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  1. Bubba_Sparks

    BrazilianMuricaGOAT Mauling AndyGOAT

    1 can and a legend. I'll let you Muppets work out who's who.
  2. Bubba_Sparks

    IDYB's Official Certified GSP Spam That Nobody Wants To Read 1.0 Thread

    Excellent work mcmod. I have now bookmarked this thread so I know not to read it.
  3. Bubba_Sparks

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    It's the game itself I have an issue with. The skill level is undoubtedly extremely high and these dudes are absolute specimens. I just find any sport where somebody scores every 20 seconds or so to lack the drama of the top sports. It feels like watching kid's 5-a- side football. One man's treasure is another man's rubbish and all that jazz.
  4. Bubba_Sparks

    The 'Say Something Genuinely Nice And/Or Positive' Thread

    Yeah well if we were such good friends you'd have diverted to Stockholm instead of poncing around London and Paris. Stay safe though buddy.
  5. Bubba_Sparks

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    Too many goals. Where's the tension?
  6. I'm not sure about that. I think he was on about a rematch in his post fight interview and talked about defending both belts when he challenged rda. Given that the Nate thing happened by accident I wonder if he had beaten rda would he have rematched aldo next?
  7. Bubba_Sparks

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    But you watch basketball so your tastes are questionable.
  8. Bubba_Sparks

    The 'Say Something Genuinely Nice And/Or Positive' Thread

    I actually care about at least 20 people on this fora. I hope good things happen for you and would be sad if they didn't. Like Stanley says in op, I was genuinely touched and inspired by how many people donated money to a cause on the request of a guy they've never met. Hespect.
  9. Even his mullet is frivolous. @idyb has a much more serious one.
  10. They shouldn't have let Conor 'decide not to defend'. He was never offered a fight at FW by all accounts. Should have got him straight back in there in March for the rematch.
  11. I'd rather be a suspected ginger than a confirmed mullet wearer.
  12. It's a no brainer. There is no standout at HW. Stipe holds the record for hw title defences. Show the man some hespect and give him his rematch. Beat stipe in the rematch and then angle for a super fight with Brock. Also... before the inevitable two wrongs make a right arguments are dropped in, as i said way back when, Aldo should have got a rematch with Conor back in the day. All that build up deserved more than 13 seconds.
  13. It's frivolous because it's based on the assumption that a) chiesa would have been given the title shot against Khabib and b) that he would have won it and thus earned MILLIONS of dollar. Both of those assumptions are erroneous and frivolous.
  14. Bubba_Sparks

    Why khabib did 350k

    I think his point is that Conor's numbers went from 1.6m to 2.4m because he had a high profile boxing match with Floyd. Not because khabib brought in 800k new fans of his own.
  15. Bubba_Sparks

    Will me and cashfl0ws feud break records?

    You put a picture of a thumb in his sig once you power mad mod!
  16. Oh he deserves some credit. Just not very much. Probably not as much as Carla Esparza even
  17. What a weird thing to stay. The division is at a standstill because the champ is on about dropping a division. I still find that weird...it's like you think you've cleaned out your division, so go up, not down.
  18. Lol, I just don't get how you think someone who is basically the Thailand national champion deserves mentioning in the same breath as Mayweather and Rocky Marciano. It's like getting excited over someone winning the world squash championships 3 times running.
  19. Bubba_Sparks

    TUF's Euro Tour

    Yeah i know. But it's probably a bit cheaper to start with, so it kind of balances out. I think you get generally better service in the states though. Waiters can be a bit...stuffy in the UK. Sweden has virtually no tipping culture btw, but everything is 15-20% more expensive in the first place.
  20. this is jolldan's fault for pushing that 'minimumweight' fighter from Thailand who's gone 51-0 fighting midget cans. Now everybody thinks that people who weigh less than Brock's leg should be allowed to fight.
  21. Bubba_Sparks

    Why do I have to verify captcha each time I login?

    Because you're questionable.
  22. Not a chance mate. I'm from the dignity culture era, not the victim culture. He got paid his due and given another fight. Shrug your shoulders and move on.
  23. Bubba_Sparks

    TUF's Euro Tour

    Oh... it ain't cheap. But it's very pleasant. Just don't feel like you have to tip 20% by the way. 10ish is the norm in the UK.
  24. Bubba_Sparks

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    I've got your back chief. Usual fee of 25% applies. That Jew tuf will do it for 20% but he's dodgy. I'll set up a kangaroo court in the morning.
  25. Bubba_Sparks

    First US Trip

    You have not changed my mind.