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  1. that's a former tuf winner you're talking about, with wins over Matt brown, CB Dolloway and @PhilBaroni. Show some respect.
  2. Bubba_Sparks

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    The only time I've been to Naples was with work... and the refuse collectors had been on strike for 2 months so there were 10+ foot high piles of rubbish everywhere. Surprisingly it hasn't left a particularly good impression.
  3. Bubba_Sparks

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    Well given that Romeo and Juliet was a fictional play I'm surprised you thought the balcony was real. While you're in Rome, be sure to check out Sherlock Holmes' grave.
  4. Bubba_Sparks

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    Zion NP in Utah was one of my favourite National Parks. The Angel's landing hike is a great day hike, with a little bit of jeapordy/panicked tourists thrown in to spice it up a bit. That said, I still maintain that you live less than 100 miles from the most beautiful part of the world. The brooding magnificence of the Higlands is p4p
  5. Bubba_Sparks

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    Which American state is that in? 🤔🤔
  6. Bubba_Sparks

    Was Carlos jr vs Uriah hall the worst decision you've ever seen?

    You Muslims all sound a bit angry. Chill out dudes!
  7. Grand slam done. Thread for discussion on all the GOAT commonwealth sports - cricket, rugby, kabbadi etc. The occasional Murican making insect-related gags also highly welcome.
  8. The fitness thread is one of the few consistently positive threads on here, so in honour of the man himself I'm going to kick start the 2019 one. Purpose is to write your fitness goals and keep some kind of a track plus a bit of mutual accountability. Maybe this is the year you want to run your first marathon, or break your bench press PB? Perhaps you're hoping to lose a bit of weight, gain a bit of weight, or just get back into regular training. This thread is for the athletes, the fat, the thin, the fit, the healthy, the unhealthy - even poor saps like @Eclipse76 who can only deadlift a measly 3x their body weight. Let's have your contributions. This thread changes lives. This thread saves them.
  9. Lol...'football fans i ran into '...you haven't left your couch all day you lazy git!
  10. Bubba_Sparks

    Cerrone finna die.

    We've all been burnt by 5 attempts to make khabib v Ferguson and it's just not meant to be. unless Banham is going to come out of retirement, Khabib v Gaethje is undoubtedly the fight to make.
  11. honours even... no doubt that the overall player of the series is Smith, so i have no issue that you guys retain the ashes.... ... but... we've traditionally struggled down under because of the pace of the pitches... pretty sure that in two years time the fastest, most hostile bowler on either side will be archer; with a couple more years under his belt he will be devastating. Could be an interesting time! Always a pleasure locking horns with you; another great series with a couple of truly great matches. Congratulations on retaining the great urn.
  12. Bubba_Sparks

    ClassicBoxer's 2019 fitness thread

    muscle memory is a wonderful thing... I lost quite a bit of strength on my Colorado hike but gained it back in a couple of weeks. Have been running every day to the gym recently; just finished a 50 mile hike in Scotland that felt like a piece of cake. As for mini Yoel... what's stopping you!! Get on all the roids!!
  13. Is it too soon to call it a one horse race??? I ain't giving trolls like @crangs any fuel, so of course the answer is yes... but it's mighty nice to be 5 points clear after 5 games.
  14. Bubba_Sparks

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    Let's hear folks top 3 vacations of their life. For me it's... 3. 3 weeks in Japan. Cherry blossoms, incredible food, stunning scenery and meeting the great @SavageTC 2. First trip to south Africa. Drove the garden route, went to a friend's wedding and had a few days safari 1. First ever road trip in the western United States. Went to Yosemite, sequoia, Yellowstone and hiked in the grand canyon. Have had 3 trips to America since but this was still the benchmark.
  15. Bubba_Sparks

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    California all day... you can catch a ton of awesome national parks there. Lol, and like my colleague cash says, the weather is a little better than hull.
  16. Bubba_Sparks

    This place is pretty ****ing lame now

    I blame the demise of the fora on a lack of understanding of the correct manner in which to use reactions to posts. I intend to rectify this shortly. Pretty sure between that and wickles82, we will make the fora great again.
  17. Bubba_Sparks

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    @VertFTW...3 days in Florence is about 2 days too long. Add Sienna to your itinerary, and if you're in that neck of the woods anyway, Lake Maggiore is the least pretentious of the Italian lakes. @Jolldan, I'm doing the top half of the west highland way, from bridge of Orchy to fort William. Thankfully I've packed my waterproofs...
  18. Bubba_Sparks

    UFC 244 - Diaz/Masvidal Team Forum Bet

    The only way Nate can take this is if he can somehow out wrestle Masvidal - and Jorge held his own against a division 1 wrestler in his underpants. This will end on the feet and Nate will have no answer to Masvidal's chaotic entries. Put me on team Masvidal please and thank you.
  19. Bubba_Sparks

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    @StompGrind, have you ever thought of doing any long distance hikes? We saw less than 10 people a day most days on our recent Colorado trail hike. I know you like pushing yourself physically as well so maybe it would be more up your alley than the typical touristy stuff.
  20. Bubba_Sparks

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    they'll probably sjw it up. So it will be a lesbian and a transgender bisexual. I'd settle for Tom hardy and idris Elba though.
  21. Bubba_Sparks

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    You should go to the field of dreams field mate... Next vacation for me is a long weekend hiking in Scotland starting tomorrow. I highly recommend Scandinavia as a holiday destination although it is ridiculously expensive.
  22. Bubba_Sparks

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    two fiddy per movie.
  23. Lol. I'm going there soon; I'll have to check it out.
  24. Bubba_Sparks

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    It's the absolute worst form of social media IMO, although Instagram plays a bigger part in turning people into mindless screen - staring zombies.
  25. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    It's grim up north though mate.