. Whoever wins the most gets to hand the other an av for the rest of the wc. 1. Result 2. Root v Warner scoring 3. No rain! I have put number 3 without looking at a forecast so that's about 50/50. Point of order; Britain does indeed knock out some half decent wine; in fact in recent years we have seriously upset out snobbish neighbours from across the channel by winning several awards against the more established vineyards.
  10. Bubba_Sparks

    Hobbies thread

    The queen owns the bones. But not all of it.
  11. This is a worse heel turn than when you stopped supporting Matt Hughes and became a GSP fan. All about tomorrow now. England v Australia. Always a spicy occasion.
  12. Bubba_Sparks

    ClassicBoxer's 2019 fitness thread

    In general they're a vast over simplification that doesn't take into account body type. For example, Palhares almost certainly comes out as obese on those charts because he's short and stocky. Body fat percentage over time is a better gauge of whether you're overweight or not.
  13. Bubba_Sparks

    Hobbies thread

    Those are not hobbies mate. They are the actions of a procrastinating millennial. Tidy your room, stand up straight and do something more productive!
  14. Bubba_Sparks

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    Nope. I keep telling you cans. It's the cricket season. Close this thread.